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NEW 2010 328i xDrive vs. USED 2007 525xi

plasmoplasmo Posts: 16
edited June 2014 in BMW
Wanted people's opinions on getting either a completely upgraded (premium, sport, Nav) New 2010 328i xDrive vs. a Used 2007 525xi (with similar 2007 options).

The price is comprable, but the used 2007 comes out to be around $33,000 (with 43,000 miiles), and the New 2010 is around $43,000.

Are the new 2010 iDrive upgrades worth it, and the new current features? The car will primary be driven my myself, with occasional additional passengers.



  • timhotimho Posts: 9
    Nothing beats new car. An '07 with 43k miles is about to go out of warranty if it is not CPO'd. I know there is a price difference between these 2 cars but the peace of mind with new 328xi is just, well, priceless.

    I don't have iDrive in my car but I was told the new version is a lot better than the previous gen. Since most of the time you'll drive by yourself only, why bother getting a 5er?

    I vote for brand spanking new 328xi. :shades:

  • plasmoplasmo Posts: 16
    Thanks Tim for your input. !
    I completely agree that nothing beats New.
    ...Plus you can customize it how you want. Does anyone know approx how long it takes to completely build a customized car ?(assuming that there is none that fit on the lot)
  • ursamajorursamajor Posts: 127
    I had a 2008 335xi built in Germany on the last day of 2007, tracked it on the BMW website, took two weeks to build as ordered. It arrived on the West Coast at San Luis Obispo, about 175mi north of Los Angeles, lease date was 2/17/08
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