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Cherokee Immobiliser Problems

Is it possible to disarm/disable the immobiliser at all?

Its beginning to really cheese me off that I only have 30 seconds to start the engine after opening the doors with the key fob. After this time I cannot start the engine and have to press the unlock button on the key fob again.
This isn't a problem really but the key fob is starting to get very worn and the other day stopped working completely leaving me locked out of my Jeep.
OH came along with the spare key which was fine but now I'm concerned that one day that will give up and I'm left with a car that won't start!
I'm happy to lock the vehicle with the key, but still I need to press the button on the key fob to disarm the immobiliser.



  • trev5trev5 Posts: 1
    my keyfob abit worn out and doesnt give a signal out . the red light comes on the fob and if i put it close to the numbered box on the wind screen it lights that up too, but takes ages to imobi. have put new batteries but no better, took me 2 hours to start it last time.doesnt seem to be getting the signal. any ideas?many thanks trev.
  • pimmypimmy Posts: 1
    I have exactly the same problem. The only difference is that my jeep is in the underground garage where nothing can tow it to away.

    Have you had any luck to disarm your immobilizer?


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