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2004 lincoln ls v6 running rough again

blustblust Member Posts: 5
edited July 2014 in Lincoln
I had a misfire #6 spark plug, I replaced it. It ran good for three months then went bad again...then # 5 had a misfire. I replaced all 6 cop's and spark plugs. still runs bad. the mechanic said it was the # 3 so he swithched the cop's and plugs around and it worked for a day, went into fail safe mode...took it back and he said it was the cat. convertors. I replaced both passenger and drivers side and the FOUR 02 sensors upper and lower...he also replaced the fuel it shows a #2 misfire and smells like fuel (hope he might of spilled some fuel when fixing and the smell will go away) and he said he doesn't want to work on it any more and has done all he can do...any ideas?


  • bethybbethyb Member Posts: 2
    I recently took my 04 LS V8 to a local Lincoln dealership, they replaced all coil packs at no charge. I was told if the vehicle has less than 100k miles the coil packs are to be replaced at no charge. Maybe you can pursue this, hope it helps. I am also having major transmission issues and was told they would need to remove transmission place brass sleeves inside the bores so the valves would not be snagged by burrs, estimate around $2500. I will not purchase any Ford product after this crappy LS.
  • darkside1darkside1 Member Posts: 1
    for those with lincoln's that are running rough i'm having the same problem. Here is what i've noticed, if you start to smell gas look under your car to see if there is fuel coming out of the exhaust system. Look just in front of the rear tires under the car at the mufflers and you will see Fuel coming out in a steady stream. Also at this point it has collected in your air intake system and may even be in your air filter.
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Member Posts: 1,019
    Can you elaborate on that? I've never heard of raw gas coming out of an exhaust system. What exactly would cause this?
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  • dglasscockdglasscock Member Posts: 9
    If raw fuel is coming out of the exhaust, the only cause could be that there is no spark getting to one of the plugs (or more) on that bank, if there was spark getting to all cyclinders then there would be no raw gas. If the injector was getting a constant spray signal, at least it would burn it up on every fire sequence, would run rough and smell really bad, possibly black smoke coming out the tail pipe. I say either fouled plug, bad injector (injector or signal to injector) bad wire (wire or coil), or a combination of several of these. Usually you can pull the plug and see which cylinder is having a problem by looking at the sparkplug, after it has ran for less than a minute. Start at the bank from where the fuel is pouring out of the exhaust system.
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