GMC Yukon Steering Gear Box bolts sheered off

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Has anyone heard of this? My wife was driving and all of a sudded there was no steering. She was able to stop the car and when i arrived i noticed that the gear box was not attached to the chassy, all 3 bolts had busted. My family could have been killed, i took to the dealership and they said they had never seen this before but told GM that they did not think it was a defective part. Are you kidding me? They want $1300 to fix, anyone hear of this?


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    Yikes! That's pretty scary. I haven't heard of anything like that before and would certainly like to know whether anyone else has experienced it or know of other cases.

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    just dropped it off at another place for repair and the mechanic told me he has seen this before, in fact they broke while he was test driving the Yukon after repairing something else on the vehicle. He crashed into the center divider.
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