Replace Santa Fe driveshaft, not just the U-joint?

tcjefftcjeff Member Posts: 23
I have a 2005 santa fe AWD with the 3.5L engine and 5 speed auto transmission - my mechanic tells me that the vibration I feel is from a bad u-joint and that the entire driveshaft must be replaced, that the u-joint itself cannot be replaced or repaired. Is this correct?


  • espo35espo35 Member Posts: 144
    Are you sure he's not talking about a CV shaft? That's a front wheel "drive shaft".
    If so, yes, replace the whole shaft.

    If he's talking about the drive shaft to the rear axle, I bet that's not the problem.
  • tcjefftcjeff Member Posts: 23
    Yes, he is definately talking about the driveshaft - to the rear differential. Curious why you say that the drive shaft is not the problem - what do you think would cause the vibration? I recently bought the car and am unfamiliar with AWD vehicles.
  • espo35espo35 Member Posts: 144
    I've never seen a bad driveshaft or u-joint on ANY AWD Hyundai..

    When and where do you feel the vibration?
  • tcjefftcjeff Member Posts: 23
    I felt some vibration, sort of like what you may feel if the tires weren't balanced - it's the mechanic who came up with the bad u-joint theory but now I am beginning to wonder if he really knows what he is talking about.
  • espo35espo35 Member Posts: 144
    Do you feel the vibration in the steering wheel?
    Is it speed-related?
  • tcjefftcjeff Member Posts: 23
    I feel the vibration in the steering wheel, but it is not I said, it's like a couple tires are out of balance or it's like you're driving on a gravel road instead of a paved road. It seems to smooth out above 45 mph or so.
  • espo35espo35 Member Posts: 144
    If you feel it in the steering wheel, you can eliminate the driveshaft. Try having the tires rotated and see if it changes.
  • elpeacenelpeacen Member Posts: 1
    My Santa Fe had similar problems. Just bought new tires and vibration is gone.
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