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Vent making noise

crazygirlie406crazygirlie406 Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
My 06 Malibu makes a weird noise.
It only happens on really cold days, & only when I go faster then 50mph, so usually on the interstate which I drive daily.
It sounds like it is coming from the vents. Nothing changes when I adjust the heat lower or higher or from feet to defrost, etc.
The noise also slows down or stops if I am behind a semi for example, like the semi is blocking the cold wind from getting in & making the noise.

I have popped the hood & made sure there aren't any leaves or anything between the vent or the hood & nothing.



  • yep, i seen that..heard that too...
    it's prob a cowling under the hood... it's a plastic cover around the wiper blades and it helps direct outside airflow thru the engine compartment and over the windshield. imagine why it only happens during upper speeds.. ?? huh? my dealer(not the drugs guy) broke a clip on the thing when they replaced the stearing column ... under warranty... a while back, but they never accepted responsibility. . .
    Good luck with that...
  • I had the same noise on my "06 and went round and round with the dealer for weeks. Finally they replaced the black cowling under the wiper blades and the noise is gone Good luck.
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