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Toyota Corolla



  • Thanks for the pricing info, I think I am going to order one in the next few days
  • hello!!

    we are seriously thinking of the corolla for the next car (commuter). currently have an 89 camry that has been typical toyota: rock solid dependable.
    has anyone purchased a corolla with leather seats ? any comments on the quality of the leather ? thanks for any input...

    take care,

    :dave and krystyna
  • Yesterday I stopped at Toyota to sit in the Corolla ( already looked at it when the dealer was closed ). The salesman gave me the key to start it. It idled at 2000 RPM. That's racing to me. It did eventually come down to about 1300 RPM. I'm in Florida. So it wasn't like it needed to rev high because of cold. Most cars idle at about 800 RPM. Anyone else notice the engine idle to be very high?

    I love everything about the looks of this car. A little of Jetta in the looks. It definately looks substancial (Beefy). Very nice interior on the LX. Nice dash/armrest-storage/seats. Upscale interior except for the cheap headliner and engine sounds. My very first Japanese car was a Corolla wagon in 1980. Put 102,000 fun mile on it. Now seven Japanese cars later, I don't think I can ever buy another Big Three car. ( maybe a truck).

    Here's something interesting. The salesman was definately not a kid ( about 55 yrs old ). I asked him if the engine had a timing belt or chain. He went to open the hood to show me. Now I'm wondering how he was going to do that??? Open the engine up? I'm laughing inside. He points to the accessory drive belts. " See it's a belt". I informed him that was not the timing belt. When I explained it to him he commented " see how much I know about cars". He went inside to find out. He was told it has a chain.
    I'm amazed at how little some salepeople know. Especially when they say " we just got these cars in a few days ago, so I don't know much about them". I always know more about their cars than they do. It shouldn't be that way.
  • I agree with Clay and Sandman above - I never really liked the Corolla until the 2003 model. IMO, it's a huge upgrade. It's like a mini Camry or Lexus now, especially in the LE. Definitely my top choice in this class - beats the Civic by far.

    vmaturo - about the salesman, yeah, I have yet to meet a car salesman that knows a lot about cars.
  • Thanks for the heads-up. It will be about April before we buy. We have tax refund coming and my wife gets her annual bonus and raise in March, so we are waiting until after then. I'm thinking by April Corollas should be plentiful and dealers should be more willing to deal. Plus, they are in the process of building a new Toyota dealership about 8 or 9 miles from me, so maybe we'll catch them in a "200 Must Go This Weekend Grand Opening Sale!"
  • Guys I bought it today 03 LE it has cruise 6 speaker upgrade and it had the extra mile add on ( 876.00 window etching, carpet set 5 pc, pin stripe, cargo net, 3yr\ 36000 mile roadside assistance ) I did not pay for the extra mile package they wanted me to pay 400.00 for it but I did not do it. They would not take a check with out running a credit report on me, so I went and got a cashers check for them.
    I know I could get it cheaper If I waited, I paid 15,495.00 +ttl.
    It was the only one on the Lot
    It was hard for me to part with that hard earned money
  • mbt1mbt1 Posts: 33
    Does anyone know what the crash test ratings on the new Corolla are, or is it too soon to know?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I think it will be awhile before the crash test ratings are out: The 2002 Camry and Altima, for example, have still not been tested either by the IIHS or NHTSA, or at least, results are not out yet.
  • Sometimes when I start mine it has been revving up 2000 rpm then it drops down after a few mins.
    The salesman told me it had a timing chain and said it was a non interference engine ( If the timing chain breaks it will not damage the engine ) I hope this is true
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    i believe the salesguy is telling you the truth.

    on some older toyota/honda cars, if the timing belt snaps and you happen to be driving real fast - you can kiss your engine goodbye!
  • Wow! Just got back and I think it is definitely our next car. I'm 6'2" and with the seat back for me, there was room for me to sit behind the seat. Not many cars like that in its class. Plus, the brochure said the car has a rear beam susension--but the sticker said 4 wheel independent suspension--nice! The timing chain vs belt is nice for future upkeep--plus the salesman said the engine is designed to go 120,000 miles before the first tuneup. Pretty hard to beat in this class.
  • My wife likes my 03 Corolla more than her 01 Civic, she is trying to get me to switch out with her My opinion it won't be long until they are giving the civic a run for their money.
    I will get a list of her reasons and post them this weekend
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    is it just me or do you guys feel the same. i sat in a 2003 LE corolla with leather seats and the seats seems to be thicker than regular cloth seats.

    just wondering
  • I was going to buy a Civic, but I believe the 2003 Corolla has me sold. I went and looked at them last night and I'm just waiting for my tax refund to show up and then I'll be there. They didn't have any 5 speeds on the lot--all automatics! I want a manual because I feel it is more fun, you get slightly better mpg, and long term maintenance seems to be cheaper with the manual. I just need to decide which model to get. The basic CE stickers for about $14,800 and the basic LE stickers for about $16,100--both with automatics, so manual will be cheaper. The CE as all I NEED--air, CD, 130 hp vvt-i engine, etc. I just need to figure out if I want to pay the extra $1300 for the power win/locks/mirrors, cruise, slightly wider tires, map lights, and height adjustable seating. I know I would like to have them, but the $1300 would be about $30 a month. I know $30 does not sound like a lot of money, but $30 here and $30 there adds up to real money! Please keep up updated with the 2003 Corollas out there!
  • I think it definitely gives the Civic a run for it's money. You have to get an EX Civic to get a comparable engine, for one thing. I think the interior of the Corolla LE is much nicer than the Civic EX, just IMO. They have definitely made big strides. I preferred a '02 Civic over an '02 Corolla, but the new '03 Corolla is my choice in this class now.
  • I'd spring for the LE if it was me. That touch of wood grain (Ok, I know it's fake wood) on the dash makes it look like a junior Lexus or at least a junior Camry XLE.
  • jeprox - I haven't sat in one with leather yet.
  • What colors do you like? By looking at the brochure, I thought I would like the Mineral Green more than I did. I thought it was to going to be darker. I think it is strange that the brochure says they have a beam rear suspension, but the sticker said 4 wheel independent suspension. I called 800-go-toyota and they put me through to another line. The woman there did not know, but she gave me the standard "Sometimes Toyota makes changes from the time the brochures are printed to the time the cars are made." Now, I could understand if it was the color of a dashboard light or the shape of a radio knob; but, you'd think they would know what kind of suspension they were going to use by the time they printed the brochure! That is a pretty major item on the car, is it not?
  • The only way to tell is take a peek underneath. If it is an independent suspension, you won't see any physical link between the left and the right suspension arm (thats why they call it independent!)
    Or sometimes, they have the semi-independent torsion beam but claim it to be independent.
  • It was cold, windy, and dark when I was there last night, so I didn't feel like crawling underneath, but you are correct. I'm wondering if the dealership prints the stickers up themselves and they entered it wrong?
  • I'd go with Silver, I think they call it Lunar Mist
  • You are right, the silver is nice. It does seem, IMO, to be rather bland. Not a real bad color, just, I would get tired of looking at it after 6 or 7 years. I think if buying a CE, black is the best way to go. Since the mirrors and side moldings are black on the CE level, people would not know by quick glance you were driving a CE because the mirrors and molding would be "body colored."
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    I've had my '01 LE for almost a year now - this car has exceeded my expectations (got 32.4 MPG on last tank with 4 speed auto) - it has been flawless and I just love it - having said that, I have seen pics of the new '03 Corolla and I kind of wish I had waited because I really like the new design - but I was so ready for a new car I could taste it - I had driven my '86 Honda Civic for 14 years/7 months and it was time for a new car...anyway, hope you '03 Corolla owners are as pleased with your Corolla as I am with mine.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    that in 2001 Silver passed white as the most popular color? Ok well maybe I am making that up, but I swear I remember reading it somewhere. Can anyone confirm.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    is the best color i've seen so far on the 2003 model. looks real sharp.

    tint the windows, leather seats, mags, the works!
    people would think u drive a lexus!
  • You're close. Silver passed green this year.
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    You are correct sir! I heard that the most popular color car in the US was silver, white came in second, then beige - my Corolla is Mystic Teal - love the color - only I think lighter colors are easier - don't show dirt or scratches as easily -
  • We just picked up our Mineral Green LE with ABS, side impact, moonroof, weather guard package (Minnesota) and cruise. We had to pay sticker price of $17,585 but will be well worth it when we hand it down to our kids in 8+ years.

    When we visited the dealer on Feb 2nd, they said they had a Mineral Green due in. Based on the color in the brochure, we liked that color the best. But be warned. We were very disappointed when we went to pick it up and discovered that it was virtually identical to our 2002 Honda Odyssey Granite Green. The "green" appears in the right light at the right angle but most of the time it looks gray. It will take some getting used to having two vehicles that virtually have the same color.

    Otherwise we love the car. I have only put about 120 miles on it but it feels like a more substantial car than the 1990 Corolla that we just got rid of.
  • If you go to an autoshow, almost every car there is shown in Silver. It's very popular now. It's also a nice easy color to maintain - it always looks clean.

    I have a '00 Sienna minivan in Desert Sand Mica, sort of a champagne biege. It also always looks clean, easy to maintain.

    Black is a nightmare to keep looking clean! Although, you're right if you get the CE it makes the mirrors, side moldings,etc... look body colored.
  • Black is a pain, for sure--but when it's clean, it sure is nice! I think small cars look bigger in black as well--maybe that's just me. I agree with the folks who just bought the mineral green LE that it does seem to need to be more green, but I still like it. I saw an indigo SE at the dealership the other day. It is nice, but a little too "purple: for me. I guess that's why it's called "indigo"! I'm sure autoshows use silver because it probably reflects the fluorescent light the best or something.
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