Lincoln LS V6 issues in snow

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I don't know what is happening to my car, my 2000 Lincoln LS wasn't this terrible last winter in snow, but this winter, it gets stuck in heavy snow very often.
besides, after most of the snow melted, i still can't get on to the tiniest slope, why is that? only the passenger side rear tire is spinning and the other isn't. it's killing me in every climbing the slope situation, coz it simply couldn't get on any slope where there's snow covered on the ground
someone please help me


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    Does the car have the "traction control" option? If so, have a dealer check to make sure it's functioning properly.

    Secondly, do you have snow tires? They'd help tremendously. Also, you mention that you didn't have this much trouble last winter....If you don't have snow tires, did you at least put new tires on the car recently? If you have the same tires you had last winter, they now have less tread on them, since you've used them for another year.
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    You're probably better off switching the traction control off. My LS will barely get going with the TC on. At least you can spin the tires a bit and get moving with it switched off.

    Snows or good all-seasons are a must, and weight in the trunk helps, too.

    I've gotten through some rough Wisconsin winters in mine, It's not the ideal vehicle for winter, but with weight in the back and good tires, I can get where I need to go.
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