Between CTS and CTS-V?

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This has probably already been discussed here before, but I'm curious: has there been any talk of a future CTS model that is a "step up" in power from the CTS DI, but not as brutal as the CTS-V? The CTS DI is certainly no slouch; I've had mine for a little over a month and I'm quite thrilled with it. But a good, strong 350-400 hp V-8 would have been a great option. I'd spend too much time in jail driving a 550 hp CTS-V!


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    I found the car battery, think it's in upper right part under front hood, though I also found one in trunk. One under hood is in a plastic box, container. How to get it open?
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    Oh c'mon, you must know a good lawyer! :cry:

    I got a V at the end of July. I read a review that says it should come with a trunk full of bail money.

    It's true. What a blast!
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    I think at one point there was probably some thoughts of having the next generation Northstar engine be that mid-point engine you were thinking. But when that engine program was cancelled last year, so were any hopes of seeing it in the CTS. At this point, all you could hope for is a turboed 3.6 engine or a detuned LSA engine from the V-series (possible the current stock Corvette engine at 400 HP).

    Of course, the problem would be pricing, potential sales and how it would affect Cadillac's CAFE fuel numbers. But I don't think we're going to see any movement on this until we see the third-gen CTS sometime in 2012.
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    I have an 05 V, I don't really want any forced induction on my cars (been there, done that). I would like to see an LS3 as a choice as an entry level CTS-V. Besides, I don't have a trunk full of bail money for that 550HP V! It sounds like a blast, but a bit more than I want.

    I have to admit, when I wear out the first V I'll probably get the V2... Yikes.

    As far as the Northstar idea goes, like most V owners, I would not consider the car if it had that motor. I likes my pushrod motors, lots of low end and they sound cool. Personally I have no interest in 6cyl cars, forced induction or otherwise. The whole point of the CTS-V was 4 door Corvette, and it succeeded. Many of the V owners are Corvette nutz (like me).
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    I have a 3.6 DI AWD and would agree with you. Something in between the 304 hp of my car and the 556 hp of the CTS-V. Seems like even a tuned version of the 5.3 liter that is used in the GM truck line, with around 400 hp would be perfect and still offer it with AWD.
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    I did drive a CTS-V coupe a few days ago and OMG! It is amazingly fast and handles even better than my CTS Performance. This one had a manual tranny and I would go for a automatic if it were my daily driver. But, that motor is amazing, still pulling hard at 110 mph.

    After reading about the new small block V-8 for the next Corvette, I think that would be about perfect for a "in between" motor for the middle CTS, call it the CTSi. Something like 450 hp and 450 ft/lbs of torque and with cylinder deactivation so that it still gets 25 mpg on the highway. Perfect.
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    around here seems like most folks get the CTS-4, the AWD one...
    If the V was within range I would have to get it... (testdrove it on a racetrack for a couple hours. it is amazing, alright.)
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    Twin Turbo V6 making 420 horse power!

    Make a decision very difficult to purchase a V series. Unless you're racing why 500+ horses.

    What is missing for the 2014 CTS is AWD with the the Twin Turbo.
    If a version is not offered Cadillac executive will be making a huge mistake.

    AWD is an expectation in the modern era; without it, you're not being truly competitive and world class.

    Night Eagle
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