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"To Stagger or Not to Stagger" Tires

The 2006 GP GXP has staggered tire sizes. 255/45/18 frnt and 225/50/18 rear. Has anyone run with the same size on all fours? About to purchase some all weather tires and looking to see if this would give me some rotation options if I put 255 all around.

thanks in advance


  • I've seen a number of GP GXP drivers use all-fours for winter or just because matching the staggered tires and the typical non-rotatability of the OE rubber presents some wear problems eventually.
    Impala SS and LaCross Super both use 235.50.18s which I believe are typically about 27" in height, ballpark for these cars.
    I saw a GXP recently who had replaced all four with 225.50.17s IIRC, that's about 1" short or about 4% speedo/odo error but certainly livable. More variety and lower cost in the 17" world.
    Unfortunately these looked like junker non-brand tires on kustum wheelz that were already rusting. Oh well, diff'rnt strokes...
    I'm surprised there's no GP GXP discussion here.
    The main difference you'd feel is probably increased understeer and a bit less-taut handling. I know the testers say with the standard setup they can bring the rear around with a little work, probably not so much with four of the same size.
  • I'd go with same size. Rotation would be your friend, which is important and the most you would have to do if not comfortable with how it drives post switch is get an alignment. Problem Solved. Good Luck.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 859
    Just an FYI. The rim widths are different so no rotation is possible
  • I sold the (2) 18 x 7 inch rims in the back and now run 18 x 8's all the way around.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 859
    It's my opinion that that the narrower rims would be the ones you want to keep. The wide ones are likely to cause rubbing in the front.
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