2009 Honda Accord Misfire

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I've had my 2009 Accord EXL V6 into the shop 5 times now due to a misfire on cylinder 3 (code P0303). I've had a fuel injector replaced, the engine computer replaced and most recently, the valve seals (which was supposedly the final solution although I experienced the problem yet again). Honda couldn't find anything wrong with my car after the last breakdown and actually gave me my car back with no repairs. I lobbied Honda to repurchase my vehicle but instead I've been left to wait for the next breakdown for Honda to take additional action. I'm disappointed with Honda beyond words. I've heard from dealers of some similar misfire complaints and I wanted to warn potential buyers. Has anyone else experienced this?


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    I have the same car and having the same issue. It 1st happened in December 09. They cleaned the plug and reset the code. Told me they had another car in the shop with the same issue. Same model and all. He did say it would come back to schedule an appointment -I was going out of town for a while..Anyway-Just yesterday the dashboard lit up again ( VSA light, Exclamation point in Triangle and the engine light). Called Honda and they said they needed to do a valve job that the valves were overtighted at the factory...I'm set up for Monday. I'd like to know how you are making out? Otherthan the light the car runs fine. I'm not getting a typical misfire feeling from the engine. Getting a valve job on an engine with only 15,000 miles on it is a abit disturbing...
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    It sounds like you're experiencing something different is your car isn't running rough after you see the check engine light come on. My dealer had seen several instances like mine (misfires, and only after long drives).

    Honda refused to buy my car back from me so I had to file a lawsuit and am finally making some headway. The service manager near me was honest and said he doesn't believe that Honda truly knows what's causing the misfire problem. I wish you the best of luck and let me know if you have any more troubles.
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    Adding to the info - have a 2009 coupe with 24K miles. Yesterday coming home from work, got the flashing engine light and distinct car shudder. Took it to the dealership because it's still under factory warrantee and lo and behold, Cyl3 misfire. Repairing today, don't know exactly what they'll do (depends on what they'll say they found, I imagine) so more to come. Was told that Honda has a new "kit" because it's a common problem, but don't know what the kit contains. Thanks for the info sharing all.
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    I had the same Issue, Here is what was done to correct my problem, Taking this directly from my work order. -

    'Inspected spark plugs No. 1 through No. 4, Found the No. 3 spark plug fouled. Replaced the No. 3 cylinder spark plug and performed the power train control module software update as per Honda Service Bulletin No. 10-033'
    Seems to be a very alarming common problem, I still think it's related to the VCM
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    The following link details the referenced Service Bulletin -


    Have you noticed improvement since you had the service performed?
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    I am newcomer to this problem. I would like to know from any of you had any positive results retaining legal help. In November of 2010, I had my VSA light go on, exclamation triangle light, and check engine light all on. I took it to dealership having only 34,000 miles on it. My car was stalling as I was driving it. They told me that it was a fuel injector and needed to be replaced. Also said my battery also needed to be replaced. After replacing both the car still was not driving well. With many back and forth consults with technical support, it was advised that the dealership to a complete tear down of the vehicle. Ultimately, the dealership had informed that they would be overnight express a cylinder head assembly kit. After nearly having my car at the dealer for two weeks, my car is still not sounding right. It was left with engine noise. The dealer refused to extend my warranty nor buy back my vehicle. What else can I do at this point? Any suggestions??? I appreciate any feedback.
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    I'd recommend that you research your state's lemon laws and consider retaining a lawyer. Typically, lemon law lawyers don't charge their clients (they get paid by the automaker). It's unfair to be stuck with a rebuilt engine when you purchased a new vehicle. Typically, your car won't run as smoothly as when it was new and when you sell your car you're going to get less $ due to your rebuilt engine. Honda has really screwed up and they need to be held responsible.
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    I have had the same problem twice. The dealer replaced the spark plugs. But it happened again. I am very dissatisfied with this car. It is also impossible to keep the tires balanced.
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    Extremely disappointing in my 2009 Accord V6 Sedan. Just at 39,560 miles and out of warranty and guess what...going down the highway just cruising along at 70 (car was in 'ECO' mode), hit the throttle to pass a truck and the car immediately bucked then began to run rough. Since this is the second time this has happened I know this is the misfire issue we have all experienced. Last time this happened was just under 36,000 and still under warranty. Last time I took it to the dealer, they informed me that cylinder 3 misfired and they had to replace the plug and perform a software update to the ECU. Said it should never happen again but guess what only 3500 miles later it happened again. Check engine light is flashing 3 short times with a slight pause before repeating the 3 short flashes over and over again. I am very disappointing with Honda, I have only owned Honda all my life and have had no issues until now. This makes me very mad and will most likely revolt and never buy a Honda car, ATV, mower, or generator. If I wanted this kind of trouble I would have purchased an Audi. Also anyone notice how load the car becomes overtime? I never play my stereo on the highway anymore due to the overwhelming road and wind noise. Also my wheels/tires never stay in balance, and my rotors have recently developed a vibration while braking. I agree with someone on here that said the issue must be related to the VCM ('ECO') mode. Anyone know of a way to disable this? :mad:

    I've owned:

    1987 Honda Accord LXi Hatch Back
    1993 Honda Prelude
    1997 Honda Accord EX
    2006 Honda Pilot EXL
    2009 Honda Accord EXL V6 Auto (current)

    2000 Honda Rancher 350
    2008 Honda Rancher 420
    2009 Honda Rancher 420

    2002, 2006
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    If it were a so called "american" car and the problem occurred before the warranty ended and then just after the warranty ended, they would cover it. Honda has not been helpful when you have the same situation. I would press them and not give up. Just keep going up the ladder. I had a rear suspension problem on a 2006 Civic, at 65000 miles, which had been a common problem on the first year of the redesign. I knew that from the Civic forum on here. I pressed the dealer and Honda covered half. They should have covered all of it, but, at least, they stepped up to the plate and covered that much.
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    Had the same trouble about 12 months ago. Honda dealership reworked the head...valve job.. Something to do the factory overtighetened the valves and caused the one cylinder valves to have carbon build up and not close properly or soemthing of that nature..Guys in PAramus NJ were awesome and did a great job..no trouble since then..
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    I am having the same problem as described by 'drdumais' with my 2009 Accord V6. In the last 2 months I got the engine check on for the 4th time for the same reason...hit the throttle and car doesnt accelrate but gets very rough. I also had a 2012 Civic, I am a Honda fan so far but never going to buy a Honda product in the future.
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    I had the same issue, cylinder #3 misfired. I took it to the dealer who told me this was a common problem due to software programming for the VCM. They updated it so that the same cylinders would not always shut down when the VCM was activated. The problem was that the spark plug was fouled. Supposedly, the fix will ensure that different cylinders rotate as the "shut down" cylinders with the VCM thus eliminating the fouling problem. I am a bit irritated that I took the car in for some routine work 2 weeks prior to this and Honda never mentioned this problem or checked the spark plugs. Clearly, they were aware of the issue.
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    Honda knows they have a problem, software updates completed as a solution to my misfire issue. This did not help same problem came back one month later, misfire on cylinder #3 and all spark plugs fouled. Plugs where only a month old with less than 5k miles on them. Hondas solution with no hesitation for my 09 Accord V6 with 41k miles. REPACE THE ENGINE!! Thank god still under warrantee at least a 6k repair. My first and last Honda.
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    After the supposed software fix, 3 1/2 months later that same problem, this time with cylinder #4. I took it in originally with about 65k on it. The dealership said they needed to document engine damage, possible fixes include new piston rings, new pistons or a new lower engine block. They haven't put this in writing but it appears they will step up even though it is out of warranty. They asked me to drive it for another 1k miles and come back in. Research shows this as a chronic problem with no permanent fix. Replacing parts doesn't fix it if the VCM continues to lead to fouled plugs, burned oil and further future engine damage. I just want out. Every time I go on a long trip I wonder if the issue will pop up again. So much for Honda reliability. Has anyone had success in getting them to trade out a V-6 for a comparably valued, newer 4 cylinder? If not, I may find myself trading this one in and getting a new 4 cylinder Accord which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In good conscious I just can't sell this thing on the street to some unsuspecting person. My care is paid off and I expected it to run well for years to come. Arggh!
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    MarkM1960 update - Misfire issues with cylinders 3 and then 4 had me in the oil consumption test loop. Honda came back and offered to replace the short engine block if I'd pay $500 toward the $4,500 fix, (Car was out of warranty). In the meantime, I got to the General Manager of the dealership and Area Vice President) and told them that I was not happy. Honda clearly blew it with this model and the VCM technology was defective. I did not want the short engine block fix because from what I've read on the internet, this doesn't really address the problem, it just kicks the can down the road. So I went another route and challenged them to get me out of the car by making me a great offer on the current Accord and giving me a rock bottom price on a new 2013 Accord EX-L (4). They came through. While I am not happy with Honda Motor Corp, I was pleased with my dealer and how they handled the matter. The new Accord is a huge step up in many ways and the 4 cylinder engine is better than I expected. I just couldn't go with the V-6 (VCM) again. I am glad I went this route. The new Accord is much quieter and more refined. The seats are softer and much better and the annoyingly forward positioned headrests have been reigned in. Honda seems to have really improved the car in most ways. The CVT takes a little adjustment but it is very smooth. The handling is very good but the new electronic steering, while sharp, leaves me with bit of a video game feeling, I go around curves just as well as before but I feel a bit disconnected. Overall however, the car is fantastic. My son remarked on how much quieter it is and how much more comfortable on the road, particularly on concrete - in the old Accord, we learned to stop talking when we hit certain roads as there was no point in trying to do so. While I hate that this VCM/misfire thing happened, I think the 9th generation Accord is leaps and bounds better than the 8th.
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    Alliance Honda of Roanoke Rapids, NC replaced my spark plugs in June 2012 at 96,000 miles. At approximately 114,800 miles on June 10, 2013, I received a "Malfunction Indicator, or Check Engine Light" while on vacation. I took my car to Hall Honda of Virginia Beach on June 11th. Hall Honda ran diagnostics and received P0304, P0305, P0305, P0306, and P0300 misfire codes. Consequently, Hall recommended replacing all spark plugs and installing a PGM-FI Update which I did.

    When I contacted Honda USA Customer Service and asked why would spark plugs which should last 100,000 miles fail at 18,000 miles and they informed me that Alliance should have installed a software update when they changed my plugs at 96,000. Please note the Service Advisory Bulletin was not issued until July 2012.

    When I contacted Alliance, the service manager was quick to inform me that the warranty on parts was 12 months or 12,000 miles.

    Neither Alliance Honda or Honda USA can tell me what is the "root cause" of this problem and no one has offer me any accommodation for the addition expense that I have incurred related to this issue, nor can they give me any objective information on which I can rely on concerning my vehicle's reliability. Consequently, I do not know if this is a design issue or if the software update is "complete" fix. According the other individual who have experienced the problem, the software update does not appear to correst this problem?
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    I'm reading different diagnosis with all the same problems on this message board. The problem is this. When the engine switched down to Eco mode, two cylinders shut down to save on fuel mileage. I first noticed foul out plugs at 39,000 miles. The plugs were replaced and the vcm was updated. Was told it fixed the problem. I'm now at 69,000 miles and guess what, same problem. Here is what they don't want you to know.....
    When the engine goes into Eco mode the two cylinder heads shut down but the fuel injectors are still dumping fuel into the heads. By dumping raw fuel into the head with out the cylinder firing causes the fuel to be mixed with oil. This gives you a rich fuel/oil mixture causing the engine to run rich and burning the oil at a greater rate. Also burns out the spark plugs. By updating the vcm with newer software only reduces the amount of fuel released from the fuel injectors when switching to Eco mode. The problem will still exist but now your plugs will foul out every 30,000 miles instead of every 15,000 miles.
    Having the knowledge of the combustion engine basic operation helps when dealing with the service centers. My block if being replaced due to damage done by misfiring. Hopefully this helps. And no the vcm cannot be shut off. The engine was designed to work with Eco mode.
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    There is no "fix" as the problem is with the VCM technology and Honda can't/won't deactivate the VCM. The big issue isn't even that the spark plugs are fouling, which is irritating enough. The real issue is that oil is getting into the cylinders, wrecking them over time while the engine burns enormous amounts of oil, much of which likely happened without the driver's knowledge, doing further engine damage. The solution offered quietly by Honda seems to be to replace the lower engine block, typically charging the owner $500 of the $4,500 bill. This is often after a number of "oil consumption" tests. Honda Motor Corp's position is that it is normal to burn up to 1 quart of oil per 1,000 miles, which is laughable. In reality, the lower engine block replacement only "kicks the can down the road" as the root problem remains and the issue will rear its head again. The software fix doesn't work, at least it did not do so for me. I had the piston misfire on cylinder #3, got the software update and was back again 3 months later with the same issue on cylinder #4. After extensive research on various forums like this one, I decided to get out of the car. I challenged my dealer to make me a really good offer on a trade, as I could not bring myself to sell the car to some unsuspecting buyer, and then I demanded a really good offer on a new 2013 4 cylinder E-LX Accord. I got $16,200 for the 2009 V-6 (No Nav) with 74,000 miles and bought the new Accord for $25,000 with free rubber floor mats and a cargo net. I financed the difference for 24 months at 0.9% and got $500 back from Honda Credit Company. I am so glad I did. The new Accord is far superior to the old model and I don't miss the V-6, (I would never drive another Honda VCM engine again). The car is much more refined, the seats are comfortable and the car is much quieter. I thought I'd hate a CVT transmission but to my surprise, I don't. The most important thing is the peace of mind, I am no longer waiting for the engine light to come on and for the car to start bucking and kicking due to another cylinder misfire. I am not happy with Honda Motor Company, but my dealership really stepped up to make a bad situation much more tolerable. Good luck.
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    Vu Du Man is back! I just went over 125,000 miles and I have to same problem again. I'm taking my car to only Alliance Honda which is the only dealership in town tomorrow. Stay tune, I'll keep you posted.
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    DTC PO 304, 305, & 306 showed up again. Dealership informed me about a recent service bulletin related to Soto et.v. American Honda Motor Co. Inc., Case No. 3:12-cv-1377-SI (N.D. Cal.) which extent warranty on the power train on all 2008-12 Accord V6 A/T to 8 years with unlimited mileage from the original date of purchase. The Service Bulletin number is 13-078.

    I left my car at the dealership and they will be performing the fixes outlined in the bulletin noted above.

    See www.enginemisfiresettlement.com or call (888) 888-3082
    Stay tuned!!!
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    Your prayers have been answered. See thread "class action". Every VCM repair (with proper documentation of course) is covered IF YOU FILE WITH THE COURT BY APRIL 10, 2014. Everybody gets an 8 year warranty against this problem.
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    I got the class action notification yesterday:

    Question, So I have a 2009 Accord V6 with 26,000 miles and I should expect this defect to eventually occur with my car?

    Anyone know how common this problem is and does it effect every V6?

    I'm sad because I love the car and it drives/handles great and it's quite fast.
    (I clocked 6.5 sec 0 - 60 time at a amateur drag race once)
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    Guy at work just bought a used 2009 honda accord sedan. Now he got a recall notice(S) from Honda for valve and a few other recall problems. So looks like Honda MIGHT be doing something about this major engine issues.
    That is why I only buy QUALITY automobiles with DEPENDABLE engines! CHEVY ALL THE WAY! I don't believe to follow everybody else because I might get two more miles to the gallon.....

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    Honda 2005, V6, 36K miles.
    DTC misfire cyl 1, 5, and random.
    No 1 plug had significant oil residue streak on the insulator above the body.
    Found all plugs had oil residue on the insulators above the body.
    Replaced plugs, solved misfire problem.
    Cause was failure of the two seals in each Denso plug.
    Check by removing cyl 5 plug as it is easier access.
    Rem plug install torque is 13 lb ft.
    I used more current Denso plugs as replacement.

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    So you just got to keep replacing plugs on a on going solution?

  • chevyman666chevyman666 Member Posts: 4

    Update, guy at work called Honda Dealership yesterday about recall notice on engine issues, piston rings, valves, spark plugs, bla, bla, bla... They told him if he is not seeing red engine light lighting up then don't bring it in. They WON'T help him! He said recall warranty ends in April this year (2014). They told him then if anything does happen after April, HE will need to PAY.
    HE IS NOW GOING TO TRADE IN BEFORE AN ISSUE DOES HAPPEN AND HE WILL NEED TO PAY! Great going HONDA! Feel sorry for next "sucker" buyer. That is why I drive a CHEVROLET! Proven track record with dependable engines....

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    Oh, his car has 36,000 miles on it.

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    I have a 2010 Honda Accord V-6 coupe, same misfire issues several times. Got in on the class action and had the money for past repairs refunded. Just had the same thing happen. It's always on the #3 or #5 plug. Blinking engine light and VSA light. The dealership service dept.looked at it yesterday and searched desperately (it seemed to me) for ANY reason at all they could find that would allow them to charge me for another fix. This time, since the car has 98,000 miles on it, they say it's too close to the major tune-up when all plugs would be replaced anyway, plus the "valves are tight" so a valve adjustment is due. The mechanic cleaned the plug and put it back, drove it and said it was still running rough. I told him to please put it all back together and I'd be by to pick it up. The car ran PERFECTLY all the way home. My next step is to call the regional rep and see what they think of my whole long sad story. Any advice?
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    I am a Legend driver (well was) in the UK which uses the same V6 engine as the Accord in the states. At 22'000 miles i converted the engine to LPG and achieved 20'000 miles before the misfire problem started. We thought it was the conversion however having replaced pretty much everything and also having stopped using the LPG, its still there. The converter (rightly in our view) says this cant be mechanical as we can actually achieve normal running for a while - it looks like the VCA. I still own the car (who would buy it) and will have the VCA reprogrammed to see if that cures it. Either way, Honda have kept very quiet just saying its the conversion. We did a lot of research on the conversion before we did this and could not see anything which should affect performance, so this looks like a convenient place to park the issue. Legends (and therefore the V6 engine) are rare in the UK so this is not something which is going to be seen much over here.
    Whichever way this turns out, Honda goes off my lifetime list for cars - the Honda service centre could not be less helpful. We've taken the car to an independent (ML Cars in Hampshire if anyone is interested) who has been fantastic.
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    I have a 2009 Honda Accord with 112,000 miles. It does not have the V6 engine. It has the 4cyl. Recently, it has been having the same or similair issues in this forum. Basically, one day the VSA light came on with exclamation point, and the engine light came on too. The car would only go up to about 20 or 30 mph and then start to stall. I took it into a shop and they replaced the spark plugs. The car ran well until 3 hours later, the problem started again. My question is, could this issue still apply to me even though I have the 4cyl issue? It seems like the issue is chronic from this discussion and there is no real permanent fix - if so, I am just wondering if I should get out from the car and move on.
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    I have a 2010 V6 Honda Accord with this same recurring issue on cylinders 1, 2, &3. I bought the car privately in 2015 at 46,000km. The previous owner had not experienced this problem but before the 50km service we started experiencing consistent engine warning lights coming on, as reported above, the was car misfiring/running very roughly and we found fouled spark plugs 1,2,or 3 . We replaced all 6 spark plugs at our mechanics advice even though Honda service book recommends replacing them at 110,000km. That was late 2015. Since then we have experienced this issue of warning lights, car misfiring, spark plugs fouled consistently. We replaced all 6 again at 90,000km and called a local Honda dealer who told us that this was a 'known problem' with the car and we should call Honda Australia to get them to help. I am now in late 2019, car has done 112,000km and we have replaced spark plugs 1,2,& 3 between 6-8 times each, as every couple of thousand KM's one fouls up and we loose a cylinder or two. I have been trying unsuccessfully for a year now to get Honda to acknowledge that this is a 'known problem with the car' and help us. They are trying to fob the problem off. Does anyone else in Australia have this issue? and have you had help from Honda - or had to seek legal action?
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