Replacing TPM Sensor

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I have an 05 T & C that has developed a Tire Pressure Monitor sensor issue. The display reads "1 tire has high pressure" and it alternates with "service tire system soon". All the tires have the correct pressure. I assume a sensor is bad. Two questions. How can I identify which sensor is bad and is replacing this a DIY job? Thanks


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    Not sure how you can tell which sensor is acting up. Maybe remove one wheel at a time and move it far away from the vehicle so that the sending unit in the wheel is out of range of the receiver in the van?

    The sensor is built into the valve stem or banded to the rim itself. In either case, it means dismounting the tire from the rim to get at it.
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    The batteries go in ~5 years and you must replace the entire TPMS sensor at $45/wheel. They are inside the wheel, so not a DIY job. I understand they are part of the valve stem, not the wheel strap type. Assuming your tires are inflated fine, you probably have a sensor failing.
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    I have extra sensors from Honda which is a long story so if I don't use them will they last longer than 5 years as there is no stress on the battery or will that matter at all? Otherwise I shall sell them and buy fresher ones when the time comes or not bother with them at all. I certainly know how to check my tire pressure which I have been doing manually on my 1995 Odyssey.
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