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I have an 03' Navigator that is making a loud noise under the hood, a loud whirring noise that sounds like a tractor and I have no idea what it is. I was trying to sell the car (in overall good shape but the gas is killing me) and this is a loud sound under the hood, was told could be a cap or something?? Otherwise, it doesnt seem to be causing any trouble except the noise raises a red flag to buyers. Any suggestions?


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    I have an 01 Navigator here in Illinois. I had a very loud whine /foghorn sound from under the hood. The rpm's would fluctuate slightly. I read on a Ford truck forum somewhere on the interenet about a similar problem. I ended up replacing the "idle air control valve" which is a little solenoid located on the driver's side of the intake on the 01'. I purchased the unit from At the dealer it is really expensive and local parts stores didn't have it in stock
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    I have a 2000 Lincoln Navigator and had the exact same problem and it was the same thing. The Idle Air Control Valve. The first time we noticed it my son thought he heard a "Train" coming but no it was my navigator. lol It's a very loud and obnoxious noise but a simple fix.
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    i have a 2004 lincoln navigator and when im driving and hit 65 to 70mph it starts to make some sort of humming noise. sounds like its coming from under the vehicle and not the engine. thought it was maybe wheel bearings but didnt see anything wrong with them. changed the brake pads and still the same problem! anyone know something about it?? its driving me crazy!
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    Had the same problem with my '04. Turned out to be differential. Fortunately it was under warranty. It was in the shop for two days.
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    hey i m having a same problem with my 03 navi there is some loud noise coming from bottom of my truck its only 140230k do u knw wht could tht b can u please help me if u have any idea
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