Chrysler Pacifica AWD System Problems

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April this year, my wife and I purchased a certified used 2006 Chrysler Pacifica with AWD (we specifically purchased an AWD because of the snow we get in WI). I kind of have suspected that the AWD wasn't functioning correctly because very early on, when the pavement is wet, or slick the front tires would spin from a stop (I thought it was possibly the worn front tires, so I replaced them about a month, or so ago)... Anyway, this week we finally got som snow, so I could really test the AWD out... When we came home and pulled into the driveway (our driveway is fairly steep) we got stuck in the middle... So I opened the door to see if the rear wheels were engaged- only the fronts were spinning... Any ideas? I should also point out (I don't know if it's related or not) that when driving, when you hit 40 then again at 60, you feel and hear a very low vibration (I thought it was the tires, but they were replaced) almost sounds / feels like a bearing. Also we've had AWD vehicles in the past and have another 4WD that we use at time- I don't ever remember having any issues like this... Thanks for the help.


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    I have a problem with the Pacifica on snowy roads. The wheels lock up, it has no braking power and you lose total control. I have slid down the road in front of our house.
    Right now it is sitting at our Chrysler dealership who said there is no problem and it passed state inspection today. I think it does obviously have a very large safety problem but when dealerships can't find a "code" showing an error they say there is not a problem. Wonder if they want to drive it.
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    I am having the same problem. What did find out the problem was.
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    I bought a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica AWD 3.5 for 6 months ago. Several problems I have found.

    1. Once in a rainy day, at a junction I turned my wheel to right but the car went straight to the middle of the road, the car slow down like no power then stop. I was able to slowly turn right and drive away. Luckily there was no car came, otherwise I would be hit. Does anyone encounter that problem?

    2. My engine oil warning light never come up when the engine oil was low. Like other owners mentioned in the forum that the oil can be totally empty without warning sign. Everyone just remember to check your engine oil frequently especially on longer road trip.

    3. The "Perform Service" light always came out when I start the engine. According to the manual after 81000 to change oil and filter, which I did, but the light still on. Does anyone have any idea what kind of service needs to be perform?

    4. I live in Washington State where most of the winter is wet and rain. Every time I drove thru just a little bit of water on the road surface, the whole car shake like hell. I have drove other cars before, never have so much shaking on just a little bit of water. Not sure because this car is low on ground or what. Does anyone has the same problem?

    5. Twice on the traffic light, I brake and the car completely stop. However, I noticed the car started to glide forward even thought my foot still on the brake. I have to push the brake harder to stop the car. The car not suppose to move once it's completely stop. Anyone has the same problem?

    I enjoy the ride of Chrysler Pacifica. Good sound system, good cup holder, etc despite the blind spot on both sides. However some of the safety issues really bother me. Car that are not safe post danger to our life.

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    :sick: ok so I have had my 04 Pac AWD since May, I have noticed a popping noise coming from the front when I cut my wheels. But recently, I have a loud sound coming from the back, it sounds like a jet is taking off out of the hatchback. Then when the car stops a smell fills the car, it smells like natural gas. I had a few mechanics look at it and they thought that I had a propane tank in my car because the smell was so distinct. Anyways, the noise starts at about 35mph and becomes almost deafening, and will not stop as you slow down. you can feel a vibration that will numb your foot and leg. I usually pull over and wait a minute then get back on the road. I would like to see if anyone knows whats going on because it's my only ride for 2 kiddos and myself...No one seems to know what it is and will not dig deeper to verify what this could be...any ideas?
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