2009 Murano - cold weather starting issues

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We recently spent a week in the mountains in CO and woke up one morning to find our 2009 Murano would not start. After some swapping around we pushed it into the garage and after a couple of hours of waiting we tried again and it started. This wasn't your typical cold weather start issue. We called the Nissan dealer in Denver and had it towed down there. The went over everything and found nothing, but said they know there is a issue with the 09s starting in cold weather and that if you get them started and then turn it off shortly afterwords the problem worsens. The dealer said that there aren't any currently recalls but they are expecting one soon for this. Any else experience anything similar?


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    said they know there is a issue with the 09s starting in cold weather

    Did they give you any indication why the problem would be specific to 2009s?

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    Can you be more specific about what the problem was? Would the engine not turn over or would it turn over but not run? Anything else?
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    This is very disheartening to hear!!!
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    No indication. They simply said they were waiitng for Nissan to figure it out, announce a recall, etc
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    When starting there was plenty of "juice" but just wouldn't turn over. After putting the car in the garage for a couple of hours it finally started. We turned it off then tried again and it wouldn't start. According to the Denver dealer they had seen this multiple times.
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    Had trouble today starting my 09 Murano..15 degress this morning and it would not start....had to jump the battery, then it started...this car will be 2 years old in June, and it is way too early to need a new battery....but now I see just how many things in this car are electronically controlled! I'm not to happy, I'll take it to the dealer next week and see what they say......
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    i have a 2003 murano with 80k on the odo. i live in fort lauderdale. since new, only very occassionally, the car will start but will not continue to run. perhaps 4 or 5 times. it always starts the second time.

    this past week end i had to got to tallahassee for business, and it would not start on sat morning, it was about 35 degrees. it cranked fine, started but would not keep running. after waiting about 15 minuts, it started.

    the next morning, it was even colder and no problem. when i brought the car in a few years ago for this problem, they couldn't find it. rr70
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