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2011 Hyundai Azera



  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    Yeah, a Bush deal that is going to help us be less dependent on "foreign" oil. What most folks don't know, other than ethanol get us LESS gas mileage, is most of our oil is imported from Canada!!!!!!

    I love (really hate) how they always use the Asian cartel as the bad guys here. We're saving a stinking butterfly from existance as to not drill in Anwar which is nothing but a 95 million acre waste land....... who the hell are we saving the oil for? A butterfly? They don't need oil...... they use air power....... gawd, it's endless how much crap Washington feeds us and expect us to keep swallowing it down like the kool-aid they sell it as.....

    I'll stop my rant now and save you all from how I feel in totality :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    How about we stop ALL of the off-topic ranting, and stick to discussing the 2011 Azera. Mixing politics into these discussions usually ends in tears and teeth gnashing, so it's best to avoid it.


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  • bmb1767bmb1767 Posts: 64
    I agree, Kirstie. But some people have some much fun playing everything on Bush!
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    Yep,I come to these forums for discussions on cars & issues related to cars. I don't want to read another Left v. Right fight fest.
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    My bad, I was talking about gas mileage in general, not politics. I'm not allowed to talk about politics. ;)
  • beegee4beegee4 Posts: 4
    When you installed the lowering springs did you have to change tire size? I would be concerned that the front tires might scrape the fender while turning and going over a bump. Can you tell me where you got the tower brace and polyurethane bushings? Did you do the work yourself? If so, what problems did you have? I put new KYB shocks in the back and had to use a torch to get the old ones off. How has your mods effected the overall ride quality? Any insight would be helpful.
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    I used H&R lowering springs which I bought from a distributor in Richmond, B.C.
    (Canada). I did not have any suspension problems re fender scrape etc. I also
    used shocks from the 2009 Azera. The ride is stiffer but I like it it..and it corners much better. On a rough road it ist not as forgiving but on good roads it rides
    beautifully.Tower bar came from though I have a hard time lately
    getting thru to David Lee. I aslo bought the polyurethane bushings from his ffirm
    amd larger sway bars with similiar bushings. often drive to Chilliwack..approx 7 hour drive with the wife or 5 1/2 to 6 by see my kids. Car runs and corners very well. looks a heck of a lot better...stance wise.

    If Hyundai had made the roof line a bit lower and dumped the econo instrument panel .cheapo....the car would have sold much better in Canada....... no longer sold in Canada

    A question to you .do you think a re-designed Azera for 2012 will be made..the 2011 is just a dressed up front end from the 2009
    Mine is a 2006
    Cheers Alymac
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    Hey did not change tire size,....alymac
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    Where did you find the KYB shocks? Did you install them yourself? How much were the shocks?
  • beegee4beegee4 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure Kspec is operating and I don't see any Azera parts. I suspect that the most important elements are the lowering springs and the newer shocks. I'll keep an eye on the site and see if I can get a tower bar.
    Do I think that there will be an Azera in 2012? The Azera fills a segment, but doesn't sell well. If you look at the pricing of the Genesis, it looks like they are pricing it with a range that is large enough that the lower end of the pricing is close to the upper end of the Azera. Also the engine and transmission are the same. It wouldn't surprise me to see them drop the Azera if the Genesis sales are brisk enough. Another factor to consider is the development cost. Hyundai has put a lot of money into developing the Genesis and Equus in a tight market. Not sure that Hyundai would put money into developing a new Azera when sales are down and the Genesis can fill the void. Just my opinion.
    Thanks again for the information.
  • beegee4beegee4 Posts: 4
    There is nothing on the internet nor at the KYB website that would lead one to believe that KYBs would fit. I deducted it by looking at several websites. You can order them at any vendor that sells KYB. The shock absorber number is 349060 and it is an exact fit. Yes I did itmyself. My problem was getting the old one off. Not sure if everyone has the same problem, but I had to use a torch to burn the rubber out of the shock and then heat the remaining sleeve red hot to get it off the stud. The rest was easy.
  • The KYB P/N 349060 rear shock is for both the Azera and Sonata. Its the same situation if you were looking for Monroe shocks, same shocks on both cars according to Monroe. Monroe even lists the same front strut/shock for both cars.
  • beegee4beegee4 Posts: 4
    Actually the KYB is not listed for the Azera, at least I couldn’t find any listing. It is listed for the Kia Amanti and the Sonata. I sent KYB and email and asked if it would fit the Azera and they replied that they have not received certification from Hyundai to sell the shock for the Azera. No explanation as to why or if they have even requested it. I chose the KYB as opposed to the Monroe based on a general consensus that the KYB is a better shock. I did not find a strut that would fit the front except for the Monroe.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    If you don't live where you get a good dumping of snow every now and then, Genesis over Azera is a no-brainer. Those of us in the snow belt , though, desire the choice of the Azera and the extra traction that FWD provides in the winter. When Hyundai provides an AWD variation of the Genesis, then the Azera can RIP.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Here's a link to a few spy pics of the front and rear of what is supposedly the next Azera. Enjoy.

    2012 Azera front and rear shots
  • And some more info on the new Azera/Grandeur HG!

    2012 Azera?
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Way to go Tenpin288...awhile back, there was heavy speculation that the Azera would be headed out the door when Hyundai dropped the Genesis and re-designed the Sonata. Now it seems...not so much. I hope THIS time around, they put some attention and effort into the Azera because it has always been a fine car in the Hyundai stable.

    My '06 is still going strong with just under 98k miles on it!!! :shades:
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31

    My understanding was that the Azera would not be brought into Canada
    after 2009...according to the dealer . The Azera , I understand , is still available in the United States for the 2010 this correct?
    So with a new design one would think that the Azera would be
    available again in Canada? Would your dealers know....cause the Canadian dealer doesnt????
    My 2006 is a GREAT car!
  • Wish I could answer that for you but I can't. If I run across anything that will shed some light on that, I'll post it here.
  • Here are a few interior shots you might like...

    2012 Interior shots
  • A few more exterior renderings...

    2012 Azera?
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Love the new steering wheel. I also like how the shifter has taken on the look of a manual shifter. It's hard to tell if it will have the Shiftronic feature though. I love how the dash has evolved...can't wait to see it in finished form.
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    I wrote Hyundai Canada to inquire if the new Azera would be available in
    Canada, and they could not tell me.This is unbelievable..the U.S . CEO of
    Hyundia has stated it will be available in the U.S .of A.
    The Canadian organization is unbelievable uninformed or just contemptous
    of the Canadian car buying public The Canadian Hyundai web site states it is for
    the purpose of inquiries but the answers are always generic and most uninformative.
    Hyundai still has a long way to go here in Canada in its public relations.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Here is some more info on the 2012 Grandeur/Azera and some nice pics!

    More Azera info
  • idforedidfored Posts: 19
    Other link that has lots, lots of new G5 Azera pic.
    I guess Hyundia is selling them in Korea.
    Anyone knows when they arrive in US?

    Hope this works: d=1&qgallery_uid=688
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