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Favorite Toyota Venza color

alvin5alvin5 Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Toyota


  • I selected the "Golden Umber Mica." Initially, I was expecting a light color, based on the brochure and website illustrations. When I saw the car, I was disappointed that it was more like a dark brown with gold highlight. But after a while, it grew on me. The Golden Umber Mica is uncommon and different compared to the plethora of silver, black, white, red, blue cars on the road. People have commented positively on the color. The exterior seems to complement the black and ivory interior and brown trim on the door and center console. I'm now happy with the color.

  • uni4uni4 Posts: 1
    Is the "Golden Umber Mica" actually called "Sunset Bronze Mica"?
  • The "Golden Umber Mica" and "Sunset Bronze Mica" are different colors. Whereas the Golden Umber is more of a dark brown color, the Sunset Bronze is a lighter bronze color.
  • We have the Blizzard Pearl and I think it is the most beautiful color out there. Nice and classy looking.
  • We went with black. When clean, nothing beats a black exterior.
    Although, Blizzard Pearl is beautiful too, I didn't want the vehicle to "blend" in with all the snow here in Denver, CO.
  • mrm6mrm6 Posts: 2
    We also chose the Blizzard Pearl and it's definitely gorgeous. Nothing like the old plain whites of years and decades past. I love how our panoramic rooftop contrasts with the color of the rest of the car.
  • njgreggnjgregg Posts: 39
    Got in on the last day of the 750 rebate and went with the's been good for the last eight years and almost 240,000 miles on my Camry, so I figured I would keep the trend going. The black of the panoramic roof is a great contrast.
  • i JUST GOT MY NEW 2011 Venza AWD 4cyl premium package in silver. It's really shiny, classy, the the silver hides the dirt. I don't want to wash every week.
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