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Audi A6



  • . . .MSRP's for Audis (and others) have risen steadily throughout the Euro/Dollar valuation fluctuations; our interest rates have gone virtually negative (to zero, stimulative for some time that is and low lower lowest for Audi Financial "buyers").

    My comments about personally walking into an Audi dealer in Zurich were January 2002 time frame -- I don't know if the same is true at the same level today. I used a German language konfigurator and a UK one to come up with the relative prices in Euros or Pounds Sterling as the basis for some of my comments.

    My main point was that my European friends and family and my US living Brit co-workers ALL seem to suggest that in US dollars, comparable Audis (and VW's) cost MORE "over there" than here.

    I am not in the biz of currency exchange and some of my information is based on 22 month old data and even with the konfigurator, I had to "guess" the final content of the car I configured in comparison with my US version.

    Plenty happens -- and yes hedging and other "market smoothing" techniques are used to prevent frequent price adjustments. Heck even the adoption of the Euro itself was INTENDED in part to mitigate currency exchange value shrinkage.

    No one said no changes were taking place -- from my vantage point, the cars "cost less or about the same" despite what I perceive is higher MSRP and from my vantage point higher (better perhaps) content.

    Today Audi will "sell" you a car based on 1.9% interest. This offsets (partially at least) the currency issues and the MSRP creep that goes with such phenomena.
  • Jbaumgart and markc are right on about the steps European auto makers take to avoid price fluctuations. This is something I cannot get the engineers on my team to understand. No surprise there, of course. these are the same folks who think that the Audi engineering team decided oil changes every 10,000 is a good idea. Markc is right, too, that the Euro was designed in part to provide stability. Of course we can always count on the currency of our neighbors to the north to continue it's nose dive.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    "Of course we can always count on the currency of our neighbors to the north to continue it's nose dive."

    Huh?? It wasn't that long ago that the Canadian dollar fetched 63 cents US now its bringing 76 cents. This doesn't sound like much of a "nosedive" to me
  • . . .perhaps what was meant was we can [currently] count on the economy of our neighbors to the north to continue. . .etc.

    Our poor lil 'ol Dollar -- just can't get no respect (with thanks to Rodney Dangerfield).

    This, too, shall pass.

    Dow 10,000+ 18 months later, it's about time.

    The US economy = "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. . ." (with thanks to Watty Piper).
  • Mark Cincinati, I just couldn't pass up the early out on the lease, since I plan to purchase next time, SO, having never even sat in one or seeing the color I'm getting, I'm purchasing a TT 3.2 with Dolomite/aviator gray and the 9 spoke wheels. I'm really excited and plan to keep it for two to three years or until I can't get in and out of it! I know you've had a TT, and I know of no other person who's owned one, but I think it was a good idea.

     Whaddaya think?

    Ralph had a black/vanilla, but I just don't think it would be possible to keep the interior clean.

    Now, the car will have depreciated about as much as the $7,200 left on the lease by the end of October '04, but I would have had some fun and, at lease will have the sales taxes paid to help on the next purchase. For hauling, I'll just have to use my wife's Escalade EXT

    I agree to wait for a Touareg or Cayenne S 'cause there's no telling how they'll depreciate, and there may be some significant upgrades and improvements over the next two years.

    So there you have it. (TT forum has almost no action, so I chose this one).

  • . . .my wife said she'll never go back to a "regular" car.

    Our 3 TT's (last two 225HP coupe with EVERY option including the mouse fur steering wheel) have been virtually error free. The tires, well that's a different story. New plates annually, and new tires annually. We've got the 18" wheels and we're using Pirelli Pzero Nero UHP all seasons -- my wife loves them in our moderate winters and they are, here, true all season tires.

    The only issue we have ever had was with the last one -- 2001 -- the trick power window on the passenger side stopped working. A one day fix.

    Great milage, great performance, holds golf clubs and goes like greased whatever.

    Personally, I can't imagine why one would choose a Boxster over the TT 3.2 w/the DSG transmission yours will have.

    I don't know anything about the 3.2 engine except what I read -- and its all good.

    The 12 months early out was too hard to pass up -- I wish I would get one of those coupons, I would immediately get another allroad because I fear that they are not long for this earth and the allroad is -- for me -- the best Audi I have ever had, and, as you know, my wife and I will, next set be at 30 Audis and still counting.

    Now, I do so want an S4, and perhaps if I go full term on my allroad (a 2003) I will go with the S4 Avant and pretend its my sporty allroad.

    Anyway, you will love the TT.

    BTW, the roadster, so I am told, will NOT hold golf clubs. That wouldn't bother me, but my wife is a golfer and doesn't like to drive my STATION WAGON to the country club.
  • I'm considering purchasing a 2004 A6 2.7T and have some questions concerning the option to add a portable cell phone that integrates with the OnStar system.

    The system in my current car (2001 BMW 530i) integrates with the radio so that frequently called numbers appear as menu selections on the radio display and I can also use the radio buttons as telephone touchpad buttons if I want. This is useful for navigating voicemail systems when need be. Does the Audi system allow for this kind of interface or is it strictly voice activated?

    The reason that I'm asking this question is my concern that if the phone is tucked away inside the center console then it would not appear to be convenient to touch the keypad on the phone and I'm concerned that a voice only system will likely result in situations where keypad access is needed.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

    -- Rich
  • The Motorola brand, Audi-programmed, "mobile and portable" phone has a PHONE BOOK capability.

    You dial the number you will be calling and hit save, then when prompted, "OFFICE-VM" (or MOM or whatever you want) -- then if you are doing this action while you are in the car you can press another button or (using voice commancs) say "MOM" say it again and again and then your car and your phone are both hands free and eyes free, if you choose.

    Press the telephone button on the lower left hand side of the steering wheel and the center screen between the tach and speedo will show you the words you have typed in "OFFICE-VM" "MOM" "AUDI DEALER" or whatever (I think it stores at least 99 numbers, I have never run out). If you don't see who you want to call, you press the up/down buttons on the steering wheel and the display in front of you scrolls showing you all the names you have keyed into the phone. When you find the one you like, you press the telepone icon button on the lower right hand side of the steering wheel and the radio/CD/Tape/Sat mutes, the number and the name that is being dialed displays on the screen in front of you and the radio display says PHONE.

    Assuming you have the system set for "dual mono" speaker sound, you will hear your party when he/she answers and you just talk. When you're done you press the phone icon button and it hangs up. If your party hangs up, your phone will hang up a couple of seconds later, if you turn the car off in the middle of the conversation, the phone stays live until you disconnect or the party you are speaking with hangs up.

    Conversely, if you press the phone icon button or the white dot On*star button the voice prompt says "ready" and you say either "dial" 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0 "dial" or "call" -- nametag -- "OFFICE" -- calling; and, the entire thing works both hands and eyes free. Then the up/down buttons on the wheel control the volume of the call.

    If the phone is plugged into the arm rest, the minutes are your carrier's minutes; if the phone is in your pocket and you use the voice prompt, the minutes are ON*Star "units" and they cost an arm and two legs.

    If you are talking on the phone that is in the cradle and you want to make the call private or you need to get out of the car, just press the release button and the phone will pop out and you can keep talking.

    The only thing you cannot do with this set up is dial voice mail, pause and key in the password -- once you access voice mail, you must open the clamshell on your phone and press the password keys -- this means that ON*star minutes cannot access voice mail systems, since ON*star has no keypad associated with it (and besides ON*star minutes are expensive and shold be used for emergencies or the VIRTUAL ADVISOR -- which is way cool).

    Virtual Advisor will literally read your e-mail (from your office or home or wherever) to you -- and permit voice replies -- attachments are simply called attachments so a WORD document will not be opened and read to you.

    I selectively forward email to my Audi when I am out of town on a biz trip and use this function -- also my wife knows my car's e-dress and she too sends me mail there.

    Buy a block of 100 minutes for 1 year and you will be happy, imho. I am on my second year and I paid for the minimum "safe and secure" features, use airshare from Verizon on my Audi and shared with an identical phone in my wife's Audi. On*star will have a completely separate phone number (my On*star even has a separate area code from the physical telephone that is stored in the arm rest.)

    There are probably better systems out there, but this system is easy to use, easy to set up and flexible. The virtual advisor function is great for traffic and weather too since it knows where you are and helps you based on "your current location."

    Don't leave home without it!
  • Thanks for the description mark. I have a follow up question. As you describe things, if I'm going to use voice mail then I will need to open the clamshell in order to get to the telephone keypad. Can this be done when the phone is in the crade in the center console? Is it possible to mount the phone in a cradle that is not tucked away and from which it would be easy to reach the keypad?

    -- Rich
  • The clamshell Motorola phone (Audi "brand") fits into a holder that is tucked-away inside the armrest. In the A6 configuration, this holder has an articulating design that permits -- with the push of a button that is accessed with the armrest lid open -- the phone to rise both up and forward simultaneously. The phone cradle is thus slightly to your right and at approximately steering wheel level. The clamshell can be opened while the phone is locked into the holder/cradle mechanism. This allows you to not have to look way down and over to key in the password to your VM.

    My password is a 6 digit number and I have learned by feel (once I locate the dimple on the "5" button) to enter my code without looking at the keypad. I probably had this technique mastered by day two of ownership.
  • Mark,

    You've provided exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you very much.

    -- Rich
  • Does anyone know if there's any wiring to the cell phone cradle on the TT. Mine came with it, and it sticks up, and is otherwise in the way. I would like to remove it, but don't know if it has any wires connected to it. It doesn't appear to have them, but I would like to know.

    Otherwise, the TT is fantastic. It has a great exhaust note, lottsa power, and is fun to drive with or without the steering wheel paddles.

  • I can't help you on the TT wiring question. But, I would at least like to caution you that the sound system and telephone ARE INTEGRATED. I would hate to hear that you had "undone" something and lost your audio.

    I know it must be a pain in the rear for you to go to the dealer for such trivia, but perhaps this integration with the audio and the potential to screw it up, would make this worthwhile.

    All three of our TT's have had the factory phone, the current TT, a 2003, has the Motorola removable phone in it and my wife has become a believer. With cell phone# portability a reality, perhaps it would not be too inappropriate for me to suggest you consider switching your # to the in-car, portable phone (after you acquire one from Audi, of course).

    Good luck.
  • Does anyone have any experience with reprogramming the Bosch motronic engine management system for the A6? This is not ripoff 'chipping', instead you would be doing true tuning for performance increases - air/fuel ratios, rev limit, ignition map, shift points, removing environmental limits and so on. The Chevrolet folks seem to have blazed this trail with the LS1 V8s ("LS1 Edit"). It is less of a plug 'n' play chip, rather a true re-edit of the engine computer to extract as much power as the engine is designed for. Any tips on experiences or contacts appreciated.

    Cheers all.
  • caslincaslin Posts: 16
    Look into APR(Audi Performance Racing) here in the USA. They have some pretty good info on website that should cover most of your questions. Let me know if this helps.
  • I am looking at buying a certified pre owned 2001 A6 Avant with 33K miles, premium sound, and xenon headlights for $26,800 from a reputable dealer. Any thoughts?
  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    You should be able to get it for less than that. Check Edmunds used car pricing. I'd bargain from the dealer wholesale price and add options according to what is on the list. Subtract a few hundred or so, depending on where you are buying and if you can determine how long the car has been on the lot. If the salesman/sales manager asks you where you got your info, show him/her your information. Be firm and hold to your guns.

    I'd seriously consider an extended warranty for this model given some of the posts on this website.

    Actually, I paid less than you did with less mileage :) and have been happy ever since.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,646
    (5/100k)hence there's a premium.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • Jodar how much did you actually pay and how many miles are on the car? Did you get it at a dealer? So far I've got the dealer to come down to 25,500, but seem to have stalled there. With all the options (premium sound, winter package, CPO) Edmunds list the car at $28,718 for the certified car.
  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    Check out my Posts 220 (A6 Wagons) and 3746 (A6). My car had only 22K on it. You know what they say about timing. I paid $25K, plus $1.8K for the extended warranty, which covers up to 100K and 7 (?) years? I'm not sure now.

    The salesman was trying to hook me up on getting it but I told him that I needed to do more internet research. The car had a retail sticker of $31.5K and 'Special' price of $29.5K. To my surprise, he then showed me the dealer's computer and T1 line to the internet. I checked out Edmunds and the trade-in and, at the time, was $24.5K or so. That is where I started. The salesman laughed but took it to his boss. He came back and said could I meet him half way. I said, well, "okay, another $500..$25K tops." Then I came back and told him, that as a dealer, they would've taken in that car for $24.5K or less as a trade-in. No sensible dealer was going to give top dollar on a trade-in that they would turn around and sell. So, my reasoning to him was that even at $25K, they would still be making some money off of the car. He came back twice before the deal was finally made.

    Later, as I was waiting for the car to be washed, the salesman showed me actual documentation to indicate that the car was traded in at $25.5K! So, the dealer did lose money on the car!

    So you see, low balling as a customer can help. What you may want to consider is how many similar cars are on the lot. Also, how long has that car been on the lot? If its been there for a few months, the dealer is going to want to move it out rather than to pay for upkeep and insurance on it.

    You can do a bit of 'acting' and pretend that you aren't that interested in the car (even though you are). I also did that claiming that I really wanted the car in 'black' and would be having to look at it for the next 4 years. This way, they don't perceive you as really wanting the car at any price.

    If yours is as equipped as mine is, then that is where you should start. $25.5K is quite good considering it is a CPO. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but if its a CPO, you only get the balance of the factory warranty then right? Until 50K miles? If so, I'd seriously consider getting an extended warranty.

    If I were you and given the arguments previously made, I'd offer the dealer $24K and see what he says. I'm looking at the trade-in at $23,530. Give the dealer $500 profit ;) Show him/her how you arrived at that price (only if they ask, like I did) and stay firm. If they balk, you may counter them by saying, "is it worth having an old car, on the lot, paying for insurance and upkeep that is depreciating daily? Better deal now. If you treat me right, I will tell all my friends and relatives to buy a car from your dealership." (I said this, too.)

    As of this writing, my Avant runs like a charm, with no serious problems as of yet. I do use synthetic Mobil 1 oil between changes, which I do myself. This is because it takes forever to schedule an appointment at the dealer. Unless its a scheduled service call, I'd just as well do the job myself.
  • Well, apparently the new A6 lineup will be cut from 3 to 2 (based on the engine). The low buck, 3.0 version will not be offered (at least in the US, I can't speak to elsewhere). Gone, too, will be a turbocharged version.

    Apparently the base A6 will use the 3.2 engine (currently found in the Audi TT and VW RS 32) and will be rated at 250HP (don't know the torque) which from an HP perspective is the same as the last 2.7T (but 15HP lower than the current version). The step up model will be equipped with the 4.2 engine and it too will come to play with more HP (and presumably torque).

    I assume that the S4 and current allroad 4.2 V8 (rear timing chain) will be the one used as it is "shorter" -- but this is just speculation on my part.

    Content? Well, my dealer ESTIMATES the base price of the 3.2 version will be $45K, a reasonably well equipped 2004 2.7T A6 (with the new power of 265HP) is MSRP'd @ $47,600, so perhaps this is not that much of an issue.

    However the lower priced A6 front track will be gone, gone, gone.

    The dealer did not know if the A6 family would be offered in FWD and quattro -- but he commented that they would not sell very many FWD cars in any case and would not have any more inventory than the barest minimum.
  • caslincaslin Posts: 16
    Mark, I'm still being told the 265 hp "special" 04 A6 2.7T is auto "only", no one has yet to tell me differently. My dealer recieved his first one's last week. The xtra 15 ponies in an auto still won't beat the 6 speed manual @ 250 hp. It doesn't surprise me that they are moving away from turbos, what a shame (too much chipping-perhaps). No FWD, no Need for CVT?- do they use it on the A4? My A6 is still bringing smiles to my face daily - 4200 miles and not a problem. Your right about the phone system and "virtual advisor", what a concept! Can anybody tell me about a "W" 12, what is the cylinder layout, etc. Obviouly already used by VW, but whose design is it-Audi or VW, or is there a difference anymore.
  • Is auto only. I hope I didn't suggest that it would be otherwise. The last 6spd 2.7T's there are, if there are any unsold, are the 250HP versions.

    Sorry if I mis-spoke.
  • caslincaslin Posts: 16
    Mark, no mis-speak on your part, just trying to get outside confirmation on the auto only-to verify if my dealer was just blowing smoke. Wonder if the new 3.2 will be available in manual? My dealer told me that he "thought" auto only, at least in USA. Now that would be a SHAME indeed. Regardless, looks like I'm luky to have gotten what I did-when i did. Very Happy indeed-what a great ride, even without the bunwarmers!!! Mark, thanks for the info!!!
  • . . .set to music please:

    "probably only the A4 and S4 will soldier on with a manual option." [probably]

    "improved transmissions have been promised, including 6spd tips, DSG's and quattro ready CVT's"

    "no one wants a manual transmission, APPARENTLY. . ." [almost no "showroom" or floor planned cars will be ordered without a home by the dealer purchasing agent -- because the sticks sit and sit and sit]

    Sure they sit bone head [not you] -- ya know why bunkie? Here is what my dealer does -- orders a gross of new Audis, two or three with stick shifts and the sticks have minimal options. Doh?!?

    So I walk in the door and I want a stick shift with every possible option upgrade and feature both factory and aftermarket (like the Audi dealer only voice activated Motorola in arm rest Phone) -- and I wait about 4+ months cause the only maxed out cars on the lot have auto's which I would NOT take for a discount -- and they charge more for them, to boot. Doesn't seem to effect the residual when I am going for the lease, so, I have the fun of configuring my car the anticipation of the build process and the fun all over again from getting my maxed out Audi with a stick shift.

    To each his own -- trouble is, since I am one of the few who do this, it is probably very expensive to certify both a stick and an automatic for the North American market place when probably there are Oh, about 20 customers in the country who don't think I am nuts for insisting on a stick even though I have to wait months and months for my car to come in.

    An Audi A6 with a V8 and a stick shift -- I'll just dream on. . . .

    We can't curse on this forum, but there are no rules against whining I think.

    Listen, if the new A6's have awesome automatics, I probably won't whine, so here's to optimism.
  • caslincaslin Posts: 16
    I'll just wait four months for a stick, even if it comes in without bunwarmers. "Awesome Automatic", say it six times real fast and then -buy a stick!!! Mark, you & I make two, wonder where the other eighteen live? Wonder if you could squeeze a W12 in a A6? Add turbos and a stick and beat NASA to mars, now thats dreaming!!
  • You see, if you do wait four months, you can be assured the car WILL have bunwarmers because the car will be built just for lil ol you!

    Now, if exactly what you want is ON THE LOT, for pity's sake, buy it -- but if, like me, you want an all out A6 or allroad or A4 or whatever AND a stick, well, basically you must order it.

    The sticks my deler configures (with the exception of the S4) are generally low content, relatively.

    My 6spd 2003 allroad is THE ONLY one I have ever seen with: Parktronic, ON*STAR, SAT NAV, fullly painted bumpers and fender flares and rear seat air bags. Most of the sticks, to this very day, have leather (premium pck) and the sat radio package and that is it.

    The autos are often "decked out" with the full array of gizmos and gadgets. I find this amazing, as if it implies if you want a stick, you want a base (or more base) model.

    Horse hockey!
  • I just looked at pictures of the new A6 at the Autoweek website. I don't like the new grill that is on it. I don't like the style that Audi is going towards (one big grill from the hood to the bottom of the bumper). It looks like something Cadillac would do. I don't know if I'm the only one who dislike this look. I've heard several people on other websites say that they like it very much. Oh well, I guess I will have to switch brand.

    On a related subject, I heard that Audi is going to put an "S" line to several models in the upcoming year(s) to make them look and drive more sporty. I like that idea. I can't wait to see what the A6 2.7T will look like. I'm driving a 2003 3.0 quattro right now, and my lease won't end until 2006. I wonder if Audi will let me out of my lease if I lease the A6 2.7T "S". I guess I'm dreaming.
  • But what can it hurt or cost to ask?
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,646
    I think you'll have plenty of company. I dislike the new Audi grille style very much.

    It's such a shame to spoil the best styled sedans and wagons on the market with such an ugly device. Not only is it ugly but it contravenes the whole modern styling philosophy of clean functional forward looking styling.

    The big vertical grille is an excessively retro element IMO. I've seen some complaints on

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

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