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Car wash question

We just got a 2006 T&C and I noticed that the antenna isn't the kind that can be put down. Is it still safe to go through a car wash with it? I would assume so, but wanted to get other people's feedback.


  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,925
    I am not sure where the antenna is located on the '06, but I have a '98 DGC that has a vertical antenna located in front of the 'A' pillar on the passenger side. I have taken it through a couple of automatic car washes and have had no problems with it.; it is flimsy enough to flex to the pressures exerted by the washing machinery.
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  • Car wash here in Tucson, ALWAYS tapes the rear lights in as they go thru the wash. My neighbor came home the other day w/o one lens, said he was at car wash, went back, not there??
  • I've had my antenna broken too many times! instead, I only use hand washing services now. I found a great site that will come to you and wash your car, basically anywhere in the's pretty amazing and I haven't had any broken antennas!! :)
  • Our 08 T&C antenna screws off for the car wash. I had no idea until the attendant took if off and put it on the front seat.
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