Anyone installed headers or a chip for a Jeep Liberty CRD?

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Hi Guys, I use my '06 Libby CRD to tow my new 22' Travel gets it up to speed very well--BUT--seems to have a hard time keeping it at 60mph, even with 5th gear locked out, on any little grade or hill!! So my question is: Has anyone ever had a set of headers & Computer chip installed, and if so, did it make much difference in the performance?? What I want is MORE HP to maintain my steady speed while hauling!! Thanks for any and all responses..


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    I recently installed a Flowmaster 50 Series muffler and increased my milage by 1-1.5 mpg (so far -it seems to still be getting better, maybe I'll 2 mpg), the acceleration was improved too -but it's not a Z28. Also installed aftermarket air filter, can breath now; between the two I really notice an improvement. This should help you too. The muffler ran $134 and $75 to install; don't get the new tailpipe though unless yours is bad but it's SS and is the same size as the one you can get with the muffler from most distributors.
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    You are not going to install headers on a CRD. That is a gasser mod. The only thing possible to do up by the engine is maybe hot jet coat the manifold. Green Diesel Engineering does a reprogram of the ECM for around $500 that many say is worth the money. I haven't done that. But I did open up the exhaust. Took off the cat and replaced it with 2.5" pipe and installed a dynomax high flow muffler and new tailpipe recently. Opening up the exhasut on diesels gives the best bang for the buck. I have owned several semi trucks and that is the first thing that gets done to them as well. OEM exhaust always leaves a lot to be desired. Opening up that exhaust will lower the EGT's and make life easier for the turbo.

    I would NOT go with an aftermarket chip. If you are going to go that route, just go with the Green Diesel ECM reprogram. They have done a lot of work with Liberty CRD's and offer the best for the money. They even offer aftermarket turbo upgrade for the CRD. Check in to them before you consider any other aftermarket performance upgrade. They reprogram a lot of parameters in the CRD ECM including reducing EGR.
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