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Ford Expedition fuel pump problems

dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
edited December 2013 in Ford
We purchased our 2005 Expedition 4 1/2 years ago and have enjoyed it. It has posed very few problems. About 3 weeks ago, we experienced problems starting the car, and our independent mechanic diagnosed it as a broken fuel pump. However, we cannot locate a replacement pump (Part No. 6L1Z9H307A) anywhere in the country. I called Galpin Ford here in L.A. (the world's largest) which told me that they will not be restocked with this part until February. No other dealers have the part, and can't get it to us for weeks. I have searched online with no luck. We tried a used part, but after it worked well for about a day, it ultimately worked no better than the broken one we pulled out. In the meantime, my family is dead in the water with an inoperable truck!

I understand that my situation is not unique. I hear that several local police departments have Expeditions that are inoperable because of broken fuel umps and no replacements parts. Government vehicles supposedly have priority to receive the parts first.

I cannot believe that a car as ubiquitous as a Ford Expedition cannot keep a supply of common parts among its dealers and suppliers. What is going on here?

There is some speculation that this may be a result of "cash for clunkers": the government has made it public policy that these large block SUVs are disfavored and their destruction will be subsidized, therefore the parts manufacturers will not make replacement parts for cars that are being forced off the market.

Does anyone know how to get ahold of this part quickly?


  • I know I might be a little late, but I too am experiencing your frustrations. How in the world is it this hard to find an american made part for my american made vehicle in the U.S.? I had to search for myself and give my dealership the info. Try part number: MIPFS341. Good luck. please keep in touch and we'll help each other out for furture issues ;-)

  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    You're not too late, because Ford/Motorcraft still has not dislodged the backorder. I am STILL waiting for delivery of this part! Your part number goes along with the part number I originally listed above, and it doesn't really help. No one has this part-- not dealers, wholesalers, online parts sellers, or chain parts stores. I have contacted more than 15 dealers in 12 states based on Ford's internal inventory database showing they had the part. Some had one part on hold for a customer. One I missed by mere hours. One dealer in Fairbanks, Alaska said they were holding it for inventory and refused to sell it to me. When I threatened to report them to Ford, they made up a story to say they had already sold it and didn't have it anymore. I even contacted a friend who is a Ford executive in Detroit and he couldn't do anything for me. This is really just obscene... :mad:
  • bw17bw17 Posts: 3
    I have a 05 expedition and thought my fuel pump was bad.I went threw all the dealers and no luck.I went to a junk yard and found one for $100 and put it in. The problem was not fixed and found out it was the fuel pump sender unit part no 5L8Z9D370A.It is located driverside on frame rail behind rear wheel.
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    Thanks. I am aware of this possible problem. My understanding is that that electronic part is subject to cracking and erosion that allows moisture to enter, fry the circuits, and make the pump malfunction. Though I have not personally inspected that piece myself, my mechanic tells me that that part is intact, with no cracking or erosion, so they don't think that is the problem.

    I also paid $650 to install a used fuel pump about a month ago. It worked only marginally better than the pump I replaced, but the truck still fails to start on occasion and is hardly reliable. Because the replacement pump is not completely dead, I am lead to believe that it was my pump and not the electronic controller box attached to it. My mechanic tested the used pump, and the test showed that the used pump had a faulty valve that does not always operate properly, which is different than the dead-dead-dead nature of the old fuel pump.

    The point of my rant is this: Ford sold many, many units of this vehicle. It should not be so difficult to get ahold of a fuel pump-- a basic part, nothing exotic--for this vehicle. As much as I have enjoyed the truck, I am strongly discouraged from purchasing another Ford in the future if they won't even ensure an adequate supply of basic parts. This is not a Ferrari where you have to order parts from the Old Country. This is supposed to be a user-friendly truck. Turns out it is not.
  • dpj2, I'm just trying to understand. You're saying that your mechanic did a visual check on the sending unit and it appeared to be in good working order? Or did you actually have it removed and bench tested? I traded in my '97 Toyota 4Runner with 140k+ miles on and parts weren't this hard to find. I am just BLOWN AWAY at the fact that we have american made cars and cannot get a simple part! What frustrates me is...on top of this expensive repair bill, I am going to have an expensive rental car bill because FORD CANNOT product a simple part that SHOULD be EASILY found. This is my wife and I's 5th Ford and we've never had this much difficulty before. I hate say it but this one incident is enough for me to jump ship. Maybe it is true what Ford stands for (Found On Road Dead). I'll forward my findings and or progress to you as I get them. Thanks for your input.
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    As far as I understand, it was just a visual inspection of the control. I don't think a bench test was performed on the control unit. A bench test may be worth a shot, but the labor on that would be expensive since the control unit is so well hidden. Reluctant to pay all that money for something that doesn't yet appear to be an issue.

    As of 1/6/10, this in-tank pump was No. 16 of the Top 500 most back-ordered parts in the Ford catalog. It may be higher than that by now.
  • That's rediculous! You know it's a shame when you go to the dealership to get things out of your car because you have no idea when you'll get it back. Is your Expedition still down?
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    Effectively, yes. Couldn't take it on a ski trip this weekend because the used pump we installed is still not reliable. Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't. Didn't want to drive it 300 miles to the mountains on the chance that we would be stranded. Had to borrow a relative's (Japanese) SUV.
  • you know based on your diagnosis the relay is a lot more suspect to me than the fuel pump. What are the odds you would encounter two bad pumps? You changed pumps, problem is still there.
  • bw17bw17 Posts: 3
    The control module was not that hard to take off about 20 mins worth of work.I also dropped the gas tank when i thought the fuel pump was the problem.The gas tank has quick disconnects on the fuel lines a hose clamp on the filler neck and 2 straps holding the tank with 15mm bolts.I siffened the gas out of one of the vent lines.Not much to any of it after you realize what you have.It could be blown fuse,plugged fuel filter,bad control module,or fuel pump.
  • bw17bw17 Posts: 3
    Control module----sender unit
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    You would have a good point, except that I am informed (through my mechanic) that the original equipment included a faulty design which caused this part to malfunction so frequently, not just in my car but in lots of other '05 Expeditions. My understanding is that the replacement part I am waiting for has corrected the design defect, or so I am told. Finding and installing a used OE pump with a defective design may well result in a similar malfunction.
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    Any ideas on the cost of a replacement control module/sender unit (meaning, the part itself)?
  • I, too, had a 2005 Expedition I bought brand new. On 12/23/09, I backed out of the garage and it quit running. Would not start - have never had an issue with this one or any other Expedition. Had it towed to dealer - said needs fuel pump for the tune of 960.00. Okay fix it! Dealer called and said it will be end of Feb or March before one can be found. I went through the roof and called Ford. Ford confirmed it is true - production cannot keep up w/demand on this part. So I have a useless truck with 65000. miles on it sitting in the dealership parking lot. I loved that truck and could not find another new one without it being a hybrid or EL so I traded it for a 2010 Limited Ford Explorer - I want my Expedition back - this whole deal is bad!
    The Explorer is nice but doesn't compare to my Expedition. Good Luck!
  • Not to beat a dead horse, but did you try the fuel filter? Quick $20 part.
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    Replaced the fuel filter, yes. Also, I followed up with my mechanic this week,a dn he confirmed that he DID change out the control module back on 12/12 when he installed the used fuel pump. So the problem is not the electronic control module, it is the pump.

    Still no word on the availability of a replacement pump.
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    I appreciate hearing from you and knowing that there are other people suffering the same indignities. However, I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed that you caved and purchased a NEW Ford after they did this to all of us. That makes your fuel pump issue the most expensive repair job ever! Instead of $960, you paid $30,000, less the trade in value for your Expedition. This is exactly what Ford wants us to do. It in effect rewards them for tolerating poor quality in their parts design and manufacture.

    In any event, I wish you the best and hope you enjoy your new truck.
  • I will say this... Ford has gotten 6 vehicles out of us over the years and I can honestly say, after we get rid of my Expedition and my wifes Escape, we WILL NOT be replacing them with another Ford. I have have NEVER in my life been let down more times in such a short period of time as I've been trying to order my fuel pump. The dealers that have them are hoarding them for their customers and the large online companies can't give you correct information between phone order takers and the warehouse. This has been so expensive for all of us that I think we should start a class action suit against Ford since ultimately this is THEIR fault. Any ideas? At this I don't even want to take the risk in getting a used pump because of the fear of not knowing the life of the used part. I DO NOT want to go through this again!
  • Ha to add insult to injury I found out the first Ford dealer totally lied to me about it being a fuel pump. It was a sending unit and it was fixed by the Ford dealer that took the truck in trade - a 45.00 part!!! I bought another Ford because I did not want to buy anything from OBAMA Motors or the foreign auto makers. At least Ford didn't take bail out money. I am going to seek legal advice about this whole issue - more so with the first Ford dealer where I originally purchased the truck new than with Ford. The new 2010 Ford Explorer Limited was more than 30,000.00! I have never knowingly been so screwed by an auto dealer in my life than I have on this Expedition deal! The sad thing is I really like that vehicle!
  • dpj2, do you still have your Expedition? If so, how long has it been out of commission? I've had to borrow a car from my parents becuse the car rental bill was getting too hi $396. I am planning on sticking this fight out, however, I do believe Ford should be held accountable for this misfortune.
  • I must say as of 1/30/10, I got my truck back all fixed. I called the dealership on 1/29/10 for followup and the mahanger said that he would call me back later in the afternoon once he had more info. Approximately 2pm, he called telling me that the pump came in THAT morning with their delivery and stated that all hands were on my Expedition so they could get my truck back to me and out of their hair. He sounded just as shocked at I was because I don't think they were expectging it until 2 wk in Feb. Any updates with yours?
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    Thanks for this note. It prompted me to call my mechanic just now, who told me the part was delivered to his shop on either 1/29 or 1/30 and it is ready for installation. I wish the guy had called me when he received it; I would have had it installed over the weekend! I swear, there is no sense of urgency when you have been left waiting for two months!

    But thanks for letting me know, otherwise I might never have heard from my mechanic!

    I pray this is the end of my parts problems with Ford. My wife has been cursing this car with the unreliable used fuel pump for weeks. I've had no peace...
  • It is about 45.00 according to the dealership that fixed mine AFTER I traded it in on a new truck and it was sold within 10 days! It was not the fuel pump and the dealership that took it in told me it was the fuel pump.
  • OK, I just fixed the fuel pump problem with my 05 Expedition. I replaced the fuse box that contains the built in fuel pump relay. The relay is mentioned as a non servicable part in the owners manual-R303. To replace this relay, you have to replace the fusebox. I can remove the fuse box in 5 minutes. I bought the new fusebox at the Ford Dealer for $175.00 plus tax. There are 12 quick connect plugs and a 10 mm socket to remove the wire going through the firewall. Yes, this wire is removable after you pop the cover off of the connection. A 1/2 inch socket will unbolt the fusebox from the inside wall at the front seat passengers right kick panel. Two sockets are all the tools that you need.
    This Expedition would not crank when cold, 60 degrees, it would crank.
    There are two wires going to the fuel pump near the Left Rear tire. Key on,White is 12 v and black is ground. Make sure that the fuel pump is getting power or not with a test light. This can be checked at the module behind left rear tire, on top of frame. You can see it at the 2:00 position at the rear tire through the fenderwell. The plug is on the front side of the module. I had to lay under the truck to access this wire. A shield mounts the module to the frame. Two small screws hold the module on the shield and two more hold the shield on the frame.
    Coming out of the fusebox is a Dark Green wire with a yellow stripe. This wire sends power out of the fusebox to the inertia switch to the fuel pump. If you have power at #12 fuse but none at the green/yellow wire, the relay is bad. This wire is on the top of the fuse box, towards the firewall and bottom left wire in the plug. Again, to replace this relay on this vehicle, you must change the fusebox.
    Hope this helps.
  • Hopefully some people are still around on this thread.... I just had a similar thing happen on friday. Car died at 65mph (I won't get into the no shoulder on the highway because of the snow and my young kids in the car.... scary). Anyway, I had it towed to my mechanic who came up with codes
    P1235 P1233 and P0191. I then had it towed to the dealer who says my problem is related to the throttle. My question is, what should I ask them to look for? Is there any possible way it is related to Customer Satisfaction Prgram 07M08 where they have the injector problems with the 05 Expeditions? Mine is an 05 Eddie Bauer.
    Please help!
  • scotttique, I have since gotten my Expedition fixed, but I still monitor this tread. For my situation, it was fuel pump. My vehicle was down for a month until the dealership received my part by surprise 2 Fridays ago, but hey who's complaining. I have all the codes and numbers if you need them. Good luck and stay on them. I also contacted Ford home office, and the seems to get things rolling once they got involved. I had my kids in the car when mine broke down was I pissed!
  • Hi any chance are you in Las Vegas area? I think I might be stuck with your old EXP...please let me know if you left it at Gaudin Ford.
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    I also had my fuel pump replaced the first week of February, bringing my repaid total to over $1200, but it has not cured my Expedition's inability to start. At the end of February, another mechanic said that Ford had issued a service advisory that computer software was causing symptoms sounding just like mine. I spent another $200 to reprogram the engine computer, but no change at all. I am very pissed that I have had my problem misdiagnosed time and again, and no one can determine what is causing it. It cranks but won't start at any particular time. Less often, it turns over then dies within 5 seconds. My truck has been at various mechanics for over six weeks since December 1st or so. I can't even sell it until I get the problem fixed. Very frustrating.
  • I am currently dealing with a similar issue with my 2005 expedition. The truck died driving down the highway and i couldn't get it started again. Replaced the fuel pump and filter but the truck still will not start and the fuel pump is not running but does work. Checked the fuse and is not blown. it seems that there is no power going to the fuel pump for it to work. Please, any advice or expertise would be greatly appreciated.
  • i replaced my fuel pump and that wasn't the issue. Turns out it was the fuel pump driver module located in the rear of the truck under the frame. Terrible design by ford to put an aluminum driver module against the steel frame. My module had a hole eaten right through it due to corrosion. The module is basically the brains for the fuel pump and without it functioning properly the truck will not run properly. replacement part was just over 100.00. They are on backorder so be prepared to wait for a couple weeks. I paid a little extra to have my ford dealer locate one in michigan at another dealership and have it shipped in two days and the truck runs great. hope this helps. Hang on to receipt if this is the problem, I was informed ford may be recalling this defect.
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