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I have a 2001 pontiac grand prix SE MODEL....The car has 97500 ran great till about two weeks ago...brought it too one mechanic and he didnt know what was the problem and did not want too continue with the work for some odd reason.
So the second mechanic did a full diagnostic and saw no problems. He then did a full tuneup that was well needed but still the problem seems too be there...I will describe the problem now as best as i can.
When i step on the gas from a dead stop the RPM lets say go too 3 but the car does not move as its supposed too, lets say the 0-60 is not there.....It takes a while for the car too get too 60.There is also a loud noise coming from the car when i step on the gas....I also find it strange that engine sounds fine its only when i press on the gas the car does not move and the words that i can describe the engine too be doing is "BOGGING" AND "SPURTING" "HESITATING".I really like too use the car still but this is unsatisfactory for me too drive 100 miles a day in...

What do you think is the problem?
Have you ever heard anything like this?
Any suggestions on what i should do?
PS: I also seen this problem happen alot more after i changed my fuel filter?


  • I will not be able too see the mechanic till saturday, if you do know what the problem is...I will be driving another 275 miles in the next 3 days...Is that good? if not please let me know.
  • I have a 2002 GT with the 3.8L motor, so I don't know if I can offer any help with your SE, but here's my recent experience with hesitation.

    Mine would hesitate at a dead stop and while driving at city and freeway speeds. At a stoplight, the car would even lurch forward slightly and the tach would jump while my foot was on the brake pedal. A diagnostic indicated that the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) was receiving intermittent signals and a replacement was suggested. This sensor is located on the air intake and is very easy to replace. I Googled a schematic of my engine, went to UAP, bought and installed a replacement unit which solved my problem immediately.

    If this sounds like your issue, replacing the MAF may give you relief, however, you should get a diagnostic done to confirm this before committing to a new sensor ($200+).

    A full "tune-up" isn't really required on cars these days - whatever "tune-up" really means. I also find it odd that you say your mechanic would go no further with repairs. Did he install the fuel filter? Do you have custom mods? This may be why he hesitates to continue working on your engine.
  • I recently had the issue around 146k miles. Mine was bucking after i got my transmission replaced. I had my Mass air flow sensor replaced in August and i haven't had an issue yet. I also had a similar problem when my catalytic converter became clogged RPM's went up and no power to the wheels. The catalytic converter was a recall covered under 100k miles i think but i beleive what you are going through is the Mass airflow sensor.
  • I know this is going to sound stupid, but I had a very similar problem a few months back. I found the problem was nothing actually mechanical, but it was actually the floor mat interfearing with the gas peddle.
  • I have a Grand Prix SE, as well. However mine only has 76000 miles on it and what you have described above is what my car is doing currently. If you have found the problem yet, can you please tell me. I have had the hub barings replaced last year, and if i could find out what this problem is ahead of time that would be great. Please and Than you.
  • I agree with the MAF being the cause or MAP could also be where both would throw the same code if you have the 3.8 since the 3.8 utilizes both MAF and MAP in it's design for some reason. Either way that sounds like the problem your having.

    Also b4 you go buying a new sensor, there is an MAF cleaner you can buy from the parts store for around $6 that might not be a bad idea to try 1st. I have used it with success twice now on 2 different vehicles.

    I don't know what you mean by "full tune up" but I assume it means air filter and spark plug change, maybe wires and fluid checks. I just wanted to say that YES that still needs to be done even on todays cars so don't listen to anybody who tells you otherwise. That is if you dont want your car to be in the salvage yard in a few years. Good luck on fixing your current issue.
  • Please can anyone help me //// I have a Pont. Grand Prix 103,000 miles I have had so much trouble with this car it has been a nightmare. First of all the key would not turn off got it fix, then have had the hubs replaces 2 times one by a company other than the dealer did not fix the promble I got on Edumand was told by customer service at GM to e-mail my Ven # and to take it to the GM dealer in Huntsville, AL which I did they replace the hubs for a second time and replace a wire all because of the ABS Track light would not go off. As I told the dealer than the car was missing they drove the car and could not find the promble until one of the mechanies drove it home to TN and the car did it but it was two quick for the computer to pick it up. After spending 1400.00 to get this replaced I call the Service manager and he told me that it could be the piston misfiring but the would take 650.00 to fix it but that he could not waranty it. The customer service person call the huntsville, dealer and said that It was the way I was driving the car and could not help me with it. I bought this car new from the Huntsville dealer. I was told by the service manager that I have a piece of junk and to get rid of the ASAP and that they have a great deal on new cars. My neighbor mechanic has replaced a plactic black thing that was making the car run hot for 75.00 Now he is ording part to tune up the car for 250.00 hoping it will fix the promble that I'm having now with the car lunging when you or stop and also when you are driving down the road it feels like some hit you in the rear in. And to the GM Customer Service person I was told by Colline(Not sure about the spelling) in China( your GM Rep) That the Huntsville Dealer told it was the way I was driving the car I was told by the Huntsville Dealer that she did not say that it like GM will say anything so they do not have to help with the car. I was laid off and can not afford to buy a new car. The car looks great just have all kinds of prombles. It the only car I own and I very scared of it. I stay close to home because of it. For far the car had costed me 2500.00 if I have to have the Tran mission replace I will be walking. Can anyone can please help me.
  • goer42goer42 Posts: 1
    my car has experience a chug under a load. I noticed my check engine light on. I hooked up a scan tool and recieved a linking error. I have tried several different scanners with the same results. I have 12 volts to the terminal. could it be a bad ground to the computer? can anyone send me in the right direction? Thanks
  • gmlentgmlent Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    For me it turned out to be the catalytic converter. after re-placing: fuel pump,fuel filter,fuel pressure regulator,throttle positioning sensor,maf sensor. And oh yea it threw one code egr plugged,and I re-placed three of these.when the muffler shop took it off, the converter that is, you could not see the sun through it.
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