99 Lexus RX Storage Considerations

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Folks – I have a long term storage question for you all. My RX300 (1999 – not sure if the year is relevant) is going to be stored for about two months. The only thing that comes to mind is to disconnect the battery and put it on a trickle charger.

I must be missing something!! Is there anything else I need to consider?

Thanks in advance for your input. I love this board!!


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    In 2000, I parked my '99 Quest outside in a friend's driveway in Tucson for two and a half months. I asked her to start it now and then but I don't think she ever did. We got back to the States, hopped in and drove off.

    So there's one data point from the "do nothing special" school. :shades:

    If you do disconnect the battery, don't forget to make a note of your radio code if you have one of those radios that shuts down if the battery is removed. If your area has rodent problems you may want to think about trying to protect the wiring and what-not. You could do this trick:

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    I would also over inflate the tires (by a few pounds) so that they do not develop a flat spot from sitting in the same spot for the two month period.
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