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Anyone experience Sudden Unintended Acceleration in a Santa Fe?



  • Same problem here, how was your problem resolved, and where is your dealer?
  • We don't know for sure that it is permanently fixed, but an independent engineer attributed the immediate cause of the fault in our vehicle to cable positioning and fixed that - given Hyundai's non-reaction to the severity of the problem we didn't trust them to do it and given the extent of damage our insurers insisted on it going to a specialist repair shop anyway Virtually every panel on the vehicle was damaged in some way, quite a few had to be replaced completely, the radiator was gone, the steering rack was bent etc etc, never mind that the garage wall could have collapsed, and there is absolutely not a chance in hell that this incident was driver error. We are loading some photos in a Facebook group if this helps. We have an ongoing claim with Hyundai and at the moment we expect to have to take legal action against them, but we are not in the US so don't know if the safety authorities there will add this case to their statistics. We don't understand either why their published statistics don't show a significant number of cases for Hyundai, when web searches identify so many. Getting the media to take notice as with Toyota is probably the most powerful tool.
  • Hi - I have lodged this, but as we are outside the US I'm not sure how they will add it to their statistics. You are right though that it is only by creating awareness of the extent of the problem that the manufacturers can be made to listen - media exposure alongside Toyota is clearly a powerful weapon to create public pressure before someone gets killed by a Hyundai SUA incident.
  • ergsumergsum Posts: 146
    This article gives the statistics for the 2008 model year. Most manufacturers' product designs will overlap a few years previous and/or post to this year and the results for those years should be similar. I don't see most manufacturers having large scale acceleration issues like Toyota's current situation (maybe Ford), especially not Hyundai. Does it happen to Hyundai, sure; everything mechanical or electrical can fail, but not the extent some are claiming. -analysis-2008-toyota-lexus-ford-gm.html
  • The published stats clearly only take their information from limited sources - the famed description lies, damn lies and statistics springs to mind - as it doesn't take much internet research to find higher numbers. More importantly though, it doesn't really matter how widespread this problem is in Hyundai or any other manufacturer - and we are interested in your suggestion that others are claiming it is more widespread - because surely any problem which can have such catastrophic consequences for life and property should be taken seriously by any manufacturer whether it affects one of their vehicles a year or one thousand. It seems to us that failure of something so fundamental as throttle or acceleration control should be to safety not to danger - clearly override systems are possible so why is it that rev limiters do not cut in when something like this happens? Surely the right thing for every manufacturer to do is to take responsibility for proven SUA events, even if they do not believe that the cause is a widespread problem that requires recall of an entire range or production batch? Perhaps then consumers could have some confidence rather than feeling they are the victims of an industry conspiracy to cover these things up.
  • I purchased this car new from a dealer in 2005. Off and on I would experience unintended accelleration maybe once a month. I took it to the dealer that sold me the car. They told me I would have to leave the car with them so that they could experience the problem. I said that would be a waste since there is no way to control when it would happen.
    About six months later I took it to another dealer and I explained it to them. They said it is most likely the computer and they would re-program it. They did that and it appeared to work but about six months later it occured again. I didn't anything more about it because it happened so little I learned to live with it. When it did happen I would put it in neutual and put on the hand break. It last for about15 seconds then stopped.
  • This morning I pulled into a parking space and suddenly my car accelerated forward. I hit the brake yanked the emergency brake up and it stopped. I then backed it up since it was way overshot in the space. Luckily no one was in front of me.
    I called the dealer and they said to bring it in but explained in great length that Hyundai's have a different throttle control system than Toyota's and BMWs. I don't really care that my system is configured differently. The fact that my problem occured during their crisis is circumstantial. My problem DID occur though. And someone could've been hurt.
    I'm having my husband drive it to the dealer. We'll see what they can find.
  • tinxtinx Posts: 1
    My 2007 Santa Fe did a smiliar thing in December 2009. I drove it just fine to a meeting, then on my way home as I was backing out of my parking spot the car starting shaking and rattling, I also noticed the 'check engine' light. I immediately put it in park, waited a few moments and tried it again. Any time I had it in drive or reverse it would shudder, if it was in neutral or park it was ok. As I drove home, I noticed it would only go about 10-15mph up a hill. I immediately parked it and called the dealership where I purchased it. They advised me to try to shut the car off for 3 minutes to see if the car would reset. It did not. The service manager said that my car was in 'limp home mode' and as I was about 20 miles from my house, it would be best for me to call Hyundai Assurance and get my car towed to the local dealership, which was closer than the one I purchased my car from. Well, it got towed in, took about 3 hours for them to call it 'fixed'. So I get in my car start it up and 'check engine' is on again, and the car rattles when i put it in gear. I immediately go back inside, put my keys on the desk and tell them to try again, that my car isn't fixed. Mind you this was the second time in 2 weeks my car had been in for service. The first time was for the air bag idiot light on my dash panel.
    Well, it took about 5 days for them to fix my issue. They had to call Hyundai engineering to figure out the issue and my Throttle Positioning Sensor had to be replaced. I keep waiting for this issue to reappear. It's very frustrating. My car only had about 30,000 miles on it. Plus the service department I took it to sucked. They had horrible customer service. :cry:
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    Only referencing this, because topic is also posted on another source: htm
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Our analysts went through the NHTSA database and did find complaints having to do with surges: from a dead stop if the driver put their foot on the gas it would take a while to get going, then have a surge (so hesitation then surge). It isn't the same as the unintended acceleration in the Toyota where it goes to 90+ miles per hour but still a danger if there is a car in front of you etc.

    In thinking about the type of acceleration problem with your Santa Fe would you describe your problem as

    a) more like the hesitation-to-surge


    b) true unintended acceleration where you cannot get the accelerator to back off?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • stannardsstannards Posts: 16
    Hi - it was definitely in category (b) - true unintended acceleration, almost from a standstill whilst parking, and without any contact with the accelerator pedal. The vehicle was stopped (after being stopped by a brick wall) by putting it into neutral then park, but remained in maximum revs - witnessed by neighbours. It was also locked in maximum revs when restarted 36 hours later, and this was witnessed and videoed as evidence by another set of neighbours. It was still in this state when towed for repair. Hyundai declined our invitation to come and look at it. On a couple of previous occasions the vehicle had gone to maximum revs on starting, but this was in park mode and the engine had reset to normal revs when switched off and re-started. This had been reported to the dealership on service, and they had recorded that they could not replicate it. We do not know for certain what was the immediate cause of the SUA, but after Hyundai declined to inspect the vehicle an independent engineer identified that the accelerator cable had come out of its casing and jammed, which was the cause of the vehicle remaining at maximum revs. It may be that this was the cause of the SUA, although it is equally possible that it was a throttle control sensor problem as suggested in other incidents, and that the cable became jammed as a result of the SUA.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thank you for that detail. It sheds important light on a serious issue. I can only imagine how frightening it must have been. The information about the accelerator cable is intriguing.

    We would like to hear from others, as well, who might provide answers to the questions we posed in my earlier posting.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • glucoseglucose Posts: 10
    edited March 2010
    I have a 2010 AWD Santa Fe and both my husband and I have noticed at times the vehicle does accelerate on its own. I'll ease up on the gas pedal then it speeds up but I've also noticed hesitation , I'll be driving on the highway and give some gas to speed up but it takes a few seconds before it accelerates so I have both problems.
    I asked one dealership he replied "we have not had any complaints about surges" and he ignored me. I asked a 2nd dealership service manager and he suggested possibly the way I put my foot on the gas pedal, as if there are different methods of pressing the gas pedal. Give me a break, I've been driving for 25 years , I think something is going on here but very hard to prove it if it cannot be duplicated by the mechanics.
    Is it true that Hyundai uses the same parts for gas pedals as Toyota?
  • On March 24, 2010, my co-worker and I were in my 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe when it suddenly accelerated. I pushed the brake to the floor and it would not slow down. I then put on the emergency brake. Both feet were extended to the floor holding these brakes down. The car did slow down but would not stop. I had to take a left turn across the highway (there was fortunately a break in the traffic), I put the car in park and turned off the engine. It made a very loud noise that lasted about 10 seconds or so. We jumped out of the car as if it were on fire. It's currently at the Sheehy Dealership in Waldorf, MD. We are awaiting their diagnosis.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please let us know what you find out.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    PLEASE ensure that you log a complaint with NHTSA. I have posted the website and phone information in a previous message. Go back up a few messages to find it and don't delay in filing a formal complaint!
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    STANNARDS: Please provide a link to the facebook page/photos...
  • rick167rick167 Posts: 1
    Early this year I experienced sudden unintended acceleration with my Hyundai Santa Fe while coming to a stop at a traffic light. The vehicle was moving less than 5 mph when the accelerator went to 100%. My foot was already on the brake pedal and the vehicle almost stopped. With the sudden acceleration, I pushed harder on the brake pedal to get the vehicle to stop. The vehicle was still moving forward slowly with the brakes applied at full pressure. I then shifted the vehicle to park and switched off the ignition as the engine was screeming at a high RMP. After restarting the engine, everything was working normal again. I did have a similar problem about a year earlier. The vehicle was travelling on the highway about 40pmh when the accelerator went to 100%. I had to put the vehicle in neutral, turn off the ignition and then restart the vehicle.
    I have not been able to duplicate this problem.
    The vehicle does surge under normal acceleration, which the dealer says is normal.
  • stannardsstannards Posts: 16
    Hi - I have just loaded a few photos onto a Facebook group - Don't buy Hyundai - not sure how to link it. You can also find a video on YouTube if you search for Hyundai Santa Fe this could save your life. Again I am not sure how to do the link. It is interesting to find that there are new reports with this vehicle coming through regularly now, so let's hope someone starts to take it seriously.
  • help33help33 Posts: 1
    I have experienced the samething,I brought it to the dealer,they said they could not find anything on it. He tried to tell me it was the computer trying to detect between my husband and myself. I told him I did not beleive that,I drive the car most of the time,my husband only drive it once. I called Hyundai to let them know what was going on,they said they would call the dealer and work with them. Well since then I had an awful smell of smog that filled up inside the car that lasted a minute,since then I had not had that problem. The dealer and the company said it correctived it self by the computer.
    I still do not feel safe.
  • stannardsstannards Posts: 16
    edited April 2010
    As usual it sounds as if Hyundai are trying to fob you off. Have you reported the incident to the safety authorities, and if not will you please be sure to do so. The volume of incidents now reported through this one website may be getting to the level where they will investigate, which is probably the only way to ensure appropriate action. Can anyone out there advise whether they have yet initiated legal action. Most Toyota incidents are being dealt with through class actions, and it is obviously more powerful to act as a group. I have just been back through the thread and there are now more than TWENTY separate SUA incidents identified in this one forum affecting Hyundai, mostly Santa Fes. That is way way in excess of anything published by the safety authorities so clearly things are either not being reported or the stats are seriously wrong.
  • woggwogg Posts: 1
    My daughter has a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe and while driving, it made a click sound and went full throttle. She had both feet on the brakes and emergency brake pulled and it slowed down but kept going. Fortunately she called my wife who told her to turn off the key and the car stopped. Being a pretty good backyard mechanic I found that the problem was a cruise control cable routing problem. The cable runs through a keeper which makes the cable too tight this puts stress on the cable where it goes into the cruise control. This will eventually cause all Santa Fe's with cruise control and a V6 to pull out from the cruise control tooling where it is crimped into place and make the car go basically full throttle, and there is nothing you can do other than put the car into neutral or turn off the key to stop it. After a battle with a dealership (Murdock Hyundai, Orem Utah) who didn't want to help at all and seemed to not care I was forced to go to the media. Then Hyundai woke up and sent down a person to look at the problem and fixed it by replacing the cable and doing what I suggested and took the cable out of the keeper. The only problem I have is that they are trying to say that the cable wasn't suppose to run through the keeper, that the engineers designed the keeper for looks and nothing is to be in it (yes that is sarcastic). Any how my reason for placing this is to let everyone know who has this car to take the cable out of the keeper so they don't end up dead.
  • stannardsstannards Posts: 16
    This sounds exactly like the cause of our problem and is the first time someone else has actually identified the cause of their SUA as cable design related. Clearly if this can affect all Santa Fes with cruise control and a V6 engine then it is a serious smoking gun - perhaps not as bad as Toyota but the fact that Hyundai are trying to fob people off and cover it up is really serious. If you take this to the safety authorities I think they will start to investigate now. Can you possibly supply any correspondence and media details.
  • rodseinrodsein Posts: 3
    Hi to all from Toronto, Canada. My 2004 Santa Fe did have the same problems in the end of 2008, the begining of 2009 and recently Just Yesterday May 4/2010.
    The very first time when i backed it into my garage, the second time when I tried to park it at my work's parking spot. I was trying to back it into my spot, it suddenly engine accelerating very high forward toward the front parked cars, fortunately I quickly swifted the tranmission backward and it stopped. The recently yesterday one, when I tried to park into my garage, suddenly it speed forward very high, tough my foot in on the brake already, yet it didn't able to stop it and smacked my bicycle and the snowplower.
  • stannardsstannards Posts: 16
    Hi - can you please be sure to take photographs of all the damage. If you would like to post these on the Facebook Group - Don't Buy Hyundai - together with a report of the different incidents that would be great. It would also be interesting to know what your Hyundai dealership has to say about the incidents.
  • rodseinrodsein Posts: 3
    Hi stannards,

    Thanks for the suggestion, but the damage that cause on my electric bike are the warping of rear rim and the pendal, and it is unnoticeable by the photo if I take one.
    Immedialy after my last incident, I went to police so that they can record, but they said it is a car not a person and suggested me to go the dealer, and then the dealer said to have a computer checkup on it, which I have to pay for the sevice.
  • grandma03grandma03 Posts: 2
    Oh my goodness me to just this last Friday 05-14-10 I had my grandaughter (3 years old) in the back and all of the sudden I was going down the hill and of course it was rush hour and I tried to slow down and it would not so I pushed on the brakes again noting so i turned off the AC so i could listen to the motor and it would not stop I keep pushing on the brake and pushing finaly got into the left had turn lane and by then I had both feet on the brakes and was about to hit the 3 cars stopped at the light and it just would not stop and I panic of course and forgot about the parking brake so I just threw it up in park I was very upset scared me to deaf. anyway had to tow and my son said he thought it was the Cruse cable and after i resereched it I thought it was the Throttle Sensor so we replaced the throttle sensor and that was not it so picking up the cruse cable tomorrow and going to put a new one on. NOW MY QUESTION IS THIS...when you say thru the keeper are you talking about the black box that the cable feeds into? so If I understand you right your saying just don't feed thru. there is so then what do you do with the end of the cable?? WHAT EXCATLY IS THE KEEPER?? thanks
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    It's very disconcerting that in spite of our repeated requests to speak to a rep about this problem, we were NEVER :sick: contacted by anyone from Hyundai USA and instead had to work the issue through our selling dealership in Colorado Springs.

    For those of you who have not found the Facebook page with Stannards photos of damage, here's the direct url to the site with photos:
  • rodseinrodsein Posts: 3
    replying to gradma03

    I myself have replaced the Throttle Sensor last week judging after read all the feedback from the forum hoping it might solve the problems. If it is not, then I'm in big for your question 'what is the keeper' I don.t really know?! Anybody knows? Please help !!!!!
    A little bit of advise, when ever I recently driving this car, I always keep one hand on the transmission swift handle, so that it ever happen to me again or if I hear that loud engine running , I brain washed myself to swift my transmission to Neutral before ANY STEP!!!
  • grandma03grandma03 Posts: 2
    Thank you so much for responding to my post. I have ordered the curse control cable BUT it is on Back order and could take up to 2 weeks to come in. I'm trying to figure out how to disconnect somthing so I can have my car, getting to work has been tough.

    Thanks again, still looking for the guy said he took the cable out of the keeper.
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