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Oldsmobile Alero



  • Oldsmobile is on the way out. The Bean Counters have spoken. Reality has not sunk in yet.

    Oldsmobile of today isn't a car company with its own personality, like the above threads about Grand Am versus Aleros. It is merely a Brand, like Polo Jeans is a kind of denim jeans. Brands come and go with the wind.

    Kinda sad, eh?
  • Someone in the olds intrigue room said he heard on the news that GM plans to remove olds slowly, through out a 5 year period.

    Pluses for that are no doubt phat rebates, and 0.0 apr for an unlimited finance term. GM also said that it will pretty much forever supply parts for the cars through other GM dealers.

    Cons, super poor resale, moral at Olds factory headed down in Titanic Fashion, quality may decrease.?
  • Olds really hit hard on its first attempt to compete with foreign imports. They made a great attempt with the Alero and I believe the car will live on. In Europe the Alero is sold under the Chevrolet brand. Yes, it even says Chevrolet on the car. I think the Alero will transition with a new design to another GM make. It is a great car but it's too bad Oldsmobile got a little old. Olds and GM have put a lot of time/effort/dinero into the OSV style alero to just throw it away like that. Expect the Alero to appear in another lineup and be really start to compete with imports. That's all GM really wants anyway. My only fear is that having just bought a 2001 I don't get screwed out of the quality of service I bought into.
  • Anybody care to speculate on whether resale value will remain steady or decline after the new models cease to exist?

    If I buy a 2001, will I get shafted if I keep it until 2006?
  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    I don't drive a Grand Am or an Alero. I'm a Ford Ranger guy. But if I had to choose a car between the GA or the Alero, I would choose the Grand Am because the styling and design is much more appealing. I'm only sharing my thoughts in this forum because I have a lot of respect for GM products as well as Ford. It's too bad that Oldsmobile is being phased out. I guess that means that the Grand Am is king!
  • grbeckgrbeck Posts: 2,361
    Resale value is probably going to drop dramatically over the next few months, as Olds already has an "orphan" stigma. If you really want a 2001 Alero, go ahead and buy it, but if you're really worried about resale value, bite the bullet and shop somewhere else in the GM family.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    That it sad news that GM is dropping Olds. Besides Cadillac, I feel that Olds is(or was) GM's most progressive brand. I still think marketing of the cars was wrong and I will stick to that. Too many people and potential customers I might add, did not know what the new Oldsmobile was. Us enthusiast know and a few more forward thinking people did, but the average car buyer who has Camay, Accord, and Taurus on his/her mindset still thought Oldsmobiles were cars like the Cutlass Ciera and Eighty-Eight. The cars will live on as other GM divisions have a version of all of the Olds cars, but Olds did have an advantage in my opinion, over some of the others. The Alero is much more classy and mature looking than the Grand Am, and the Aurora is one of only 2 cars in it's price range to offer a DOHC V8 engine.
  • According to an article I read, "GM officials have said the Alero will remain in production until 2003 as long as customers buy it." But I doubt anyone will from here on out after the obituary on Olds. Both the Alero and Grand Am are made in Lansing so everyone will just go get a GA instead, unless there's some big rebate on the Alero.
  • Obviously, resale value will fall. Even if GM continues to service and provide parts for Oldsmobiles, consumers will still have wide range of concerns about keeping or buying an Oldsmobile. That is probably why GM is offering the $1000 credit to recent buyers of Oldsmobiles: to compensate for the loss in resale value.

    And of course GM would continue to produce Oldsmobiles. They have to somehow recoup the investment they made in Oldsmobile cars. As long as there is some demand and revenue from sales of Oldsmobiles remain above total variable costs, GM will continue to produce Oldsmobile cars.

    I have to agree with "saturnboy". Lower morale will definitely affect quality. In fact, GM is planning to lay off 15000 workers in US and Europe. I expect a lot of people working at GM will have lower morales.
  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    This is just the beginning of the downfall of the American empire. I can see the history books now: "It all started when GM shut down Oldsmobile...Then the Germans and the Japanese took over with their BMWs and Hondas...But a small recruit of the Ford Underground Resistance kept America alive!"
  • I can see it now twenty years into the future. Toyota will be the worlds number one auto maker followed be Honda at second. We will all drive around in bland tasteless autos. This is just the beginning of the downfall of gm. The next division in line for the ax is either cadillac or buick. And it's all gms own fault! All they needed to do was push these cars a little more and give them toyota/honda quality!! But,as usual gm still thinks its the 70's and people are uneducated fools that don't care about quality and cost cutting details!! RIP Olds!!
  • Personally, I don't think this is the begining of the end for GM. I believe it's just the opposite, GM is simply shedding unprofitable divisions to gain market share and improve on other product lines therefore making them more competitive in order to remain the number one automaker.
    GM has big plans as how to draw in a younger generation of buyers through very aggresive, yet competitive models through Chevy and Saturn mostly. Get em when there young, offer a cutting edge product and they will keep coming back, said by a GM spokesperson.
    Often change is scary within a big corporation, and ordinary people sometimes don't know how to respond I guess. GM has alliances with Honda- and they will be using a Honda V6 in some future Saturn models - which will probably go in the upcoming Camaro based Saturn coupe. They will be using technology from Saab, Honda, Opel, and a few others.
    Seems like this is a new begining, a start anyway.
  • The Alero is a great car. I have a loaded GL4 and I love how the car handles and how it pampers me with leather and all of it's high-tech features. This is a solid and great automobile. I agree with decision to a point. But why couldn't the rename the Oldmobile brand to something a little more "hip", that fit the modern design of the new cars. I mean, the name itself, "OLDSmobile", infers cars about "Old" people, which is not true. The sick part is that GM will convert it's plants to truck productions. This is ridiculous. First they drop the Impala to build trucks, now the Oldsmobile brand. If I see one more bloated gas-guzzling SUV on the the road with just one occupant, I will explode. GM is making a big mistake. The Alero should be rebadged as a Pontiac (NOT G/A) or a Chevy. The Aurora (what a beautiful car...) should become a Cadillac. Well, here is a picure of my Alero God bless this car and God bless this great (if indecisive) nation.
  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    I heard the same stories about GM in the grapevine. It would be quite a dynamic move on their part if they started doing business with Honda. What a terrific car that would be. The very best in American inqenuity along side Japanese craftsmanship. Looks like GM is going to start building a brand new powerful empire ensuring that the American automobile industry will remain strong and prosperous. God bless America!
  • ribewribew Posts: 15
    Hello -

    I am considering buying a 2001 Alero GLS, but with the recent announcement that Olds. will be shutting down has made me rethink things.

    So, I've come here to get people's opinions on what I should do. I REALLY like the Alero, and I know all warranty stuff will be honored along with any maintenance (performed at any GM dealer) after the warranty has expired, but the whole idea of having a car 5 years from now from a company that won't exist any longer is a bit disconcerting.

    I'm also considering the Grand Prix GT and Monte Carlo SS, but like I said I really like the Alero. Its price point is unbeatable, especially since I can get the GM employee discount and Olds. has the 0-0-0 deal going on currently. It works well for a current grad. student. :)

    I know the Alero is a great car, and Oldsmobile is a great company, but is it really that good of an idea to buy a car from a company that is going under? Yes, GM isn't going anywhere, but you get what I'm saying...? I.E. resale value, etc.

    Thanks for any insight in advance.
  • Folks,

    I too love the Alero and have was just about to buy one when the
    news hit this week. I have been reevaluating my purchase and
    will probably go ahead and buy a 2001 Alero. Here's why:

    Resale Value: Yes, resale value will probably be affected for
    the worse. Since I am about to buy, I can use that as a negotiating
    position! How much will resale be affected? This can be judged
    by visiting Kelly Blue Book ( and looking at OTHER
    discontinued cars. A 96 Eagle Vision is worth about $1000 less
    than a comparable equipped 96 Dodge Intrepid. On the up side,
    a 96 Ply mouth Neon is worth the same amount as a 96 Dodge Neon!
    So my best guess is that, down the road, resale will be hurt somewhere
    between 0 and $1000.

    Warranty/Parts: As others have pointed out, other CM divisions will
    LOVE to get you as a customer and will have NO PROBLEM inviting you
    in for service! Most make more money in their service kept than
    in sales anyway, so they will be glad to see you. As for parts,
    the car is in it's 3rd model year already so body parts should be
    available for quite awhile. beck, there may even still be a 2002
    and 2003 Alero... As for engine parts, everyone should realize
    they will be plentiful since the drivetrain is shared with other
    cars such as the Grand Am.

    Sorry to ramble. That's my take on the situation. My family has
    owned many Oldsmobiles so I am very sad to see it go. But things
    don't last forever. But, I may order my Alero in BLACK in honor
    of the fallen division!

  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    If you like the Alero, go for it. It would be funny if in this aftermath that Olds sales increased. I doubt they will and even if they did, it wouldn't change GM's decision but at least it would send them a message. Kind of like back in the late 80s when Ford introduced the Probe, they planned to ax the Mustang but Mustang owners spoke their mind. Ford was smart on that front, unfortunately I don't think GM is so smart. If you like the Alero, I'd buy it and enjoy it. Resale value may drop a bit, but service and parts will be no problem. I have a 98 Intrigue and when my lease is up next summer, I may seriously consider another Intrigue. Especially if Olds gives me the $1500 in addition to discounts which will more than likely be offered on the 2001s by late summer. One last thing, I wouldn't compare Olds resale value with Eagle's. Even before Eagle was dropped, their resale value was lower than that of Dodge or Chrysler. Nobody really knew what an Eagle Vision was.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    GM will pay close enough attention to the Olds line while it's getting more press than ever - how ironic. So service won't a problem.

    At least no more of a problem than in the past...
  • I am looking for any information on sunroofs, rear spoiler for my 2000 allero. I am located in pa.
  • Hi. I am planning on purchasing an Alero next year. This will be my first car for me. I have a couple of questions I would like to ask. I plan on getting a sunroof. It's something that I always wnated to get hoever I am concerned about having one. Are they easy for someone to break into? I mean can someone just simply pry it open or will it take alot of effort to get through?

    Another question is about the sport suspension. How much of an improvement will the sport suspension have over the standard suspension? How much harsher will the ride be with the sport suspension? I would really appreciate any information you can tell me. Thanks
  • swagledswagled Posts: 195
    I rented an Alero for a day this weekend, and came away with the feeling that it didn't have enough headroom inside. It was too easy to graze my head on the sun visor if I leaned forward, and too easy to tap my head on the interior left side of the car. (This was correctable by lowering the seat as far as it would go, but that made getting out of the car feel like "climbing up" out of it...)

    My car did not have a sunroof, and usually a sunroof will cut additional space from your headroom. DEFINATELY drive a car with a sunroof for a while before comitting yourself.

    I'm 6'5", so I tend to pay close attention to this when I evaluate a car. (Surprisingly, not all small cars are too small, and not all large cars have a lot of room!) If you're shorter than average, you may not find any problems at all. Again, you gotta drive one to find out...
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    The standard suspension with the V-6 is pretty well behaved. Even when driving fast on curvy roads it is neutral with the tires (BFG touring TAs) being limiting. If you were dicing it up behind another car and trying to fake and pass then a stiffer suspension would be in order.

    How do you intend to drive?
  • When I found out about the Olds impending death I shopped the other GM makes to see if there was a deal using the $1000 voucher. This is what I found...

    1) GM doesn't make many cars that appeal to me. Pontiacs are cheezy and Cadillac is too much $$$. I was born after Vietnam so that eliminates Buick. Saturns have gotten fugly. That leaves Chevy, GMC, or Olds. Camaros (see Pontiac), Cavaliers, Monte Carlos, Malibus??? Are you serious?
    The trucks are all right and I'm looking pretty closely at a 2 door Blazer but I'm not enthralled. Even with $1500 you can't really get a good deal on an Olds yet. Because...

    2) Dealers have seized on the closure of Olds as another reason to screw you on the trade in. My 99 V6 GL sedan w/moonroof went from an $11500 trade in value to $9000 this week. You almost can't help but be upside down.

    3) GM has a habit of ending a party when it starts getting good. See Oldsmobile, Pontiac Fiero, Cadillac Allante...

    So what's an owner to do? Will the resale value suffer? If a car is worth $9000 today, how about 3 years from now? Is it even worth sinking more money into a doomed marque? A Blazer?

    Thanks GM
  • I'd like to buy an Alero GL2 V6 as soon as I sell my Monte. Is there anyone who has gotten the special GM certificate who isn't planning to buy a GM vehicle this year or next, who would be interested in giving the savings to someone who would? Just a thought. E-mail me.

  • How much of an improvement will a super charger have on an Alero with a V6? How much horsepower and torque can I gain? Will the car respond instantly? Are there any drawbacks such as the engine being damaged?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I doubt the Oldsmobile discount certificates are transferable.
  • I just purchased a 2001 Alero GL1 with the 3.4L V6 and the Sun and Sound package. The 8 speaker premium stereo system is incredible---the Intrigue doesn't even have this yet. The radio has the new RDS system which is pretty cool and tells you what kind of station you have on the dial. We bought the car last week after the annoucement of the standard extended 5/60k Oldsmobile Warranty and the $1500 certificate. We ended up paying around $17500, which is just a great deal considering the car has a sunroof (and looks incredible to boot!) I traded my 1997 Chevrolet Malibu, which btw I loved dearly and had very few problems with, contrary to what I've read on the Malibu board. Must have gotten lucky. Although the Malibu is considerably roomier (important as I am 6'2), I still fit fine in the Alero and mechanically its a much better car. Interestingly, there is actually MORE headroom in the Alero with a sunroof than without...
    Anyway, the dealer gave me above book value for the Malibu (book $6800k, he gave me $7500), so overall I am very satisfied with the deal and look forward to many years with the Alero--and with the comfort of knowing that if anything should go wrong, its covered for 60k!
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Congratulations on the Alero, I hope you enjoy it. Glad to hear the new 8 speaker sound system is pretty good as the previous 6 speaker sound system on the Alero was just okay. As for the Intrigue not offering this, the Intrigue actually offers an 8 speaker Bose sound system.
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