2002 ram 1500=code po455???

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po455 is my newest code ,and if someone could point me in corect direction that would be great.
thanks a bunch


  • trav6trav6 Member Posts: 18
    po455 is my newest could point me in correct direction that would be great.thanks a bunch

  • corkscrewcorkscrew Member Posts: 254
    P0455 is Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected. Check and/or replace the gas cap first: http://www.obd-codes.com/p0455.
  • trav6trav6 Member Posts: 18
    thanks for reply,and i tought i had this code pop up before but could not remember.now hereing your answer i have ,and when i checked my gas cap last time it was off.it has been very cold here lately might have some expand- contract issues due to weather or old hose..it seemed like last time it took about 10 to 20 starts for emmision light to go away.

    thanks again
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    i had same code on my 2002 1500 4x4. it was not gas cap. there is a hose under bed drivers side that was cracked. you can only get it at dealer around 9.00 bucks a couple years ago. all your EVAP. canastir & stuff is under bed.
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    I have a code reader. I don't have the specific code number in front of me at this time. I have changed the spark plugs, all eight. The truck has 130k miles. This code prompted me to change spark plugs. Code reappeared. I bought a new spark plug coil for this cylinder. Code reappeared. I switched coil and plug with cylinder three. Code still reappeared and the number five cylinder misfire. I have cleared the code, prior to any of these adjustments. I have noticed, that after a cold start (not cold outside, just engine), and I press on the accelerator pedal to move, the engine service light comes on. I checked the code and it is the same. I have had the code checked at two other different locations ( AutoZone and Walmart). The same code appears on those code readers. What could be the problem, other than what I have tried?
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    It would be very helpful to have the specific code. To get it, cycle the ignition "on- off- on -off -on" under 5 seconds, without starting the truck. The code will appear where the odometer displays.
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