Various 2003 GC Issues

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I purchased this a few months back and I'm having various issues with it.
1st - The 4WD selector seems to be arbitrary. It doesn't work smoothly and it can be indicating 2WD but you can feel it's in 4WD or PartTime 4WD OR vica versa: it can be indicating it's in 4WD or Partime and it's actually in 2WD.
2nd - it's going through front driver side tires like crazy. The tire wear is significant on the outer edges - almost to the steel belts. And there is a definite shimmy (not the death wobble). A constant shimmy and pull towards the front driver side tire. To maintain a straight path the steering wheel has to be turned towards the right approx 10~15 degrees.

Cringingly waiting your replies - Smokey3686


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    i would get the wheel alinged (a 4 wheel alinment) at the same time have them check the 4 wheel shift cable for proper adjustment
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    Recently I have been having problems with my cherokee. Dealer replaced a computer recently. After that still same problems which are as follows jeep just shutting down not able to start it, when it was running at high speeds fromm 65-80 it would start to jerk anything below 60 was fine. Now it just will not run. Mechanic is looking at it but have no clue whats wrong with it. Also gas gage would be empty when there was a fulll tank of gas in it. Stalling issue at a stopped light and would just stall for no apparent reason. I need help trying to get this fixed i need my car back thanks.
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