2010 CR-V Maintenance Minder display

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The first thing I noticed on a 2010 CR-V test drive was the brightness of the blue maintenance minder display screen. Tried searching various forums but haven't found any answers as to if or how the brightness can be dialed down. Anyone else find it too bright or know how to dim it? Thx.


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    The trip computer and miantenance minder screen inbetween the speedo and tachometer is adjusted with the dimmer switch for the dashboard. The dimmer is adjusted by twisting the screen selector/reset button by the speedo. it has a detent for the "max" setting. the other setting automatically dim further when you turn on the headlights.
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    I have a 2008 and I turn the same knob you use to check to see the oil usage and your A/B mileage. Turn instead of push.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Just so I'm clear, there is no separate dimmer just for the the trip computer and maintenance minder display? When you twist the screen selector/reset button, it dims everything in the instrument cluster?
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    I'm guessing the 2010 is using the same as the 2008. But yes they are one in the same. Plus, the manual will show you.
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    "Plus, the manual will show you"

    I searched everywhere in attempt to view/download the owners manual online - even 08 and 09 MY. Since the sales guy couldn't figure it out, figured this forum was the next best place.

    Thanks for the reply and my guess is the 2010's are the same as the 08's
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    Since the sales guy couldn't figure it out

    Ask a sales guy to explain how the VTEC and iVTEC work and what their benefits.

    Maybe, just to make sure the sales guy knows his product, as him to explain how the Real Time AWD works and how it is different from other systems.

    Most sales people are clueles, except for a few bright ones who really know the product they sell. The rest think they are such good salespeople that they could sell an Eskimo a freezer in the middle of Alaskan winter.
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    Hi,i have 2009 crv ,had changed brightness ...read manual (where they have how to change auto lock when u turn car on) as far as i know ,u place key in ignition and turn odometer to your right side and it will have click noise...it should turn down brightness but i did not like that too dark dash board when u turn down brightness.
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    You can go to the Honda Owner Link page and get access to the maintenance minder info. You have to log in.

    The same info is in the Edmunds Maintenance Guide too.
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