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ok heres my dilemma and it's driving me nuts.
iv'e got a 97 towncar with a 4.6 in it..75,000 miles. 2 weeks ago the car would not would crank over fine but would not fire off. checked fuel pressure, ok.
check all fuses,ok
check all electrical connections,ok
checked for fire to the plugs,ok.
came to the conclusion it was the idle circut solenoid. replaced it and the car started right up.
also cleaned the throttle body while i had the air tube off.
but heres where it starts getting strange. the solenoid was replaced on 11-13-09. now on 11-16-09. it's basically starting to do the same thing. if i put my foot on the fuel pedal and push it down about a 1/4 inch it will start...i only have to do this on initial startup after it's running the car runs great, no problems with idle. even with the old solenoid i had no problem with idle. i can shut the engine down any time after the initial startup and it will start just like it should. is there something on that throttle body i'm missing. or someplace i'm not looking for a problem.
the car runs great. no problems with acceleration no hesitation at anytime when giving it gas, idles fine when stopped.
BTW..iv'e also checked for any codes in the computer..there are no codes coming up..
f anybody has run across this and can tell me what i'm failing to see i'd appreciate it..thanks..


  • nwraaanwraaa Member Posts: 177
    Clean or replace the mass air flow sensor. This is the part attached near the air filter with the security screws. I usually just spray the inside of the unit with some electionic spray cleaner.
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    Driving on the interstate and started hearing a clicking noise behind the drivers side dash. Now there is nothing when trying to start. Have new battery and it won't jumpstart.
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    thanks..i'll give that a try.
  • rob390rob390 Member Posts: 2
    my 1995 linoln tc cranks, but wont start. at first i tried the fuel pump relay solutions, and they worked. now im having the same issue. what else could it be? Ive bought new relays but it doesnt seem to work now. where is the idle circut solenoid.
  • 3wlonerider3wlonerider Member Posts: 6
    the idle circut solenoid is on the back side of the throttle will have 2 bolts holding it to the throttle body. it will also have a round cylinder with a plug going into the top of it at one end.
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    97 lincoln trunk motor and fuel pump stopped working same time, they worked fine last week, just charged my dead battery, opened the trunk which now wont close, replaced the fuel pump relay but will only try to start when i spray in starting fluid
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    My car runs great but sometimes will not want to start. I would tap once or twice on MAF Sensor and it would start, and be fine for day or two then just not start again. I would tap n it will start. Well this last time it wouldnt start after tapping many times so I replaced with a New MAF Sensor, but still no start, so I replaced the IAC switch. Still no start. I also replaced the crank sensor, and cam sensor after the first time it didnt start before I started tapping the MAF sensor. I had replaced the MAF with the so called remanufactured ones a few times but it kept happening so I finally bought the new one. I also checked relays a couple months ago when problem first ac cured. Help would be apreciated.
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    my trunk will latch but not go all the way down for my 1995 lincoln towncar
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    Use a wire to bypass the trigger for the pull down motor. When the correct connection is made the latch will go up or down. Run the latch down further with the bypass wire and then shut the trunk manually. It will still "remote" open.
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    My towncar will not crank. The solenoid isnt getting 12volts when the key is turned.
    The problem came without warning on the road and I had to tow it home.
    I ahve the start switch in my hand after getting it out. WHat pins would I look for a short on? it something else?
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    I have a 90 town car 5.0. I changed the fuel pump. Put gas in the tank ( eight gals), kicked it over and it ran. Tried to start it later and it would not.The dashboard indicated E. Sprayed some starter, it attempted to kick, but would not. Am I over looking something?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Member Posts: 3,425
    Plugged fuel filter?
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    Have '89 TC with 254K+ miles. Was starting fine, then one day just refused to start. Replaced fuel filter, fuel pump relay, fuel pump, fuel safety cutoff switch, ignition control module. Mobile mechanic stated after doing all this it is getting fuel and spark - "just change the spark plugs & I guarantee it will start". It doesn't. It turns over, just won't catch. My wife has back problem and is in major pain riding in my '94 Explorer. Any ideas (or decent mobile mechanic in Houston) appreciated.
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    I have a 99 tc and started having the same problem/symptoms. Dealer found a bad IAC valve asy. Its located on top of engine right behind the big air intake hose near the fire wall. Dealer charged $188 plus labor, You can probably do it your self for much less. Good Luck...
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    Heres how it starts, the car starts fine, but I have dotted lines on the computer for gas mileage and distance to empty. The next time I go to start car, it sometimes will not start. If the gm and dte are working, there seems to be no starting problems. Could these be related to the Crank sensor? also forgot, the first time it did this, after I got it to start the overdrive off light was flashing on the dash.

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