2001 LS V8 Severe Timing Chain Damage

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Ok, so I've got a 2001 LS with the V8 in it and it has around 140,000 miles on it. Recently it died on me and I took it over to a friend of mine who used to work as a certified mechanic for over 30 years. I've done a lot of mechanic work myself, including race engines and such. Anyway, based on it's symptoms we weren't sure if it was a timing chain issue or something else. So he took everything apart and and got the timing cover off and the left side timing chain was broke and the tensioner had come apart and tore up the chain guides as well as tore off some of the bosses on the front of the block. There's also fluid in the third cylinder but after seeing the carnage inside the timing cover we didn't even bother looking into that. Basically I'm figuring the motor is hosed, done for.
So my question is how do I proceed from here? Is this car worth replacing the engine and what kind of money are we talking to do that? Or would I be better off to try sell the car as is and if so what could I reasonably get out of it?... can I get anything out of it? The rest of the car is in great shape and has been well maintained. I was planning on getting rid of it before all of this happened and getting something else anyway... so now this is putting me in a real financial bind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Unless you can find a used engine cheap and do some of the labor yourself, I doubt you'd be able to recover your expenses when you sell it. OTOH you won't get much for it without an engine either.
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    I completely agree with Allen's reply. I sold my 60,000 mile '00 LS V-8 several months ago, for $5200. I would imaging purchasing a used engine and doing the installation would cost you at least $1500-2000 or so. If the car is sound enough, you MIGHT get enough usage out of it to warrant the cost....
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    I have a 2000- same car, exact same problem, not sure how much money I should put into it- it happened about a month ago. How difficult was it to get to the timing chain and what did you end up doing? I think if I replace the chain I may be able to sell it for 3500 as I have taken good care of it. I already bought a replacement car.
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