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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Out shopping perhaps? It is a pretty busy time of year, for many reasons. I've noticed many of the other boards I follow have low activity too.

    One notable event, that has passed without much fanfare (maybe because the "Hyundai is the greatest..." board is dead), is that Consumer Reports has recently rated all Hyundai models (that they have enough data to rate) at least Average in predicted reliability. They don't have enough data from their surveys to rate the Accent or new Tiburon. That is a huge improvement in reliability in a short time period and quite an achievement. There aren't many other car companies that can say the same thing.
  • Actually, the Accent and XG350 have had average reliability, according to the New Car Preview. They're listed in the "Models without road test" section. :)

    I had my first annoyance tonight with my CD player. It refused to eject a disc for the entire 40 minute ride home from a friend's house! Finally, after I turned off the car and opened the door, I tried one last time and it ejected after some hesitation. Grrrrrrrrr. I will still visit the dealer to see about replacement.

    Also nearing the 22,500 mile mark for service. Still running well. :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I saw the Average rating on the XG350 in the New Car Preview, but I could swear that they had "insufficient data" for the Accent--which I thought was strange given all the Accents that are sold, but maybe not many are sold to CR subscribers. As I recall the Sonata was Above Average, the Elantra was Average, and I don't remember if the Santa Fe was Average or Above Average.
  • The Accent was average for 01, but there was no sufficient data for other yeras, including 02. The Santa Fe was above average.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Why was the 01 Elantra and Santa Fe on the "used cars to avoid" list then? I don't get it...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    The CR reliability ratings are "predicted" reliability based on their most recent survey results. The '01 Elantra and Santa Fe were rated just below average last year for predicted reliability, so it looks like their survey scores improved for '02, but the '01s did not improve enough to get off the "avoid" list.
  • It appears that there are two kinds of reliability ratings in CR. One under "Forecasts" is "predicted reliability" and the other under "Reliability History"is actualy reliability ("Reliability Verdict"). If the 01 Elantra and Santa Fe were predicted to be "blow average" last year, then both cars must have been doing better than the prediction since their reliability was rated "average" under "Reliability History" in the latest survey.

    Also, CR does not recommend cars that performed poorly in any crash tests even if the predicted reliability is average or higher. So the Elantra, including the 03 model, has not been recommended.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    They were below average in '01, but it is possible the reliability survey results improved with time. It is more difficult to get "above average" as a new car than an older car, since overall new cars are more reliable. For example, the '00 Elantra improved to Average over time.
  • Started up the car (2001 GLS) this morning and neither low beam worked. Parking lights worked fine as did the hi-beams (lucky I live in a city and the hi-beams were enough to get me to work).

    Just kind of interesting they would both cut out.

    First problem I've had with the car (20,000 miles) other than a leaky sunroof, which was aftermarket anyway.
  • You're correct (as usual). I thought I read somewhere that the Elantra was rated slightly lower than the Spec5, but they are both 138 hp.
  • Hello Everyone,

    I am still in the process of the lemon law complain, but I think everyone should know what happened to me today. So after a place to complain with the BBB, Hyundai contacted me to make an appointment with Loren Hyundai in Glenview, IL. where one of the repairs was made to show them my problem. So I made an appointment for today morning. I went to the dealership and asked for the service menager with whom I talked on the phone. He came over and said that I have made an appointment for yesturday and that I did not show up and he called HMA and said that the problem was resolved. I told him that the person who I have talked to must have made a mistake because, although he mentions about comming thursday, I told him that I couldn't and with both agreed to make the appointment for this friday. He answered with an attitude that it is not the other person that made a mistake but I have made a mistake and I have come in the wrong day when he only had one mechanic. (first) Then I told his that it only takes a few minutes to check that I have a problem with my squeeking clutch, and I can do it right there. So he made a face, and came to my car. You know what he said, that the squicking and rubbing is normal and that there is nothing wrong with the clutch. I asked him how come they tried to fix it if there the last 4 times if it was the same thing, but he had no answer (ofcourse because the clutch is broken again) and said that he does not know what they did before but this is normal. (second) Finally I told him that he should call the HMA and we have to straighten this out, and he said that I should call them myself, and when I asked him if he has the number he said that he wouldn't, and finally he told me that if I don't have the number I should call the BBB. (third) Finally I told him that I don't know what his is talking about, but the clutch is not supposed to sequeek or rub like that. I told him that my girlfriend has bought 2003 toyota corrolla and I drowed it many times and the clutch is butter smooth. You know what he said. That maybe I should get a Toyota, and that hyundai is not toyota. (fourth). I could not believe it. I went to the dealer where I got the car and ofcourse he said that the clutch was broken. I got the number for HMA there and I called them and made a complain there. I don't know if that is going to do anything though. Is there other place I can complain to so I can get this guy fired. It is kind of hard to get those guys since he is the service menager. This is ridiculus. Also HMA told me to make an appointment again with the other dealer, but when I call him he told me that he has nothing to do with is and I should contact HMA. (nice little cirle). So I'll call BBB on monday and make some more complains. Ohhh, and by the way, before I told you guys that I just wanted an exchange, no I just want all my money back with no subtractions, and I told that to BBB today. I am going to buy a Toyota like the guy told me. Maybe he was right :-). I will never buy Hyundai again. They are very nice when nothing is wrong and when you pay them.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Well, obviously this service manager is a world-class jerk. Maybe his dog died earlier that day or something. Hard to believe anyone responsible for customer service could be that much of a jerk to a customer. Unfortunately, buying a Toyota won't solve that problem, because jerks can lurk at other dealerships too. If I were you, I would complain to the owner of the dealership.

    P.S. The clutch pedal squeaked (more like a moan) on my Elantra also. I had to take it in twice to get it fixed properly, but the service manager was very nice about it and apologetic that they did not fix it the first time.
  • Thanks backy for the good word :-),

    Unfortunatelly, my clutch problem was tried to be fixed 4 times already in 10 months that I own the car with 8900 miles on it. I think this is a little ridiculus, and that is why I want someting more done about it, because I didn't buy a new car to sit in the dealership every month for a few hours. I bought the new car because I though I would not worry about the repair, through my medical school.
  • sjtusjtu Posts: 2

    I just moved here in Houston Texas from Indiana few weeks ago. So I am pretty new here. I have a 2001 Hyundai Elantra. Can anyone recommend a good and dependable Hyundai auto dealer in Houston Area? I would like to bring my car in for regular checkup and maintenance.

    I appreciate very much for your recommendation.


  • Just had the 22.5K maintenance performed today. No major problems in all this time, so of course I am STILL happy. I mentioned a one-time radio glitch (CD was stuck for 45 minutes, would not eject) and without pressing the issue, my service department went ahead and replaced the whole unit. This really is a great little car.
  • Well after all these posts, you people convinced me to buy an Elantra. Unfortunately, it's a used one, but in great condition. I got it a couple of weeks ago at a Hyundai dealership. It's an 1989 with 28000 KM (about 18,000 miles) on it.
    I drive 300 KM a day so I wanted something good on gas. For December, I think I'm doing okay. It's strictly a highway car and I'm getting 6.7-7.0l/100km (40-42 mpg imperial). I did install a K&N Filter and I think that has made a small difference. Not much more to tell. I do have pictures of the car at if you want to have a peak.
  • Hey guys, I'm having some problems with my 2001 Elantra GLS 5spd. If the car has any forward momentum at all 9 times out of 10 the trans will make a grinding noise when shifting to 1st with the clutch fully engaged. The car also does the same thing, though not as frequently, when shifting into 5th. If the car is at a complete stop I often have to fight to get the stick into 1st. I'm on my second clutch right now, the first went at 18,000 miles. This is not my first manual transmission car and I've never had a clutch go on me before with such low millage or have the transmission grind when going into 1st. Anyone have similar problems or know what's wrong?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You mean a 1999, right?

    Congrats on the new car. :)
  • I have posted before concerning the considerable problems I have had with my Elantra. However, in regards to your situation, I had my clutch and transmission first replaced at 18,000 miles, and then 30,000 miles later I needed another clutch. At that time, it was ruled "normal wear and tear". However, since then a bad crank was diagnosed because of engine problems. That lead to another clutch replacement. I, too, have driven manual transmissions for many, many (34) years and have NEVER had anywhere near the problems I've had with this one. The car still grinds into 1st, and sometimes when downshifting into 3rd or 2nd. I am convinced there is some inherent problems with the clutch/transmission/drive train of these Elantras, but most people have not driven theirs enough miles to experience it. Because of this, as well as major engine problems, I have been pursuing legal avenues concerning my car, that I am not free to discuss. Continue to take the car into the dealership under your warranty, and document everything. Good luck .....
  • Thanks for the correction. Finger trouble
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    >>> I am convinced there is some inherent problems with the clutch/transmission/drive train of these Elantras... <<<

    Nita, it is unfortunate that you and Charles have had trouble with your Elantra's clutches, but it's a big leap from these problems to saying that there is an "inherent problem" with the clutch/transmission of Elantras. Several Elantra owners have posted here on the mileage of their cars being over 18,000 miles; that isn't very high mileage for '01 models. They have not had these kinds of problems. It's more likely that you and Charles have defective clutches/transmissions vs. an inherent problem, or a lot more owners would be reporting this problem.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    It's more likely that you and Charles have defective clutches/transmissions vs. an inherent problem, or a lot more owners would be reporting this problem.

    It's hard to know since the number of the Elantras with the manual transmissions is so small.
  • Backy,
    I am not basing my statement on just my experience or Charles. I am basing it on what the mechanics in the two Hyundai dealerships have said about the frequency of clutches wearing out (in terms of mileage), and other Hyundai owners I have met outside of this website. I think that it is very likely that Vadp had the right idea in that most of the Elantras are automatics. If you recall, there have been others who have described the transmission/clutch as "notchy", which is a true statement in my experience as well. If the rpms are not just right, both for shifting up as well as down, the car will not go into gear, even with the clutch pedal completely depressed. Are there any other 2001 Elantra owners out there who have driven over 20,000 miles and have found the transmission/clutch to be less than expected? It's possible it's just my car, but I have had a new transmission and 3 clutches put in, none of which have performed the way the car did in the first 15,000 miles.
  • For the record, my 5-speed experience has been good during the entire 22K miles, nearing 23K. No notching and no other trouble, just as good a manual trans as I've ever had.
  • buoyantbuoyant Posts: 128
    I've got close to 29K miles on my 2002 right now, and my transmission on occasion does grind when going from 1st to 2nd on very cold winter days (below 20F). It's just enough for me to notice, but it's only during about the first minute of driving (or the first 1-2 upshift of my commuting day). When the gearbox oil warms up a little, it never happens. This doesn't seem like a problem to me. The transmissions on automatics I've owned have also made more noise on cold winter mornings until warm.

    Also, at times I have difficulty shifting into reverse, but if I pop the shifter into 1st and back over again, there's no problem (I don't leave my car in 1st when parked, I only use the parking brake). My Isuzu Stylus was the exact same way and I guess I just presumed the transmission was designed that way to keep idiots from "upshifting" into reverse from 5th gear. Perhaps I should read the owner's manual some time.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays All!
  • I think I'm going to have to fight with Hyundai about this. The first time the clutch went on me at 18,000 miles it did so with no prior warning. Everything was normal with the car, and then I stopped at a stoplight and went to put the car into first and the clutch would simply not engage at all. Hyundai told me that it was my fault the clutch burned out and that I had to pay out of pocket since clutches are only covered for 1 year since they are a wear item. (This was 1 year and two months that I had the car). Now I'm worried that everytime that car grinds going into first that I'm damaging the trans and soon I'm gonna have another huge out of pocket expense to replace it. Anyone have any ideas on how I can best deal with Hyundai?
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    Grinding could be an indication of:

    Misaligned cable control mechanism

    Worn out synchros

    Malfunctioning slave cylinder

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Be sure to document your trouble with the clutch in detail, in writing, and present your written documentation to the Hyundai service manager when you take it in for repair, and insist that they enter your comments about the clutch problem on the service write-up. That way it's documented so that should your clutch fail again, you can demonstrate that there was a problem that contributed to its premature wear.
  • Please don't be insulted by the question, but do you always fully depress / fully release your clutch pedal? No partial engagement, foot resting on it, etc.? Just curious. After buying my first stick the one piece of advice that always stuck in my head was to always fully engage or disengage. Best of luck.
  • edovidedovid Posts: 22
    Maybe different clutches wear out differently, but when
    the clutch on my Integra wore out, it went into gear as slick as ever; but as I let it out,the pedal came farther
    up before engaging until the clutch was spinning
    more often than grabbing. Maybe there's another
    part that is worn or defective causing the grinding.
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