Ford Edge SE Ventilation Problems

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2007 Edge SE with manual controls/adjustment with heat/cooling.

A few weeks ago I noticed nearly no air passing thru the floor vents when the vent selection is on the dashboard/floor position, and while the temp selection is on the hot/heat area...Now when I turn the knob to the cool area - there's plenty of air moving thru the floor vents while still on the dashboard/floor position.

There's also a noticeable loud fan blowing in the dash while in the warm setting - however this goes away when the knob is adjusted to the cool zone.

There's no other issues with ventilation (as of yet); all other floor combos (floor alone, windshield/floor) work just fine with both cold, and warm air.

The dealer service advisor had a technician look into it; they claim a few other 2007 Edges on the lot do the same thing so there's no problem - however I recall that this wasn't the case this past spring when there was good air movement thru the floor vent while in the dash/floor setting.

2 months ago I had my radiator coolant flushed; also got the letter in the mail concerning corrosion.

Any ideas?


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    Your problem doesn't happen in my '07 Edge. So I can't comment. But you mention a letter about corrosion. What letter? From Ford?
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    I received a letter a week ago concerning corrosion of the heater core could affect the heater performance. Dunno if this is the case since I had my radiator/cooling system flushed about 2 months ago (however the Ford dealership I have had my Edge serviced appears unwilling to deal with these issues).

    Long story short - Ford Motor Co is extending the heater core warranty to 6 years 110,000 miles.

    Either way the dash/floor mode on the warm/heat setting isn't working properly, and their unwillingness to deal with it is getting on my nerves.

    I'm taking my Edge in today to a different dealer; hopefully they'll get things straightened out.
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    I had an issue with almost no air coming out of my vents and took it to the dealer to be looked into. They found the napkins I was keeping in my dash had fallen over behind it and were they sucked into the blower. Cleaned all that out and it has been working like a charm. Just no longer keep napkins in my dash.
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    I should have put my comment about the water leak the ventilation section. I had a clogged line inside engine area that caused condensation to leak through vents onto front passenger side floor. Didn't notice it until the musty smell became present because it's only driven by the driver with no passenger....when taken to dealer they seemed to know right away what it was - a clogged line - and needed to clean it out and that would solve problem....but no fix...just unclog line...I am worried that after warranty is up this expense will be my expense....has anyone ever had this happen???
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    Same issue here. Whirling noise from glove box. Removed glove box cover, blower cover and filter and found tissue caught in blower. Once removed, problem solved.
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    Have read on other forums that some Edge owners are experiencing a high pitch whine from the rear of the vehicle. They have identified it is coming from the fuel pump in gas tank. Has anybody noticed this in their Edge, 2006 to 2010 are effected
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    I also hand problem with air coming out of the vents. I took it to the dealer and they informed me that the problem was that the cabin vent screen was clogged and replaced it with a cabin air filter. The dealer informed me they were doing this to all ford edges when taken there for service. I contacted Ford about any recalls or service bulletins about this issue but they said there were not any. Although my car is still under warranty I was charged $110 for the replacement of the filter and clean up of the vent ducts.
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