Jeep Liberty Oil light coming on

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I have a 2002 Jeep liberty, 3.7 L gas engine with 99,000 miles. The oil light came on so I took it to my mechanic. I was using a semi-synthetic oil, he took it out and put the factory recommended oil in it. Light went out for about an hour then came back on. Next he changed the sensor, light went off for about 10 minutes after I got the car back. Now it comes on and blinks for a while then stays on steady. I don't know where to go from here, my mechanic is not sure either, any ideas?


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    Your post didn't specify how long you've owned the car or if you know its prior maintenance history. When I read the symptoms, my thoughts go to a sludged up engine due to lack of proper maintenance (too long between oil changes). But you could also be dealing with a failing oil pump. Either way ... you can't ignore the problem. I see your post was from week's ago, so I'd imagine you have found the issue by now anyway. Post back & let us know.
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    I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty 4X4, 3.7 liter engine. The oil light will come on when initially started after sitting for awhile. However, if the engine is cut off and re-started the oil light does not come on again. The oil is changed every 3,000 miles since purchasing the vehicle in February 2009. Any solutions to this little mystery.

    Thank you,
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    I bought the Liberty new in 02 and have faithfully changed the oil and filter every 3,000 miles. Sometimes the oil that comes out looks as good as what is going back in. Did the manual guage thing and it has good pressure but I just can't get the light to go out and that warning noise is making me crazy. The engine sounds great but I don't know where to go from here.
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    I am currently loking into the same issue on a liberty for a friend. So far he has taken it to another shop that replaced the oil pressure sending unit. When I started looking into it I found oil in the C2 connector at the PCM. I removed the connector at the sending unit and found it to be full of oil also. I cleaned both connectors. Then I checked for the 5 volts going to the sensor which was good. I also had 5 volts coming from the pcm on the signal wire. I stopped at this point yesterday because I was going to town for the night. Will update with more as I find it. :sick:
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    I took the 2006 Jeep to my mechanic and they replaced the oil sending unit. He advised that some of the after market oil sending units will not properly function on the vehicle and will still come on peridoically. He stated that they used an oil sending unit from the dealer and the system had an error code of PO522 which was cleared. The problem has not returned. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the information. I checked with my mechanic and the unit he put on was from OEM and not from the dealer. I haven't had the time yet to get it back to him and try one from the dealer, it would be great if that solved the problem but the process of elimination gets expensive.
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    Have you found anything more? or did what you do solve the problem. Any information I can get really helps.
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    Right now I am dealing more or less the same problem. It began after thermostat was remove for a treatment of water mixing with oil. I found some answers that identify this kind of problem with missing thermostat. I am going to installe an original one to see if it is part of the problem. Coincidence?
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    I have read the above comments and I have somewhat the same problem...I hope someone can help me.. I have been getting oil chages every 3000 miles but my last oil change my oil light came on. Just yesterday I had another 3000 mile oil change and ran into the same problem. My mechanic stated that I may have an oil pump problem or worse. Plese help me.
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    Just got a 02 liberty and am having the oil light problem,, seems to be common,,replaced sensor and now comes on at 200rpm everytime. the old one had oil on it and only came on when slowing down. It has all new oil and filter and next of course will be the gauge test but we all know that will be fine. There is nothing wrong in the engine so count that out. I would like to find someone who has solved this problem,, the only one i can find in any forum is a wire short so i will tell my mech that,,,, question is ??? is there any recalls on this car as mine has very low milage and probally only used behind an rv so i am sure attention to it was at a minium. and i am hearing that there might be and of course an answer to this common problem of the oil light.
    So far I have
    missing thermostat
    clean ERG value or replace
    wiring short
    oil to full
    no synthetic oil
    voltage on sensor / check
    crank sensor
    o2 sensor / however i am not sure what this is
    pin might be in backwards
    reset light sensors
    th 02-03 models have sluding problems & oil pump problems
    replacing computer and or parts which has not worked usually a dealer thing
    blocked oil pump screen
    worn crankshaft
    jeep makes bad parts so use better aftermarket parts

    out of all of these only fix i have seen is the wiring short so if any of you have any info please let me know so i can help my mech solve this while my warrenty is still good.
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    Our '04 Liberty has been doing this for a while, but it's sporadic. Sometimes you start when cold and the light comes on, so I wait for a sec or two for pressure to come up and then I have to shut off the engine and start it again to get the light to shut off. I don't know if it is the sending unit or the pump is not building pressure quick enough. Another thing it could be (hope not) is the engine bearings are worn but I'd have to run a pressure test to find out. Sometimes I can hear the tappets clicking when I start it so who knows.
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    I was one of the first ones to post this problem hoping to get some answers from others with the same problem and I did. After dealing with my mechanic for months I decided to take it to the dealer. I knew this would be a nightmare but I did it anyway. After about 30 minutes the guy comes back to me and tells me the engine is sludged-up and it will cost quite a bit of money to repair it. I bought it new in 2002 and changed the oil faithfully every 3,000 miles, give me a break. I didn't even bother to ask him how he knew that without taking anything apart. I hate it when somebody pours something down your back and tells you it's raining. Well bottom line is it's someone else's problem now.
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    2006 jeep grand cherokee oil light came on off on restart got dealer opinion of other problems. disconnected sensor and had all the same symptoms. concluded that sensor is not closing after shut off and all the rest of the on off's are to do with jeep diagnostics trying to tell me i might have a problem. oil light should come on and stay on at second key position after selftest if not change sensor beside oil filter. After hearing all this nonsense
    about bad sensors I put a GM sensor in and all problems went away.
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    I have 02 Liberty, oil light comes on and off, replaced oil sender twice and still comes on. So I took a mirror and flash light ,place the mirror the right angle to look straight in the sender hole with the light .Guess what I found? A rubber plug floating around in there. I'm the third ower,so who knows how that got in there. Maybe it's been in there from the Jeep factory.I started the engine to see if the oil would push the plug out, won't quite come out. There's a pipe plug close to that sender hole,which is a larger hole. Going to take that pipe plug out the next time I can work on the Jeep. I know this has been the problem all along. There's been alot of blogs on this problem with the oil light coming on, Maybe there's a smart a_ _ at the Jeep factory thought this would be a funny joke . Ha Ha
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    My daughter had a 02 Liberty that had this same problem. Three new sensors later she still had the problem. I found out later that the OEM sensors her mechanic was putting on were defective. I have an 05 Liberty and this problem has just started with mine. I'm going to the dealer and by one from them and have my mechanic put it on. Hope I have better luck than she did, I'll let you know.
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    Having been once a Chrysler aficionado, I can look back at the history of some of the engines Chrysler has put out in the real world and tell what I have learned. My last Chrysler was a 2005 Liberty with the diesel. It died an ignominious death at 77,594 miles after the number one connecting rod failed destroying the whole thing.

    But let me address some other issues here. There have been several engines put out by Chrysler than have been sludge producers including the 273, the 318, the 360, the 3.9L V-6, the 2.2 turbo from the eighties, the 2.7 L V-6, the 3.7 L V-6 to mention a few. All of these engines have internal gas and internal oil flow issues and they run quite hot inside, more so than G.M. or Ford. If you use conventional oil and change it religiously every three miles you will have an issue with sludge formation even if you drive 90% of the time on the highway. In 1993, I did my research before purchasing a Dakota pickup with the 318. After a break-in period of 3000 miles, I switched over to synthetic motor oil. In 1998 we purchased a new Chrysler Concorde with the 2.7L V-6 and kept it for fourteen years. It was treated the same way as the Dakota. The 2.7 was far worse as it use oil pressure as a means of controlling timing chain tension. Internally, the engine needed to be kept immaculate otherwise it would fail. The 3.7 has similar issues to the 2.7 and thus must be kept immaculate inside. The use of a good oil filter helps too.

    I feel for those of you with these issues but unfortunately Chrysler has built a few problematic engines. If they are kept immaculate inside, then they are delightfully powerful and trouble free. If they are not well kept, you know the results based on what I have read in this blog.
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    Did exactly what I said I was going to do. I took the car to my mechanic and told him I wanted a factory (Jeep) oil sensor put on it. I even told him to put a Mopar oil filter on it and change the oil again. As it turned out the oil pressure sending unit was bad and leaking. I never looked under the hood and I guess it wasn't leaking badly enough for me to see any oil on the ground. Have not had any problems since.
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    Hi just changed mine.
    not losing any oil just a sensor on it way out. was driving me nuts.
    no more lights
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    I have an 2005 Jeep liberty V6 with the same issues. I changed out the pressure switch with OEM Mopar and issue was still there...oil light on and P0522 error code. Turn Jeep on oil light will come on, turn off and back on, light goes away. Traced wire from oil switch to fender wall behind the battery to module with 4 big connectors, right next to brake fluid reservoir. Removed the one closer to steering wheel (furthes back) and connected back on. Problem went away..maybe corrosion on the terminals. You may need to move red locking tab away from wall to unlock connector. Hope this helps. Good luck. 
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    Hi just changed mine.
    not losing any oil just a sensor on it way out. was driving me nuts.
    no more lights

    did you have to drain the oil? does it pour out when you change this part?
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    Oil pressure light comes on only when braking or idling lower than 800rpm.  Just has the oil pan seal replaced...that's when it started.  No codes, sensor is fine...there is a part inside the oil pan called the Oil Pick Up Tube.  It's near the back of the pan.  When braking the oil essentially sloshes forward so there's no enough oil going up the tube to the oil pump...when they took the pan apart they either damaged the tube or didn't place it back in the right place/angle/depth...
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    I have the same problem light comes on when I stop at a light or when I slow down ,I had the uptake tube changed and it made no difference.
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    Has anyone checked to see if the engine oil light was coming on because it was time for an oil change. Some JEEP vehicles have this and dates back to 1999 from what I've seen. YouTube has videos on how to reset this. It's an easy fix and free to do. I would try this first before spending a lot of money. It seems to me that if something major was going wrong with the engine like a bad oil pump that the engine light would also be on as well as the oil light.
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    So my 2004 came up with the same issue. Oil light on under 800 RPM. 120K miles. Took it to Meineke after I read this forum. They checked the oil pressure and it was good lite on or not. They changed the oil sending unit and mine is fixed. Thank you everyone for posting.
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