Water in Floor Board 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I’m getting a lot of water in the passenger side floorboard. At first I thought it might be loosing coolant through the heater core, but it’s not coolant in the floor. I noticed water dripping out from underneath the side panel and thought the windshield might be leaking…Since that needed to be replaced anyway, I went a head and had that done and she’s still leaking. Today I pulled the cover off of the “A” pillar and there is a blue corrugated tube that runs from behind the dash, up the pillar and through the ceiling. What is that? Apparently this is where my water is coming from. The tube is broken, and breaks very easily (almost dry rotted) and water comes out of it. At first I thought that it could be the back windshield washer fluid line…but that’s not it, it still works. Any ideas?


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    do you have a moon roof if so that is the drain tube for around the moon roof
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    Yes, I do have a moon roof, so that would explain some of the water in the floorboard when it rains, but I have water in the floor most all of the time. What else could it be?
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    plugged drain for the ac unit

    on the pass side of the jeep next to the trans hump there is a case that holds the ac evaporator that sweats when you ac the drain is plugged

    you can carefully drill a hole at the bottom of the case and use a small wire to clean it out the drain sticks through-the firewall by the pas side have to look down where it slopes back toward the rear of the jeep should see small hose hanging down that is where the water is suppose to drain
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    look up plugged ac drain in jeep grand cherokee in a search

    lots of returns to check out
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    yes sir i have a 2000 grand cheroke and i got the same problem sorry but i don have the solution but in my jeep that happen when i turn the ac on not the heater just the ac so the problem is somewhere in the ac sisten i still workin on that if i find out i letyou know
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    search ac drain on the forum for jeep will show you how to fix
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