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MAXX 07 passenger front door will not lock.

maxximus_edmaxximus_ed Posts: 6
edited June 2014 in Chevrolet
This seems to be a reoccurring problem. Soon after buying this car in 07 I experienced it for a day. Of course I brought the car in for a check but the dealer found nothing. Last winter it happened again for a couple of days this time but by the time I got it to the dealership. it was behaving properly. The service tech suggested that it might be the solenoid being weak. He mentioned that repairing it could be $500 - $700. Ouch!

Since my remote is dead, I use the key to unlock the drivers door now. Is there an accessable power wire to the front passenger door that I can pull so I can manually lock & unlock this door?

On the other hand, I will probably breakdown over time and spend the $300 for a new remote; so is replacing the solenoid a job the average backyard mechanic can do? I have done some basic work such as wiring for trailer lights, brakes, water pump, alternator, starter, radiator & heater core.


  • Hi there,

    Regarding your remote...before you spend the money on a new one. Be sure to check to make sure that the "clip" (its silver in colour)inside the key fob that holds that battery in place is still soldered to the chip board. If you take apart your key fob, i can almost bet that the metal clip holding the battery in place is not properly attached to its contact point. I have had that clip come unsolderd on both of my GM vehilcle (Maxx and my HHR). Just from constant motion of the key fob. With the battery out, i resoldered that battery clip to the board. The two side "points" or "pins" should go back into place, the flat tab has to make contact with the circut board and be soulderd on.

    Regarding the door lock. i beleive that it is a solenoid. I had a lazy door lock that would not pull down all the way. Mine was still under warrenty and the solenoid was the issue. replacing a solenoid is not too big a deal, depending on where it is in the door. I replaced one years ago in my 1985 Pontiac parisienne. It was rivited to the door brace. so it was a matter of drilling out the rivets, dissassembling the rods to and from the solenoid and riviting it back in place. THe other pain is the door panel. See if you can get a diagram of the door and hardware from the dealer as a guide.
  • I have a 2004 malibu maxx, I am the original owner, I have since learned that the car has trouble starting, and probably why thanks to this forum!! However I have a different problem, while driving down the road the door locks go up and down over and over again. It will stop on its own, the key pads dont work, and it wont lock the door or unlock even if i try manually, also the alarm system is jacked up, are these all related? I have to put the key in the ignition quickly to prevent the alarm from going off....what is up with this car? I have no warranty (go figure its got 111,00 miles on it) payment left...PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    ALSO it died on me last night...i called my husband to come jump start it however when he got there the dang thing started up with no problem, it wasnt a loose battery cable or bad cable (checked it with the machine) and it is not a bad battery. thanks to all the replies in advance!
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