BMW 5-Series Navigation System/iDrive

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Does anyone know where I can find more information regarding improvements of the Navigation system over the years?

I need a NAV system in my purchase, and debating on whether to get a Certified 2007 or a new 2010 5-series, but would like to know if there have been "significant" improvements to the Navigation system/iDrive.



  • sergeymsergeym Member Posts: 275
    2010 E60 has new iDrive software, called CIC (Car Infotainment Computer) 4.0. It is the same as on 7-series. Much easier to use that the one in 2007 but some options are missing. E.g. there is no selectable L7 configuration. It is just L7 surround or not, before there were settings for Concert Hall and a couple more. It has much better voice recognition but limited vocabulary. My favorite "call " is not recognized by the system anymore. 2010 implementation requires something like: phone book, say the name from book, name, do you want to dial this name, yes. Maybe I have not mastered it yet though.
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    I have a 2006 550i which is still under the CPO warranty. last week the navigation screen stopped working (no navigation, radio etc.) oddly enough my cell phone still showed the blue tooth was engaged. I took to the dealer and he advised me the diagnostic tool was not communicating with the i drive. They did a " soft" reset which they said did not work. I was then advised that they would need to due a software upgrade for $500 (they said not covered by CPO) to see if that fixes the problem. They said if this did not work, they would have to install a new CMC $2100+500 already spent, to possible fix the problem. Mdoes anybody know what the problem is (they dont) yet they claim it not covered under the CPO!! Am i getting the run around? BTW i love the car.
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    It is true that failures of the "entertainment electronics" are not covered under CPO. I was also surprised when I carefully read the contract when I was buying my 07 530 off lease, but decided that the warranty could pay for itself on other matters.

    Not clear to me where the edges of the non-warranty are. Does it mean Nav modules not covered but ECU is? Radio not covered but Nav modules are? Antennas (there are several) but not CD player? Etc. The definition is not at all clear.

    Check on the various specialist 5 boards for specifics on the cost of the CMC and software loads, and owners experiences therein. Look for people who do their own work or are mechanically knowledgeable.
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    A reporter is looking to speak with someone who recently bought a fully-loaded 2014 vehicle with all the bells and whistles, including navigation and infotainment features. If you can assist, please reach out to [email protected] with your contact info by 4/13/14.

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