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Volvo XC90 Ignition Switch

bobkawbobkaw Posts: 3
edited June 2014 in Volvo
How is the release of the key controlled ?
I can not remove the key from the switch, need to remove the 5 amp fuse to park the car.
Shifting is not a problem and appears to be going into Park .


  • last night my key was stuck in the ignition when I parked the car. When I came back to the car the key came out but the car wouldn't start. When I jump started the car it wouldn't shift from park. When I slammed it into drive I drove home ok but then the key was stuck in the ignition again and now it won't start again. Any ideas?? I was using the valet key.
  • To drive XC-90 with key stuck in ignition, just need to pull fuse whenever you leave it. Simple to do just remove fuse cover panel on left side of dash.
    this will turn off all accessories and you won't drain battery. Until you can get to a dealer to repair problem. BE sure to you have your spare keys with you before you lock to door. Anyone have a answer to avoid dealship?
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