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astro power loss

billy1982billy1982 Member Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Chevrolet
i have a 98 astro which is strugling with hills i hit a hill at 90 to 100 kmh and it starts losing power and the engine light starts flashing(the engine lights already on)it feels and sounds like its flooding ive gotta shift down and limp it up any ideas?


  • Steve_01Steve_01 Member Posts: 42
    The engine light could be a drivetrain code. The first thing to do would be to have the code(s) checked. Some auto parts stores will hook up a code reader for you for free. Of course nothing in life is free, they want to sell you parts to repair the source of the code. It sounds to me like the transmission is not automatically down-shifting. If it stays in a high gear while climbing a long or steep hill, eventually the engine will start to bog down. By manually shifting it into a lower gear, you are accomplishing what the transmission should be doing on its own. How many miles are on it, and have you ever had the transmission fluid changed? I have a 97 Astro. I had the dealership change the trans fluid at a little over 100,000 miles. I actually noticed a difference in the way it shifted (sooner and smoother) after the service. I think they added a special "High Mileage" blend or additive. At any rate, it might be worth a shot especially if it's at or close to the interval.
  • billy1982billy1982 Member Posts: 2
    the van is a high miler it has 280,000 kms the van runs fine around the streets i will change the fluid and have the codes checked see if it makes a difference, you see i know nothing about automatic transmissions ive only ever drove and played with manuals or standards
  • graylinergrayliner Member Posts: 39
    There's a difference of opinion about servicing high mileage Automatic transmissions.

    The "grit" in the fluid seems to give a sloppy, border line tranny some kind of grip. That it has a "filler" type effect. That's why honest shops don't recommend a power flush for high milers. The tranny gets sloppy and then fails.

    -Steve 01 wrote; " I think they added a special "High Mileage" blend or additive" .
    That sounds reasonable to me. I have a 190K '92 and wonder if that would be a good idea?
  • norahlnorahl Member Posts: 1
    what ended up happening with your astro van? I have a 1998 astro cargo van and it does the same thing. At first, it was a problem with the air blower. I got the vaccuum lines replaced and then I noticed that when I accelerate with the air on, it would make a loud grinding hum and was told my transmission would slip if I turn the air on.
    Then, recently my radiator started leaking and was told that needs to be replaced.

    But I never got the repair for the loss of power on hills. I just avoid hills. So, I'm wondering what you did to fix the problem and what was the end result?
  • fho2008fho2008 Member Posts: 393
    Try simple things first.....a dirty air filter will rob you of power. When was your last tune up?
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