Acura TL Squeaks and Rattles

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Hi, I noticed that most other car forums on edmunds have a specific discussion for interior squeak/rattle issues and that the TL forum currently doesn't have one and so I thought why not start one!

I know from my own experience that the TL is not immune to interior squeaks/rattles, especially the third generation, and hardware issues; so I thought current TL owners could post their problems and maybe have other people respond with possible suggestions

Just to start off, I noticed that has added a squeak/rattle category to their reliability chart for each automobile and that from 2006-2008 model year TLs, they got rated a mediocre average for squeak/rattles while almost a perfect much above avg in all other categories

I personally had a 2006 TL for two years and had absolutely no problems with it; like it so much and the improvements Acura made to it that I now have a 2008 TL; since day one, I have been having the complete opposite experience with my 2008 then I did with my 2006

From the beginning I had a rattle/squeaky noise coming from somewhere in the moonroof housing between the actually ceiling of the car and the moonroof sunshade; I had my car in four separate times to two separate Acura dealers to try and get this noise solved and even after removing the shade and replacing it, resealing and greasing the entire assembly and adding extra Velcro and sound material the noise remained; the only thing that could be done is to have my car tied up for at least 4-5days and have the entire roof and moonroof ripped apart and replace but I am not willing to do that; luckily with this noise I was able to get a simpler solution, a cheap tiny cushion placed in between the shade and the ceiling housing takes the noise away and if I want to open the moonroof I just remove the cushion and then put it back when I'm done using the moonroof

Unfortunately, the last few months, I have developed a loud creaking/clicking/rattling vibration intermittently on the passenger side of the dash or upper corner panel of the passenger front door; I have to take it back for the third time to try and get it solved after two failed attempts at getting rid of it with fixing the alignment of the dash and replacement of the glove box

Hopefully third time will be the charm with this because I am beginning to become tired and frustrated having to deal with these squeaks/rattle in an almost 34k dollar luxury sedan; just totally unacceptable on Acura's part and where is their quality control in their US Assembly Plants??

Please feel free to comment on my situation if you want or describe and vent your frustrations with your TL's squeak/rattle issues!!


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    I'm surprised there aren't more posting about interior rattles/noises in 3rg gen TLs. I have a 2007 TL w/Nav and it's been in 1-2 dozen times for rattles in the center console, dash, instrument cluster, and steering wheel. Even though I drive rather conservatively and on pretty smooth concrete roads these rattles keep coming back. In fact I took it back again today for the steering wheel rattle.

    It was so aggravating I pressed the Acura dealer and Acura Client Services to replace the car last year with a 2009 (even offered to split the cost) and they were absolutely no help what so ever. Since I had 2009 and 2010 TLs and TSXs as loaners so many times I got to know them quite well and I don't think they were any better than mine, especially when you consider the price difference thus I really was not interested in trading mine and spending any more money on another Acura.

    While trying to negotiate with Acura I contacted mechanics from three Dallas area dealers to get their take on the rattle problem and all three's opinion was the 2007 TL was the worst Acura ever made from the stand point of permanently eliminating interior rattles. All three said the problem was too much plastic rubbing against plastic. The service department is trying their best to eliminate them but due to how some of the assemblies are put together there just isn't any permanent fix.

    While talking with our dealer (mainly the sales department) and Acura we emphasized that the outcome of this would significantly influence our decision when we replaced my wife's 1999 TL (which had been fabulous). When that time came in December of last year both the dealer's sales department and Acura acted like they could care less what we did to replace her car. They seemed quite surprised when we decided to lease a 2010 Lexus HS250h rather than purchase a TSX or TL. We gave them a shot at leasing a TSX or TL but it was actually less expensive to lease and operate the HS250h for 3 years than the TSX and a lot less than the TL. While evaluating these cars we took each one home for 2-3 days and drove them in a variety of conditions. The HS250h and TLs ride were best, both were quiet but the HS250h has more engine noise. The TSX was a harsher and much noisier ride. So the HS250h was the better car and the better TCO yet the Acura dealer and Acura Client Services didn't even try to make a counter offer.

    So, I wrote a detailed report on the history of our Acuras (my 2007 TL is our 4th) focusing on the lower quality of the current generation Acuras compared to our prior ones (1987 Integra, 1997 CL, 1999 TL) which had very few problems and our prior CL and TL both had over 100K miles with virtually no interior rattles/noises. It pointed out that my 2007 TL has been in for interior rattles more times than all of our prior Acura COMBINED! This was in 3 years and 30K miles compared to a combined 30 years and over 300K miles of our prior Acuras. This report has been sent to our Acura dealer and recently to Acura Client Services. It will be interesting to hear their comments.
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    really nice input there! I personally have had a 2009 and 2010 TSX several times as loaner cars and have never once heard any kind of clicking or rattling sounds like I do in my TL but the downside of that car, as you pointed out is that it has a really harsh ride and lost of engine/road noise, a little too much for my taste; I think the issue lies on the fact that the TSX is 100% Japan while the TL is 75% US and CR mag even has the TSX rattle/squeak section above average compared to the TL's average; I also noticed that the Acura models assembled in US or Canada have lower squeak/rattle markings then the Acura models assembled in Japan! its really unfortunate because the TL has run and performed flawlessly so far and these rattles really become annoying after awhile to the point I have to turn the ELS sound system up to about 14 so not to hear them; the joke is the car feels really put together and of high quality so it must be that their is so much complex plastic under the panels that stuff starts touching!

    luckily for me, the one in the sunshade was easily corrected with a small chair cushion from Home Depot put between the ceiling and shade and I just take it out if I want to open the sunroof, but the one under the front passenger side of the dash and passenger side door is really bad and they put a foam padding between the dash and pillars but it hasn't really done anything; the tech admitted he heard the sound but that they would have to take the front windshield off and put a whole bunch of self forming foam material from a tube into the interior dash area so really correct the sound for good but I don't know how comfortable and confident I am having a Acura dealership ripping apart my car; knowing them they will either screw it up and make a new problem or make the existing problem worse!
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    I have had a leased 2008 TL for three years and can report that I have had no rattles or major squeeks in all that time. What I did have is a dashboard that faded quite rapidly, even though I use a sunscreen. It does not look good and I am ready to switch cars and seriously consider another brand if the 2011's are having the same problem. :(
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    October 21st 2010 I traded my 2009 TL-TECH for a 2010 TL-SH-AWD-TECH with 40 miles on the odometer at the ACURA of Peoria AZ dealership.
    November 4th 2010 brought the car in to adjust misaligned hood door edge guards and a RATTLE coming from the rear passenger side. Rattle not found working according to factory specs. Odometer: 480 miles.
    November 16th 2010 brought the car in for RATTLE this time isolated to behind the moon roof. Car was returned with an adjusted headliner two days later. Odometer; 500 miles
    December 9th 2010 brought the car in for loud RATTLE in the moon roof area. Car was returned with no indication of repairs done. Odometer: 2764 miles
    December 16th 2010 brought the car in for RATTLE. Headliner was removed and insulation applied. Car was returned with roof panel misaligned and dark spots on the headliner. Odometer: 2837 miles
    January 10th 2011 brought the car in because the RATTLE was getting louder. This time the car stayed in the shop for 11 days as they brought in a factory tech. Odometer: 3908 miles.
    February 15th 2011 brought the car in for additional RATTLES. Once again Honda was contacted and the car was in the shop for 10 days. Some bits and pieces in the dash and the B-pillar where changed. Odometer: 4922.
    These service visits do not represent the countless phone calls as well as driving to the dealership because as told on the phone, “just bring it in when it makes the noise”, then being told that they did not have the appropriate person available upon arrival.
    It also does not represent the countless times being told to check if the sunglasses are in the holder or being told that the RATTLES are within ACURA’s specs.
    In January, I contacted the ACURA help line and got in touch with Carla (ext. 115239), who was going to help me resolve these issues. After a few phone calls I was told that my case would be turned over to a different department. After calling Carla again I did receive a call from a Lorenzo, this time at HONDA Corporation. Lorenzo (310-781-5259) promised to look into the matter and talk to the dealership to resolve the issue. I called a week later to find out the progress while the car was in the shop. He told me that he was going to get with the shop and let me know of the progress.
    On March 21st 2011 after numerous attempts to contact Lorenzo leaving messages on his answering machine I was told to test drive the car for 30 days to verify that the rattles are gone and at that time Honda would offer me an extended warranty on the vehicle.
    I Called Fernando again on March 29th to let him know that there are still rattles coming from the roof panel and the driver side seatbelt mount. He told me to take the car back to the dealership and have it looked at. I asked for a different repair shop as the dealership has not been able to resolve the issues and was told that Honda would arrange an appointment at a different dealer. No call back as of April 6th.
    The makes the impression to me that ACURA/Honda is approach in solving the problem is to wear the loyal customers out and to give up.
    Having had no issues with prior or present HONDA products (my wife drives an ACURA) I would have to assume that it is an issue with this particular TL, however the way this issue has played out, I doubt that I will continue to recommend ACURA / HONDA to anyone.
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    Sorry to hear about your TL- I thought I had a rattle but fortunately it was from my garage door remote placed on the sun-visor.
    I cannot seem to program the Homelink- anyway, good luck in fixing those rattles.
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    Just turned 16K miles and one year in service-- yes I do alot of long road trips of extended highway driving- and now have developed a shimmering vibration on the right front end. Took it to the dealer who re-balanced the wheels, along with rendering a diagnosis that the alloy rims somehow develop this syndrome under normal wear. Anyways, problem has dropped off thru 60-65 mph, but still persists above that threshold and gets progressively worse with higher speed. This is really ticking me off to the point that I wll trade this car in if it does not get remedied on my next service visit to the dealer.
    My other negative comment regards paint quality. I have tree dropping stains on the trunk that cannot be buffed out. They are very minor as I generally garage the car and keep it washed weekly, but this is my first vehicle where I have experienced an issue of this nature. Even went to a professional detail shop who told me all Acura/Honda vehicles have this problem because they use cheaper paint and a lower quality painting process.
    Appreciate any comments/thoughts from anyone with similar insights.
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    Well..I have a 07' TLS ..great car awesome paint is very good too..won't part with it! HAD A (2010 TSX BLK TECH) Paint was horrible! I did alot of HWY too and honestly after a few months it looked like a shotgun went off on the front end! Absolutely the worst paint quality! Squeakes and rattles started drove me nuts! Sold it outright with 20K miles! Bought a new 2011 Audi S4 BLK.. PAINT IS BULLIT PROOF!! have 2,100 miles on it already. Build quality excellent! Car inside is like you are in a valut when at HWY speeds. Just an amazing car inside and out! Highly impressed! Quattro AWD is just unreal! Acura's SHAWD is really good too though. Not sure where Acura is headed but they need to get back to their roots. Start adding some LEDs upfront or something to distinguish themselves again... Their design team is on crack too! God awful designs..well the TL got toned down a little..waiting for the next Gen to come out..I hope they do their homework!!!!
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    Come on gbosil, when it comes to reliablity, Acura is way ahead of Audi in that IN CATEGORY.
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    Billy I think you are drinkin' too much Honda cool-aid! Audi has come a long way in the reliabilty dept over the years. In the 2,100 miles I have on my Audi "0" problems thus far. Between my TLS and TSX I had my new cars at the dealship..(and I checked my reciepts from the dealer in their respective files that I keep) combined 9 times between the two first 3K miles and after. Mirror problems not tilting, squeaks, sub rattle in my TLS, EGR Valve Sticking, Abnormal Front Seat Wear in both cars..TSX was worse, Transmission shifting problems in my TLS, Had both front window tracks replaced on my TLS "recall" ..and numerous other small DON'T TELL me about Acura / Honda reliability. I have owned NUMEROUS Honda /Acuras / Toyotas in my lifetime. All great cars but they make bad ones too just like any other car maker. You want to step up to "Real Luxury" then buy a Lexus, Audi, or BMW. Acura is not a comparison in my opinion..and I love my Acura TLS.
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    I am going to go out on a limb and say my TL will outlast the S4.
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    Don't get me wrong, Audi has improved in reliability from a few years ago but they still are no where near Acura, Lexus, and even BMW is in terms of reliability. They still rank pretty low in that category and their sales are pretty abysmal as well. Its interesting you put them in the same category as BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes, yet they still have come no where near to having the same amount of sales, reputation, service, and many other areas that those 3 big wigs have here.

    I do agree with you about Acura's direction though. I hope they start to correct it on their next generation vehicles, but who knows.
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    Smarty...honestly...and I mean HONESTLY..I would NEVER of thought I would purchase an Audi ...Trust me! Just because of their past history. But I am SO GLAD I DID! I have ALWAYS owned Japaneese my whole life! But the Audi Customer Service is TOP NOTCH, the Service Dept is TOP NOTCH.... etc on and on and on... I am so impressed!! They treat you like a individual NOT A NUMBER like Acura! Acura has really gone downhill in that area in both Customer Service and the Service Department! I am telling you ..Audi has turned their whole model around! I can't tell you how many compliments I get on my S4..and I mean weekly! Love the, finish, ride oh and the 7 speed DSG Transmission is AMAZING! Honestly this is the first car I have owned that really puts a smile on my face and look forward to driving to work and back! I think you need to check Audi's sales...they are TILT! Their cars are the "BEST LOOKING" in my opinion. Acura better do something quick because they now look just like any KIA, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and every other Japaneese car out there..even the American cars are looking Japaneese now!!
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    I am glad your having a great experience with your Audi but telling us all about the compliments you get on it is hardly any indication of anything. I get compliments all the time on my TL and Maxima.

    Don't get me wrong, Audi has a nice service department, but let me know when they have their own car wash, massaging leather chairs in their waiting room, come to your house to pick up your vehicle/leave a loaner, free food other than snacks (sandwiches, hot foods, etc) when your in for service, 1 yr subscription to Sat radio included, free maintenance for the first 3 or 4 years, etc. Those are the things Lexus, BMW, and MB are offering. That is why they are not in their level yet.

    The way your talk, is sounds like no Japanese or American vehicle is any good because they all look alike. I suppose German vehicles are only acceptable :sick:
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    I’m absolutely in agreement with you. I had my 2003 A6 for three years with no issues other than the aluminum trim around the windows turning amber. Customer service was good. The car was returned clean the techs always covered up the seats and floor before driving the car. My experience with ACURA has been miserable. You are treated like they are doing you a favor. You get a “free” car wash, and the car is returned to you filthy. After 6 month of battling interior rattles and 21 days in the repair shop ACURA/HONDA states that under the warranty section 8. Rattles are not considered an issue that impairs the function and the drivability of the vehicle. It must be OK for a $44K to rattle as long as it drives
    The driving experience is highly diminished by the combination of inferior quality, lousy service and lack of customer support.
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    Update to squeaks and rattles issues in my 2007 TL - I replaced my OEM tires with Continental DSWs and then took a 2 week trip from Texas to Florida. The difference in ride was significant - the DSWs were much quieter and absorbed a lot more road vibration than the OEM Michelans. Pretty much no issues with interior rattles and squeaks during the two week trip. Still none for the week we've been back in Texas. Will have to wait for winter to see if this holds for cold weather as well.
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    I have an Acura 2006 TL that has a squeaking noise evertime you step on the gas or brake. It appears to be something under the shift console. Possibly something like a stabalization bar or frame issue coming from the under carriage. Anyone else have this issue or have any suggestions?
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