Mazda CX-7 Engine Smell?

mmb99mmb99 Member Posts: 1
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brand new 2010 CX-7... 1 month old. Turbo version...

is it just me or do they have a certain smell to them... almost a burning smell? i notice it on my car. and i also noticed it on loaners i had got from dealers, a 2007 CX-7 one time, and a 2009 CX-7 another time.

I assume it just might be a diff smell than I am used to due to the turbo?

Or... am I crazy?


  • caliche67caliche67 Member Posts: 27
    It must be from the Auto-Guard protection they apply on the exterior to keep it nice looking. Then they try to sell you the package of every-six-months application.
  • zoom08zoom08 Member Posts: 75
    On my car the smell of burnt, actually did come from the engine bay. However, after further investigation my mechanic found out that the wiring right beneath the turbo was actually causing the smell. There are wires and hoses under the engine bay that actualy feed directly into the turbo, my car has 55K miles and it is time that I change them. I believe that one of the hoses burning is a antifreeze hoses that feeds to the turbo, there is a sweet smell of burnt when I run the engine. I am getting the wire changed next week
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