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01 Misfires

menessismenessis Member Posts: 3
edited May 2014 in Chevrolet
01 Astro total ignition overhaul (not a distributer) engine chokes up when power is needed ? Every sensor checked by swapping out with another. It will idle without a miss all day. All cylinders miss when I try to excellerate but not every time. Fuel pump checkes out fine, no loss of pressure with engine off.

Some things I have read in the past few days:
1) check the gear on the distributer for wear
2) check if the distributer is in phase (don't understand this one)
3) fuel filter
4) clean the injecters

It also has the poor shift from 1st to 2nd. It just sort of hesitates like it doesn't know what to do. I don't believe it even makes it into OD :(. Could this be related some how?

Thanks in advance for any help!



  • morlogmorlog Member Posts: 2
    Did you check al the simple things like plug gap and condition of the wires? And are the wires back on the right plugs? This is assuming it ran more or less proper before you started.
  • menessismenessis Member Posts: 3
    Yes the ignition tune up is all done properly, and this problem still remains.

  • menessismenessis Member Posts: 3
    OK here what I have found.

    The truck is hard to start but does start? But once it is started it runs fine. Idles great and can rev it up no problems. Put it in gear and hold the brakes to put enine under load, no problems. But drive the truck and try to speed up a little, now there's a problem. Motor just dies out. Let off a bit and it's OK. If I find the sweet spot I can get it up to hiway speed but like I said don't try to accelerate to quickly.

    My mechanic talked to the teck guy at GM and they seem to think it's the timing chain. Too much slack in the 300K engine. The thing is that other than the trany not shifting from 1st. to 2nd properly it ran fine right up until I hit a big bump in the road and everything went at once. Hasn't been right since.

    Makes you think it's something to do with the trans since you have to be moving for the problem to kick in.

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