Shall I have a mechanic look at a used expedition I want?

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I have my eyes on a 2004 expedition at a car dealership. It is immaculate and drives fine.
Shall I have my trusty mechanic (Mom and pope shoppe) look at it or shall I go to a Ford car dealership?

Thanks a lot



  • belaircarguybelaircarguy Member Posts: 107
    You are smart in getting the vehicle checked before you purchase. While I also have my trusted mom & pop mechanic who services my vehicles and they would certainly do a good job in inspecting the car, the one thing the dealer could provide is to see if there were any recalls / service bulletins on the car. They would also be able to tell if the recalls were fixed, as it would be in Ford's database.

    Good Luck.

    BelAir Car Guy
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