Installing front license bracket on 2005 Denali

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I just moved to Wisconsin from Michigan and now am required to have a front license which I hate. I forked over the outrageous amount for a bracket that didn't come with the vehicle when I bought it. I painfully drilled the four 3/16" holes but for the life of me can't figure out how the four pop rivets are supposed to grab onto any thing. Could be I dumbed down as soon as I became a Badger (which I will always be a Wolverine) but I could use some help. Anyone????


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    I was a Bucky Badger for a few months but it wore off (I think, lol - that could explain a lot eh?).

    I thought the usual procedure for newer bumpers was to use sheet metal screws for tapping into the bumper cover. I don't see how pop rivets would hold without a backing washer, and there's no way to get back there to put washers on the rivet.

    But I don't have a Denali either.
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    There are threaded inserts that are made of rubber (i.e. see URL below), which all you have to do is drill a hold and place the rubberized inserts from the front of the bumper then tighten screw to secure the license plate/bracket; as you tighten the screw, the rubber insert will expand like a mushroom in the back of the bumper.... I think you can probably find something like that at your local ACE Hardware store.
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