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Oldsmobile Silhouette



  • The verdict is in and it's the wiring harness from the computer to the fuel injectors. Took them about 3 days to trace down the problem. Hopefully they isolated the correct one.
  • We bought our 1998 GL in 2000. We have been pretty happy with the van. Dealership takes care of us pretty good. Got everything fixed that we asked for. We had a rattling noise coming from the cowl. Fixed. We had condensation in our front parking lamp. Fixed. What puzzles the dealer and myself is the noise that comes from somewhere either, underneath the floor, or in the engine comparment. It does not matter whether you are driving or you are stopped. There is no pattern to when it makes this STRANGE noise. We have not had any performance problems with it, just annoying and concerning. It makes 5 thumping noises consecutively in about 3 seconds. It does it just out of the blue. The van won't make the noise for about 2 months. Then it will come back, sometimes 3 times in a day. I have been outside the van when it has happened also. I still can't tell where it is coming from. Dealer has no idea, because, of course, it does not happen when they have it. I bought an extended warranty, thank goodness. From previous postings it sounds to me like it might be the rack making the noise. Does any one else have the same problem and have come up with a solution?
  • Hardesty,
    Just curious if you were able to take advantage of the free golf bag GM was giving away with the purchase of an Oldsmobile? Supposed to be over a $200 value.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110

    I bought my '01 GLS on August 29th. I wonder if I'm eligible to get one? Any idea?

  • I am in the market for a minivan (never had one before) and have one concern about the Silo - It's small engine and thus limited towing capacity. Does anyone else have a boat and if so, how does the Silo do in pulling it out of a boat ramp? My other option I'm considering is the 3.8 liter Chrysler Town and Country, but we are blown away with the comfort and gadgets in the Silo Premiere.

    I don't have a boat yet, but hopefully will have one in a few years. It appears that it could tow an 18ft boat and would be stretching it for a 19ft which are rarely less than 3500 lbs w/trailer. The down side for me is I'm trading in a perfectly capable SUV (Explorer) in lieu of a van for my wife and kids.
  • I received some a packet from GM(Oldsmobile)for Ryder Cup advertising. If I took a Olds for a test drive I received a dozen free balls. If I made a purchase by 12/31/01 I can receive a free Limtied Edition Ryder Cup golf bag.

    I guess it pays to ask for info on their website.

    What I have is a card that has to be filled out by dealer and returned.

    If you have a card I would say you qualify. The don't really give a start date but I'm guessing I recieved this in late August. If not I can't say whether they are giving the out or not but you can try calling 1-800-984-2580 and see if it's possible to get one.

    I actually received two packages but I'm not sure if I kept the 2nd one. If you can't get a card I can take a look and see if I can find it.

    Good luck,

  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    Rob - Was it a card you had to send in? I could always call the number and tell them I sent it in and "Hey, where's my Golf Bag"? Think it'll work?
    They can check their records and see I just bought a GLS.


    Thanks, will try the number this week.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    Rob, right after I sent the last post, I re-read yours. So the dealer has to complete it. I'll try the number anyway. Thanks.
  • I think it could work. Chances are they won't contact the dealer and ask them if they filled out the card.

    The dealer simply puts their store number on it along with vehicle information. They won't have any record of actually filling it out.

    Definitely worth a shot.
  • yzfyzf Posts: 65

    With towing package, hitch and wiring, the Olds Silo is rated to tow up to a maximum of 3,500 pounds. That's assuming you don't load the van up as well. Figure a lot less than 3,500 if you have people and gear in the van. Towing on FWD minivans is really for light duty. I don't own a boat, but I've towed a large grill mounted on a trailer and a trailer with two smallish motorcycles with my 01 Olds Silo Premiere and have had no problems whatsover (only other occupant in the vehicle was my wife).

    With regards to boat ramps, keep in mind that the angle of some boat ramps (i.e., steeper ones) will make more work for the minivan as the weight will be even more distributed in the rear leaving less over the front drive wheels. If the ramp is wet, you may slip the wheels. In fact, in the towing section of this board, I think I read about someone having that exact problem with their FWD minivan.

    With regards to the Explorer, my understanding is there is pretty decent interior space in those vehicles with RWD/4WD platform. Why go to a minivan if you really don't need to?

    Hope this helps.
  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    Has anyone experienced squeaks that come and go while driving between 5 and 10 miles and hour? or going slowly through a parking lot? my dealer says brake squeak is normal when it gets to the brake pad wear indicators? or could this be a noise of a bad shocks?
  • tauberjtauberj Posts: 61

    I have a 2000 Silo Premiere. I had the dealer install a Class III hitch (he subbed out the work to a local trailer guy). I chose Class III because it is a sturdier hitch then Class II. My van has the trailering package. As mentioned in another post, the Silo is only rated to tow 3500 lbs. (less with the van loaded with people and/or stuff). I towed a pop-up camper with mine (g.v.w. 2100 lbs. on the camper). The van had 6 people in it and lots of stuff (large roof box on top with stuff as well). Camper was packed full as well. I had no problem towing with it. I adhered to the owner's manual and kept my driving to 55 m.p.h. (very hard to do for me) as I wanted to break in the transaxle properly for towing. Good luck with your shopping.
  • I just took my GLS (2000) to the dealer and they decided to find a way to blame me for this problem. I had the tires on the correct rotation schedule, air pressure (my gage) showed it to be correct and still all 4 tires cupped. One so bad I had to replace it on my own.

    Anyone else out there having problems with General's that are OE? These are 2000 xp GT's.
  • I had the same problem with the general tires also. I starting having problems at 6700 mileson my 2000 Olds silhouette GLS. I did all I could do up to the BBB auto line and still had to replace them myself. I am still writting to Oldsmobile but never got an answer back. I wasn't able to find anyone to take responibility for the tires, both General and Olds kept sending me to each other dealers.
  • yzf/tauberj - thanks for the info! Who knows if I'll get a boat or not, but either way we are definitely getting the Silhouette (today actually, unless someone bought it off the lot yesterday). I hadn't thought about the front wheel drive slipping on a boat ramp - too bad I can't find a AWD version of the van. oh well.

    BTW - why trade in an Explorer? It does have decent interior space, but not enough with 2 kids, especially if we try to go anywhere with more than one other person (it only seats 5). And any of the larger SUV's are too big for my garage, so that leaves me with the van being the most logical choice. I also am getting sick of all the recalls with the Ford!
  • dhintzddhintzd Posts: 12
    We also traded in our Explorer for our first Silo, a '99 GL. Never regretted that move at all. Our van is so much nicer for hauling people and kids around than the Explorer ever was. We now have an '01 Silo GLS. We also have a class III hitch on our van, dealer installed. Not so much for towing anything real heavy, thats the job for my truck. Its more for our little utility trailer or hauling a couple of wave runners. So far it has done everything I have asked it to do, without any wimpers. As for the tire issue, our 99 Silo had the general tires, and we got 35k miles out of them before we traded off the van. Had no real noticable problems. Our '01 has Eagles on it, and have enjoyed the ride they provide.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Our 2002 Silhouette Premeire AWD (fully optioned) is now on the road with CA plates "BYE OLDS". I had ordered them for my 2002 Aurora 4.0, but the wife took them for the van and I got the "2K2 OLDS" plates for the sedan. I got to drive the Silhouette on a 200 mile trip down to the valley (we live at 2700' in the gold country) and back. It handles way better than the 1999 GLS FWD that we traded in (and it was very well behaved). A lot of things probably contribute to improved handling, independent rear suspension, stiffer springs, 16" wheels and tires, at least 200 more pounds (most of it in back) from the AWD and other options. I don't think that the AWD has kicked in yet, but it is hard to tell as there is no indication when it happens. The engine/transmission combo performs VERY well. Shifts are barely noticed (there are a lot of shifts required when going up 20 miles of average 3% grade with a lot of 6% sections) and power is good (no problem on a 2 mile, 8%, 65 MPH hill). I think that the 185 HP spec on the 3.4L is misleading because so much torque is on tap at low RPMs that this engine actually outperforms other engines rated much higher (at 5000-6000 RPM). Since the vast majority of driving is done with the tach between 1500 and 3500 RPM, the peak numbers are of little use in normal driving. I think anyone considering Chrysler products for an AWD solution needs to the give the new GM AWD trio a serious look. We got 23 MPG on the round trip (and only just turned 500 miles on the odo on the way down the hill). EPA on the AWD is 18/24.
  • Just picked up my AWD Venture WB edition. Agree with you 100%. Drove 135 miles in rural PA (lot's of hills) and was amazed at the smooth ride in decline and incline...transmission was very smooth. Wife and I test drove the GC AWD and T&C AWD...I initially thought both were slightly smoother ride than Venture...but after 3 tests I changed my mind. BTW, I traded my 99 Durango which I really liked), so if anything, I'm a Dodge bigot. Good luck with your Olds.
  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    I agree with the last message the Venture does have a nice smooth comfortable quiet ride, I test drove the Ford Windstar and Dodge Caravan and decided on the Venture which surprised me that it drives just like a sedan.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    I too had the same problem with the General XP 2000 GT tires on my '97 Chevy Venture. A little over a year ago, and at 42,000 miles, I took it to a Chevy Dealer and the Service Manager informed me that all four tires were cupping. After two weeks and six phone calls to General, I got a new set of tires, guess what, another set of XP 2000 GTs. After almost a year, the same thing started again. I traded the van in August for a 2001 Olds GLS. I saw one new Olds van on the lot with the 2000 XP 2000's, and if they had been on my van, I would have refused them. Lucky for me the van had Goodyear Eagle LS tires! I will never own another set of Generals.
  • radi8radi8 Posts: 2
    I have the opportunity to get a 99 Silo Premiere with towing pkg for 14,100 but am concerned about the consumer reports ratings for hardware reliability and electrical reliability as nearly everything in the Premiere is electrical. She has 59000 miles on her, mostly hwy as we are in California.
    any guidence from the Silo community? the posts seem to be mostly positive. Also I am concerned about resale if, as I have read, that Oldsmobile is being fazed out by GM.

    any comments would be welcomed and appreciated. I currently have a Grand Caravan that we have had 3 transmissions in within 90,000 miles... so do not wish another albatross.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Why is the person getting rid of it? Why not get the vin # and take it to the local Olds dealer and have them pull up the record to get an idea of whats been fixed and maintainance records. Could be a lot of help.
  • radi8radi8 Posts: 2
    Thank you Dmathews3, I have requested the VIN. It is coming from a GMAC auction in LA so I really have no way to know who the prior owners were. I will check out the vin though through a local dealer.
  • I was looking at a 2001 Silo today and the salesman said that that 60K warranty was only for the original owner of the van. This fan only had 7800 miles on it, but he said that I'd only be warranties out to 36k. Is this correct? Usually the warranty transfers to subsequent owners.

  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    The plan we received with our 2002 Silhouette is a GM Major Guard 60 month/60K mile, $0 deductable. It is transferable with payment of a $35 fee. It is possible that a 2001 vehicle was originally sold before the extended warranty was offered, and it therefore is not covered. I would ask about the original sale date, and if too early, I would look for a better deal or compensation on this one (maybe get them to throw in the Major Guard). Oldsmobile resale values suck right now so be sure and arm yourself with real data to bargain with. A low mileage 2001 without the extended warranty should not be worth more than a newer but higher mileage one with the extended coverage.
  • Thanks for the info hardesty!

    Original sale date was January 2001 so I shouldn't have a problem. I'm guessing that the salesman was hiding this or didn't know.

    I don't understand why a salesman would hide this...
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Part of the Oldsmobile (and GM in general) problem is that the company does not do a very good job of passing important information along to dealers, salespeople, and (most importantly) buyers. After we took delivery of our 2002 Silhouette Premiere AWD, other people were saying that dealers were telling them that AWD vehicles could not even be ordered yet, or did not even exist.

    Along those lines, does anyone else have a Silhouette AWD yet? We have 1500 miles on ours and love it. The DVD system is great for long drives (we have a 6 year old and two 3 year olds). We have the 6 passenger model (all captains chairs) and usually run with one of the middle row chairs out for more space.
  • Wife's 97 silo has power rear windows (the ones that open a little bit outward). Last spring the drivers side quit working. Needed new motor, about $120 parts/labor. Now the passenger side has quit working. It's in the shop now. These windows are used very infrequently. Maybe that's the cause.

    Has anybody else had this problem?

    Cupholders are broken yet again. $70 each to get replaced. Kids step on them when going between seats. Maybe I should replace the kids :o).

    My 01 Silo (company car) just hit 36K miles. Not bad for 10 months. No problems (if you don't count the tires). Averaging 24 mpg. And MUCH improved cupholders. They don't break, but it's hard to get to the swithces for the fog lights and rear wiper when a drink is in the dashboard cupholder.

  • I was poking around the showroom yesterday while waiting for service dept. (see last post). They only had seven new Olds on the lot (two Silo's, two Aleros, one Intrigue, and two Bravadas). I asked the salesman if they were ditching Olds early.

    Seems that with 0% financing, they are nearly sold out, and have several incoming units presold. Used cars were everywhere.

    Get 'em while you can.

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