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The mid cycle update is out for the 2010 model year and it features slightly updated styling and some new features such as a $400 factory nav system.

I'm surprised it isn't being discussed. The Sentra doesn't grab as much interest as most competing cars.


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  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    The previous picture is of the optional Rockford Fosgate premium upgrade system included in the Tech Package with optional backup camera, not nav.

    The Nav is made by Bosch and is in the pic below.


    Does anyone know if you can get the premium stereo upgrade with nav or what the stereo specs of the nav system is?

    The nav seems to do everything you will notice from a $2000 system except for voice control. So you will need to stop and punch in the addresses manually just like the nav system available in the Toyota Corolla.
    It may not have dead reckoning and gyroscopes etc. to estimate your location in tunnels since they never mentioned that feature, but $400 is still a great price since every aftermarket in dash stereo system with navigation I've seen costs much more than $400 and those don't those features either.
    It does offer XM NavTraffic for a monthly fee on top of XM radio. So, if you want traffic, you need to subscribe to both XM Radio and XM Nav Traffic. No mention of the cost updates or how often map updates will be available.
    The maps are stored on SD cards instead of DVD (like the nav in the 2010 Mazda3).
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    I just drove home in my new 2.0 S, silver. I agree that it's surprising the car doesn't get much attention. I think it's an excellent value for the money, especially the SR which is about the same price as a comparably-equipped Elantra. Like the Elantra, the Sentra has mid-sized interior room in a compact package. I was impressed with the smooth and quiet ride of the car, and also the low-revving engine, thanks to the CVT. It's a quiet cruiser, perhaps quieter than my wife's 2007 Sonata. And with the changes for 2010, a pretty nice looking car also (albeit quite tall). Another neat feature, which I have on my 2004 Elantra hatch but is pretty rare in cars, is the flip-up rear seat bottom, which provides a flat load floor with the seatbacks down.

    Another thing about the 2010 Sentra is that Nissan is offering some great lease deals on it right now. I got mine for $179/month, only first payment up front, for 39 months. I've not seen anything else close to that with almost nothing up front except cars like a stripped Mazda3i or a Corolla LE for around $200/month, or a Civic LX for around $220/month, and I think the Sentra 2.0 S or SR is a nicer car for the money.

    As for nav... mine doesn't have it, but the dealer threw in a Garmin unit (and a DVD player) to ice the deal, so I do have a GPS, which I can put in any of my cars or a rental car when on the road. :)
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    we just bought a 2010 sentra sl and we began to notice a clunking sound coming from the rear of the car and when ever we closed the rear doors and passenger side door. we thought it may be that the muffler is loose. took the car into the dealership, and the tech was trying to wheel us and deal us that there is nothing wrong with the car. he showed us how the muffler moves on another new sentra, but didn't show us the sound it makes when you close the door. out of curiosity, my wife and i stopped at another nissan dealership, and when we closed the rear doors on a new sentra, the car didn't make the clunking sound. it sounds that the noise is coming from a "sheet" of metal around the muffler, which is what the nissan tech told me he moved away from the muffler while i was talking to him in front of the service department. please advice. :(
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    I had a 2010 Sentra for a rental today. It was a very basic vehicle, but I was impressed. Road noise was nil, and acceleration was excellent. I never once had to floor the vehicle and I could carry a conversation easily due to the quiet interior. Needless to say, I was impressed.

    The biggest negative was back seat legroom, but for a commuter car I'd have no complaints.
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    It is a good car for the money. It rides smooth. It comfortable to ride in.It has some great features like a low cost Nav. Inteligent key. It has a few minor issues like the gas tank on the passenger side. Side mirrors that dont fold in. Also they dont tell you the blue tooth only works with certain cell phones.
    But so far I had no mechanical problems.
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    I wasn't even looking at a Sentra until my husband and I rented one on vacation, and my reaction was the same- smooth ride, roomy, quiet. Compared to the Honda FIT, much more car for the money. FIT is cute but you sure can feel the road. While I had an electrical problem that turned out to be from the factory (see electrical issues Sentra thread I started), it so far seems to be fixed. I have no other complaints. Mileage- I do think the in town is overstated. But the highway seems accurate to me. However, I have gotten as much as 38 mpg on the highway with 89 octane gas. Today, I put in 93 octane and the drive down the highway back to work showed 43 mpg! ;);)
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    I just bought a 2010 Nissan Sentra from Hertz Rent2Buy. I'm very happy with it overall, but it came with a basic stereo with no bluetooth or navigation. Is it possible to purchase the Nissan Nav system somewhere to upgrade it? If not and I go with an aftermarket unit is there anything special I should know? For example I know in the 2009 Sentra the stereo ran the trip computer that displayed your current mpg, temperature, trip details. I see that this was moved to the dashboard with the odometer in the 2010 model, but does the stereo still run this or any other car functions or is it independant?
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    I am able to sync my Evo to my 2010 Nissan Sentra via Bluetooth but the Phonebook entries are missing half of my contacts.

    Can anyone please tell me if its possible to load entire contact list and how, because I am unable to place a call by phonebook since most of my contacts are not there?


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    I leased my silver 2010 Sentra 2.0S one year ago. Have just over 9000 miles on it. Absolutely no problems with it. Zero. Zip. Nada. Well, ok, one little thing bugged me about it--the fuel filler door is not perfectly flush with the body panel. I mentioned that to the dealer at the first oil change, and they said they couldn't adjust it.


    - Very good fuel economy when driven with a light foot. I can touch 40 mpg on the highway in ideal conditions, and upper 30s anytime (just did a 200-mile trip and averaged 37 mpg). Average mid 20s to low 30s in town depending on temperature and how much freeway driving I do.

    - Smooth, quiet ride for a small car. The low-revving engine with the CVT is one reason the car is quiet at cruise. It's at only 2000 RPMs at 70 mph.

    - Comfortable driving position. I've driven it 10 hours in one day (5 at a time) with no problems.

    - Roomy, nicely-finished interior with fold-flat rear seat (flip-up seat bottom, a rarity nowadays).

    - Huge glovebox.


    - Would like better steering feel. It's not terrible, but feels a bit disconnected.

    - Need a separate readout for odometer vs. all the other functions in the trip computer. Also a more convenient button to switch modes would be nice.

    - Would like a trunk release on the keyfob.

    - Put Mute button on steering wheel vs. Power.

    - Wouldn't mind lighted vanity mirrors and a little more padding on the front center armrest.

    Overall I'm very satisfied with the car. It's been exactly what I needed it to be, for a very low payment.
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    Wow, it's been another year already? And no other posts here in that time... oh well.

    Hello?... hello... hello... Echo... echo... echo... Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon... Manny Mota... Mota... Mota...

    Anyway... my Sentra 2.0S CVT just turned over 17,000 miles. Nothing to add really from my one year report. Which is a good thing. Still absolutely no problems with the car. I can't remember another car I purchased or leased new that had absolutely no reason to bring it back to the dealer after two years (aside from routine maintenance). It would still look new too if it weren't for some dolt who opened their rear door too hard and put a ding on the driver's side rear wheel arch. :mad:

    The big event from the past year, car-wise, was the 15k mile service. I got it down under $100 by replacing the engine air filter (a snap) and cabin air filter (not quite a snap) myself. The cabin air filter is in an inconvenient location, in the driver's side footwell, so it took some contortions to get it in but thanks to good directions I found on the Web, it wasn't too hard. Also I used a discount coupon the dealer sent me.

    15 months left on the lease, then I expect I'll pay the residual and keep it for my daughter's college car, since it will have under 30k miles at that point.
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    No one else drives a 2010 Sentra, eh? Oh well...

    Next week mine will be 3 years old... no more b2b warranty. Has 24.6k miles now. Not much to tell since last year... still no problems. Well, OK, there was ONE problem: one of the stick-on covers for the door access holes fell off. Most cars have rubber plugs for this... the Sentra has sticky black disks. :( So I drove into the service area of my local dealership the other day while in the area and asked them to mail me one of these stickies. They wrote it up and said they'd do that.

    Lease still has 3 months left. Dealer tried to entice me last month to turn in the car early (they'd cover the final 4 payments) for a 2013 Sentra. They would even match the terms of my 2010 lease: $179/month, only first payment up front. So a good deal, but I decided to pass as I would really like a compact hatch ala Mazda3 or Elantra GT next time. So I'll buy out the car at end of lease and it will be my daughter's car for college. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the great reliability continues.
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