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Hello All,
I recently purchased a 2002 X-type 3.0. I think that I am going to get to like it. Being a Beamerhead
for the past 25 years, I thought I would try a Jag.
However, the car had several problems, this is the story 2 of 2.

I have searched around the forums, you guys are sharp! Your posts have brought me almost up to speed on the
X- type in a very short time.

I’m hoping you can help me to solution this problem:

BACKGROUND: The car has a premium sound system (10 speakers - 4 tweeters, 5(?) bass and 1 subwoofer)
1.there is only output FROM the 4 tweeters in the doors
2.I have removed the factory installed radio/head unit. I found no amplifier and no apparent connection problem
3.I have looked in the boot/trunk above the CD changer and found no amplifier
4.Since all four of the door speakers are not playing, I did not remove them
5.There are two speakers mounted in the rear shelf, in an enclosure that aren’t playing.
6.I’m assuming that there’s one in front that is not playing.

Can you help identify the problem and the location of the amplifier?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Mike L.


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    I have an 02 x-type with the same problem, all the speakers work expect for the Mid range, which are the larger speakers on the door. I called the dealer in my area, he told me that the unit in the back window is the amp unit. I was told that there is a unit in the box which is connected to the rest of the system. I'm going to pull mine out when I get the chance and see if the unit is working from that spot. If you find anything out place get back to me and let me know what you found. If I come up with anything I will let you know. Thanks
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    Well I removed the subwoofer assembly from the rear shelf of the car.
    1) There was NO connection problem
    2) I took the reading with my multimeter, of the subwoofer, it was 4 ohms
    3) The amplifier was enclosed in a metal casing. the metal casing was soldered to the circuit board, for not apparent reason, other than securing it.
    So nothing visually wrong, I guess it's time to take some voltage readings.

    Does anyone if the output voltages are 12v or if they are stepped down to something else.
    Mike L.
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    Well I pulled the door panel off, and removed the speaker. I had a junk speaker laying around from an old Mercury, Capri I have. I had replaced the ones in the Capri and I had this set just laying around. I wire the speaker to the radio and turned it on, and the speaker worked, i removed all the rest of the speakers and they all worked. Being I just bought the Jaguar, last month. I have no idea what happened to the radio to cause all the speakers not to work. The tweeters did work and the bass unit did work. I have found my problem and started fixing the speakers. This is what I think you should do, pull one of the door panels off and try a different speaker on the one in the car. If it works there's your problem, if not at least you've elimanated that possiblity. :)
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