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Infiniti FX Favorite Features, Gripes, Likes, and Dislikes

ruperttenmaruperttenma Member Posts: 26
I've been asking some questions in the Buying Experiences topic, but maybe it's time to start a new topic on some of these issues. So as the discussion title suggests, what are your favorite features, what gripes do you have about your new FX, what do you like, not like, etc.?


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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Why don't you start things off by telling us what some of your favorite features are? Gripes? Likes? Dislikes? :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    ruperttenmaruperttenma Member Posts: 26
    As a guy who's looking to buy, I find the option packages most frustrating. The expense combined with the fact that each has one or two things I would like but others I don't care about makes it a tough call for me.

    One of the things I really liked from my test drive was the styling. I've only seen FXs in a couple of colors, but I have the sense that they look good in every color offered.

    I can't get more specific b/c I don't have enough experience with one, but I thought it might help people who are thinking of buying one to find out more about what owners out there really like or don't like.
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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I find the option packages most frustrating...

    I'm with you on that one. One wonders whether that is by design.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    csholst03csholst03 Member Posts: 20
    This is my sixth Infiniti, three G's, two fx's and one qx. The brakes on this 2010 FX35 (18" wheels) are really soft, you have to stand on them to stop. I'm sure I will get used to it, but does anybody else feel the same? Is Infiniti aware of this? Funny my 03 G was tagged as having too touchy of brakes (I liked them) every other Infiniti was fine, but this one is hard to get used too.
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    jbaby79jbaby79 Member Posts: 36
    I actually agree about the brakes. They are soft. We still have our 06 G35 coupe and that thing stops on a dime!

    One of the great things about the FX is that all the tech features work well. Bluetooth works great everytime. I love the interior lay out in general. The design of the seats on the premium package is a nice touch.

    One thing to watch for is the 7spd tranny. Make sure you get one that has updated software. There is a TSB for a reflash on the 2009 models.
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    smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    Agreed, both Infiniti and Nissan are bad when it comes to complicated option packages where if you want one thing you have to get a bunch of other items you don't want which jacks up the price of the car!

    I wish every automaker was like Acura, all you have to do when you go into Acura is decided if you want the vehicle with or without navigation and that is it! and then choose the color combo you want

    sometimes though, Nissan and Infiniti have a model or two where you can get a nicely grouped package that gives you a whole bunch of nice features without increasing the price tremendously, like with having to add a nav or tech package

    for instance, the premium audio package on the 2010 Altima is nice in that it upgrades the audio system, gives you a rear camera, and bluetooth/satelite radio and only adds about $1200 to the car

    another nice example of a great package is the premium package on the G37 sedan; it gives you a whole bunch of nice tech features without adding on the tech or navigation system
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    smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    I guys, listen I was just curious but how are the brakes and rotors on the 08-10 model year FX's? are there any premature brake/rotor wearing, or need to have the rotors resurfaced?

    I had a 2005 FX35 for 3 and a half years and while I loved the vehicle and had absolutely no mechanical/quality problems with the vehicle I had terrible problems with the brakes and rotors; the brakes had to be replaced and the rotors resurfaced at least once a year or about every 10k miles? suffice it to say that because of this I did not keep the vehicle because once the warranty expired, I would be spending about 500-600 bucks a year having the brakes replaced and the rotors resurfaced and my Infiniti dealer even told me that eventually the rotors would have to be replaced because they only could be resurfaced so many times

    I wanted to find out if Infiniti had finally rectified this major problem with the brakes/rotors on the early model year FX's on the newer current FX?
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    jayrandalljayrandall Member Posts: 81
    Wow - Where do I begin? This is my third FX since 2005. (2005, 2006 and 2009)

    My 2009 has the Deluxe package, so it's got the 20" rims.

    Breaks soft - Check. Thought I was crazy, but if I don't pay attention when driving, I could ram the car in front of me at a light.

    7 spd tranny - Had mine reflashed, and it still seems skitso to me. The 2 seconds delay is accurate. Shocking at this point.

    Navigation / Music Box - essentially, both of these are unusable when the car is moving. I know, I can use the voice activation for Nav, but it's not the same. And the Music Box, how do you advance to the next album when moving?

    Design - Infiniti took the beautiful front-end of the first gen and made it ugly. The front lights are too far apart, the wavy grill and the vents are hideous and the 20" rim designs aren't sleek. i.e The spokes are too fat.

    On the flip side, the car is fun to drive, very solid feel, the AWD sticks (this is good), the leather, dash layout is smart, and the interior design overall is beautiful. I got the Java leather, which is really nice and gets compliments from guests.

    How's that?
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    csholst03csholst03 Member Posts: 20
    Does anybody know if some things can be programmed such as: Can the outside mirrors be programmed to fold in when you turn off / park the vehicle? Can the around view monitor be programmed to come on automatically when you pull into a parking space? It seems the only way to activate the camera or sonar beepers is to push the camera button once you have slowed below 5 mph. The only thing more annoying than having to slow down, reach over and push the button to activate the camera is Infiniti's insistence that you stop the vehicle to locate a nearby restaurant or punch in a destination. By the way, my around view monitor has a pretty grainy / blurry resolution, anybody else have that issue? Most internet articles gush about this system, and I love it too, but it seems like it should be a clearer image. My 08 G35 has a beautiful image on the back-up monitor. And yes, I have cleaned the camera lenses. I have one tip / trick to share, if you turn off the radio, press and hold the settings button, then turn the volume knob several rotations, you can get into some additional programming features. Such as you can change the angle of the camera views, there are actually many tweaks that can be made, I assume this is meant for dealer programming, but I haven't figured out how to fix my earlier questions.
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    jayrandalljayrandall Member Posts: 81
    I came from a 2006 FX with a rear camera. When I got my 2009 FX, I thought the new camera was grainy (still is) compared to the original model.

    Also, when you start the car and put it in reverse, you have to wait for the Infiniti logo to disappear before the all-around/rear camera image displays. Seems to take almost five seconds but in the previous model it was instantaneous.

    Geesh, I miss my '06 even more now.
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    casp80casp80 Member Posts: 17
    I have the exact same issue as you do. My 08 G35 has a great video whereas the video on the 09 FX35 I bought recently is a bit hard to look for obstacles. I assumed that it was because the screen had to be split between the rear/front view and the side/around view.

    Thanks for sharing that tip. I am gonna try it the first thing when I get into my car.

    Does anybody know if the Bose audio on this car needs a break-in? My Bose speakers with Nav sound weak for some reason compared to my 08 G35.

    Brakes - I don't even want to get started. My 08 G35 is a dream again compared to this. I have to press real hard on the brakes to make the car stop at a light. Also, if I tend to relax while at the light, the car starts moving! I wish I could take it to the dealer and get it beefed up. Anyone done that?

    One last gripe: The speedometer has 0-180mph! I could care less for that as it has resulted in the 65-80mph mark be obscured with increments of 2mph.... My 08 G35 has 0-160mph and it has clear markings for 65, 70 and 75mph. I have to look hard to see where 65, 70 and 75 are on the FX35...

    Overall, a great car though.
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    r34r34 Member Posts: 178
    I am thinking between a 2008 and a 2009 FX35.
    Some said Infiniti finally installed a power tailgate for the trunk starting at the 2009 model.
    I saw a dealer selling 2008 FX35 with cargo assistance feature. Is it a similar option as the power tailgate!

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    cbr_dudecbr_dude Member Posts: 5
    I came from a 12 year old Chevy. At the end nothing was working and it was time for her to go! My wife wanted something upscale, a cross-over or small SUV type vehicle. We looked at Acura and Lexus. Acura did not have anything that was worth bringing home. Lexus vehicles were pretty beat up and over priced. We wanted a CPO to get the warranty. After looking at several vehicles we decided on the Infiniti. We found a 2011 FX35 with only 4K. Right color inside and out. Right options. It seemed like a bargin of the century. Car Guru peg it at 350 bucks too much. We talked the dealer down and got them to fix several items. Someone had switched out the OEM front mats with ones that looked like they were from the trash, the back ones were still new, got brand new front ones, the roof cross rails were hosed up, looked these were used for a pry bar and we got new ones, the rear cargo mats looked like it had also been switch out, they replaced that as well with a new one. The XM radio start up was horrible. It worked fine the entire time we test drove it and signed the papers. Until about 8:30 that evening it was turned off. None of the XM features worked. I opted for the 3 months of service when we signed for the vehicle, but somewhere along the line it was hosed up when Infiniti sent XM the work order. Infiniti was of no help to get the problem fixed. They stated they did their job and it was an XM problem. After countless hours on the phone and many calls later after I went public did XM fix the problem. If anyone has to deal with those idiots, they are horrible to deal with. Tweeting finally fixed the problem. They hate that public laundry washing!!

    There are not many cubbies to hold your stuff. I ended up with the cell phone in the cup holder, which does not hold a large cup very well either. One turn and it's over the side. Many spills already!! The glove box is usless. They gave me another owners manual jacket that velcros to the rear compartment side to free up the glove box. In my 12 YO Chevy I had all kinds of room for stuff. Not here.

    Dealer oil changes prices are off planet earth.... 120 bucks. Not any more. It's hello quick change for a fraction of the price. Everything about the vehicle is expensive. The OEM wiper blades are expensive as well.

    It does have a tendency to work through the 7 gears pretty fast and not at the best set points. It down shifting rough now. Have an appt to take it in.

    I think for the money spent you can get the same quality by buying a Honda Pilot and have money left over to fill the tank several times.

    The loaner vehcile only works for appointments not express service or non-appointments. Some times it takes a week if you need the loaner. The dealerships are far and few between as well. Going to another one is 25 miles the other direction.

    We ended up bringing our own money to the table. Too many strings attached to the special financing deals. I think the price of the vehicle it tied to the low rates. In order to give you those rates they jack up the price of the vehicle to pay down the financing.

    The selling dealer was nice, but after they get your money you're just another owner. You would think they would pamper you more. The XM mess was a real whopper!
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    infinitideminfinitidem Member Posts: 1
    I just took a road trip and my passenger noticed while it was raining, that it was leaking in through my windshield! Then when I looked at my headliner, it had waterspots! This was not the first time it had leaked, just the first time someone was there to notice!!
    Anyone else???
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    flzzflzz Member Posts: 19
    Bought new 2008 in Dec 07. No complaints and I'm picky. Would buy another tomorrow. 52k. Love the cornering!
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    fejiboyfejiboy Member Posts: 1
    I am about buying a used Infiniti fx 35 but with all these reviews I have been reading it seems the transmission problem is not common to all the years
    Much as I will not want to go back too far I want to know if the 2007 is safe from the transmission problem or the 2008.
    Thank you

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