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Hyundai Tucson Start Stall and Idle Problems

jennandaljennandal Member Posts: 1
Our 2005 Tucson GLS 2WD started hesitating and quit on my wife about a week ago. The free roadside assistance towed it to the dealer who gave my an encyclopedia of recommendations to the tune of about $2K including replacing the license plate light bulbs due to dimness. The only legitimate need was plugs and wires which they wanted about $500 to replace. I picked it up and took it to a parts store who scanned it and found misfires on cylinders 1 and 3. I have replaced the plugs and wires on all six and now it won't start. Well, it starts, revs like normal, and then immediately dies. I can give it gas and keep it running but it is not driveable. I am assuming it is a sensor out but I am not getting any enigince codes. Any help or others with problems?


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    genecotgenecot Member Posts: 2
    Yes we have the same problem. Our 05 acted the same after we change the plugs and wires. Our dealer told us it now needs a new computer. The estimated cost about $4,000.00, We have'nt decided what to do.
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    amw84amw84 Member Posts: 1
    I thought I'd post on here to see if someone can help me, since I've taken my car in three times to an autoshop and they are unable to find any issues.

    My car was due for inspection and oil change last Monday. It just so happened that the Thursday and Sunday prior, it randomly stalled when I was at the stop light/ stop sign. It only did it once each of the days, so I'd say maybe 10% of the time driven. It thought it was because I was low on gas the first time, but then it happened two days later (Sunday). It seems that when I decelerated to the stop sign, once I tried accelerating again it struggled and just shut off. No shaking, jerking, no noises, no warning. I took it in on Monday for the inspection and oil change and told them of the issue. They checked my battery and said it was the problem and needed to be replaced, so I replaced it.

    Got my car and it seemed ok. Then it happened Tuesday evening - it seems pretty random. Once it shuts off, I just turn the car off and back on and it drives fine. I took it back Wednesday to figure the problem out (since battery wasn't it) and to get all the regular maintenace (minus engine flush...they said it had to wait) taken care. The first thing he checked was the alternator and charging system and he said they were good, not the issue. They thought some of the maintenance might take care of it since they couldn't see any other issue. Get the care that afternoon and it seems good.

    Happens again Thursday morning. I notice an air sound and the car seems to struggle and the RPMs are jumpy when I'm going slower, almost like the transmission doesn't know what gear it should be in (thought it was the a/c, but now realize it is probably the air to the engine making this sound). Took it back and they kept it all day. Finally hooked it up to the diagnotic machine (no clue why this wasn't done the first day) and no codes show up. The mechanic drives it, lets it run, everything...they cannot get it to duplicate the problem. They tell me they cannot help since they don't know what the issue is. GREAT.

    So, it has not shut off since, but I've also been very cautious while driving. I can definitely tell that it's driving funny though. It seems to be right before stopping (idling?) that the RPMs jump up and down and that air sound comes and goes. The car seems to hestitate too, despite my acceleration/deceleration. It feels like if I accelerate too fast from being stopped, it might die. (It does seem to drive good when going at higher speeds.) I've had the fuel injectors, idle air sensors and another air sensor (mass air sensor maybe) mentioned to me by boyfriend's coworkers, but I have no clue. If I had some idea what part of the car could be making it do this, it would be easier to get it fixed. I am nervous driving my daughter in the car as I don't know when it might shut off.
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    barb0530barb0530 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 05 Tucson and it's doing the same thing. Where you able to figure out what the problem is?
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    pcal1028pcal1028 Member Posts: 2
    I am also having this problem with my 2010 Tucson...I brought it in to Hyundai on Oct 8th and I spent 4 hours waiting...couldn't figure out what was wrong, and of course it wouldn't stall for them. They said I need fuel injectors, that may be the problem...cost be $200- ...it wasn't the problem bc it still does it randomly. recently when I use the auto start it will shut off after like 5 seconds...about 25% of the time..also random.

    I don't want to waste another day at Hyundai though for them to say nothing is wrong :(
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    nrg77bluenrg77blue Member Posts: 2
    This sounds like what my 2006 Tucson was doing also with the addition of it turning off when being put into reverse as well as when going forward. It would happen randomly and was really scary not knowing when my car would turn off without warning. The first time I took it in they couldn't figure it out but luckily the second time there were codes in the system since the check engine light had been turned on and I took it in soon enough. It ended up being the throttle position sensor. It was a $336 fix. It has driven fine since then, about three months now. It was really frustrating but glad it's fixed. I hope this helps anyone having the same problem.
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    datatwpldatatwpl Member Posts: 1
    Just wanted to thank everyone for their input here. I am running into the same isse and am on my way to Hyundai this morning. At least now I know I am not nuts. I had a local shop look at her but nothing was diagnosed. Last night however she bucked so hard I thought i would have had whiplash.

    If they find anything I will certainly post. Mine is a little different as when she downshifts she gives a slight jerk. She does however shut down unexpectly when stopping on a hill or making a turn into a driveway on the decelleration.

    Hope they find it!
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    catt73catt73 Member Posts: 1
    I think my transmission is off. It hesitates when I accelerate. I can't get through yellow lights
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    bcanbcan Member Posts: 1
    had the same problem misfire codes and all, I ordered a new Throttle position sensor installed it and havent had a problem since.
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    parespares Member Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    This 2006 hundai tuscon has been running great, no problems at all, very happy with the performance. it's time to replace the timing belt because it has 115k miles on it, so i take it to the dealer and have them replace it along with the plugs and wires because i cannot get to the back 3 plugs. When the job was done, i pick it up, and go home by the highway doing 70mph and noticed a quick, maybe 3 seconds, of a skip. Didn't think anything of it. The next day i'm driving to work and it would loose power when i'm driving around 35mph and shift weird, like the transmission was in it's own world, up and down shift. After a few minutes it would run fine for the rest of the day and for the next 2 days.
    The 3rd day i get the same weird performance, hesitating and shifting when it feels like. Then clears up and is fine for 2 more days.
    I decided to take the engine cover off and investigate if any wiring harnesses wern't plugged on all the way and to just go over all connections, and all looked fine.
    Ran fine for the week, put 200 miles on it without any issues. When i put the key in the ignition in and turned it this morning, it just gave a "click" like the battery was dead then started fine on the 2nd attempt. The battery is brand new so it's not a battery issue. I drove it and it had the same hesitation and shift issues again, really weird because it rand great all week. I would really like to find this issue fast....the check engine light has not come on, i have a code check device and there are no codes.
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    nrg77bluenrg77blue Member Posts: 2
    Most likely it is the throttle position sensor. I had the same problem over year ago with my 06 Tucson but since replacing that part it has been fine. It was a $336 fix at the Hyundai dealership. Hope this helps!
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    parespares Member Posts: 3
    Thanks, you had it replaced, i am mechanically inclined and can possibly replace it. Anyone know where the sensor is located on the engine, any video or images available? Hopefully the manifold does not need to be removed.

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    parespares Member Posts: 3
    Is this something i can replace on my own, Is it on the left or right side?
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    del111del111 Member Posts: 1

    Was having similar probems with my 2005 Tucson. It periodically ran rough, occasionally stalled and the check engine light would stay on. My local mechanic didn't find anything wrong. When I drove to Florida for vacation about 2 weeks ago, the engine almost died on the interstate. I took it to the local dealer an they told me all it needed was a computer update (who knew?). They only charged me $65. ($58 of that was the minimum charge just to check it out.) I was very surprised and obviously happy, since I was expecting much more. It's been over 2 weeks and knock on wood it's been running OK.

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    bu56bu56 Member Posts: 1
    I have had the same issue with my 05 Tucson. The difference is it did throw up an error code which led me to the Mass air flow sensor. This part is located between the throttle body and the air filter. Easy to remove DIY job. It needs to be cleaned with MAF cleaner, sold at most Auto Zones. If that doesn't work then replace the part. Good luck
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    Dmack8Dmack8 Member Posts: 1
    I know I'm really late to this conversation but I had to reply. I have a 2005 Tuscon, my problems all started when my car suddenly started stalling at random times, it did throw a code for the crankshaft position sensor. It was bad, I replaced it. No more code, problem is that the car would still randomly stall if i was driving 65 MPH or idling in driveway with no code. This problem has been driving me crazy for the past 3 weeks which is what brought me to this thread looking for answers. Anyway, while idling in my driveway, I noticed the cabin blower motor turn on for no reason (the switch was turned off) seconds later the car stalled out. This lead my attention to the blower motor. I followed the wire coming off the blower, it lead me to something called the blower motor resistor. 2 screws hold it in. I removed the resistor & disconnected it. This ended all my problems!!! This resistor has a heat sink in the circuit, obviously it handles a lot of amperage, my guess is over time because the heat generated by this circuit it comes close to shorting out but not completed & possibly it arcs every once in a while which in turn messes with the PCM & the car shuts down. All in all it is a simple thing to check, you do not need tools, you can get at it without removing anything & just disconnect it, your blower will still work but only on speed 4, speeds 1,2 & 3 will not work. Just ordered a new resister, $26! can't beat that. Hope this helps someone, if I had taken this to a mechanic, they would have taken me to the bank!
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    nspridenspride Member Posts: 1
    I know this is an old thread but we bought a 2008 Tucson about 9 months ago. It's been fine up until a couple months ago. It died while driving home one night. It started right back up and didn't do it again for several weeks. Then it would die when coming to a stop. Not every time we drove it and not every time we would stop. It was very intermittent. Then it became more and more frequent. We replaced the throttle position sensor per one of these trouble threads and it didn't fix it. We replaced the air filter (even though it was fairly new), replaced plugs and wires, cleaned the MAF sensor and the throttle body.

    We have a $20 Actron scan tool and it would never show any codes and there were no lights on in the dash. We borrowed an Actron Elite Scanner ($200) from a company and ran the diagnostics. Low and behold it did show a code even without a warning light. PO560 System Voltage Malfunction. The most likely fixes for this code are to repair the under hood Fuse Block Wiring and Replace the Main Relay.

    My husband removed the Main Relay and it was severely corroded. He cleaned the contacts of corrosion and installed a new relay a week ago. So far I have driven it several days for different amounts of time. So far no issues and the code is cleared. I am posting this here to maybe help someone else who have changed parts and still had issues.
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    Boomer10101Boomer10101 Member Posts: 1

    November 30 2021
    My 2014 Tucson started stalling about a week and half ago intermittently. Stop light drive through and when take foot off gas coming to a stop once. No codes but had hard restart? RPM gaugestops working and shifts weird. Stop car when safe restart like nothing happened and normal operation. Going to change plugs and PCV valve. Maybe EGR valve too. Open to ideas. Very confused. Had very minor problems with car up till now. It's been super great and reliable. Bought it new and have 210000KM just turned over.

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