GMC Jimmy- Door Problem & Need Interior Tray

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My passenger door won't stay closed. I found out that the little black piece in the door that catches on the body to keep the door closed has popped out. I can get one from a junkyard, but I was wondering if I can get it out and then put it in mine by removing the 3 star or hex bolts on the edge of the door? I assume it is attached to the handle somehow though? Any help would be appreciated.

Also, I need to find the plastic storage tray that sits below the radio. I can't find one at the junk yard, and you can't order it at the parts store. I'm thinking maybe I could get it from the dealer? Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance.

Sorry last thing....anyone know if I can fit 6X9's in the back doors? Supposed to take 6 1/2's, didn't know if I could cut something to make them fit or not. I have nice set of 6X9's but didn't know if they would work or not.


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    Just check the connector that's on the body. See if it's bent out of place from slamming the door closed repeatedly. If so, you can take a pry bar and tug on it just a bit to pull it back in alignment. I found that to be my problem after focusing on the door for a while and finding no solution.
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