Interference with GPS

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What interference in a 2010 Toyota Highlander Limited could interfere with my Garmin nuvi 760 getting the satellite signals.

Have had the SUV for only 2 1/2 days & had no problems until today. The GPS "lost" & then re-acquired the satellite signal 3 times in a 10 mile trip. Then on the return trip, it lost the signal again almost immediately & could not re-acquire it.

The GPS was located on the center front edge of the dashboard just over the monitor for the back-up camera. When I pushed the GPS back only about 2 inches towards the windshield, it almost immediately re-acquired the satellite signals.

The SUV does have a compass in the rear-view mirror which would have been almost directly above the GPS in it's initial position.


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    Sounds like an issue with the Garmin to me. I just bought a 2010 Highlander Limited and used my blackberry storm 2 GPS in the middle of the vehicle without issue. Maybe you had some bad weather or interference today besides the highlander?
  • steven1357steven1357 Member Posts: 69
    Pretty sure it is the Highlander.
    GPS works great all of the time when out of the Highlander or in another car.
    But still can't pinpoint exactly why the interferece is occurring.

    I certainly don't want to have to use a GPS antenna.
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